Cell phone not connecting to WiFi after I accidentally hit disconnect and not connect.

May 24, 2018
Cell phone not connecting to WiFi after I accidentally hit disconnect and not connect. Tried turning off and on WiFi, shut down phone, it Forget WiFi and nothing is letting me change my first selection to correct to connect. Any suggestions


Make and model cell phone?

What error message do you get?

Did you accidently invoke "Airplane Mode"?

Look for the wifi settings - most likely via a small gear like icon.

In any case, you will probably need to know the PIN or password for the cellphone.

Cannot help with that.



Comfort Inn IT Helpdesk?

So you were on a Comfort Inn wireless network, accidently disconnected your phone, and now cannot reconnect?

What did the Helpdesk say?

Do you have other wireless devices - are they connecting?

Does your LG6 Smartphone connect to other wireless networks?



You cannot connect because you do not know the WiFi password? Correct? If no, could you be more specific as to what the problem is? If yes, we will not help with the password. Is this your personal WiFi or someone elses?
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