$200 budget mobile gaming device

Mar 30, 2018
I broke my old S5 this past weekend and I'm looking to replace it with the best device I can get for mobile games, youtube and music. Service doesn't matter as its just at at home device that will only be connected to wifi anyway. I have been out of the mobile loop for a while and not sure what the best deals would be in my price range.

I can pick up a new 6th gen ipod touch, new galaxy s6, refurb s7/s7 edge (most have screen probs like ghosting, dead pixels or small cracks/scratches), various Xiomi or LG phones, Moto Z phones...

What is going to be the best buy for my needs?

Edit: Given new devices will be releasing in about two months, I am open to suggestions of waiting for phones that should drop into my price range (like better quality S7s).


May 9, 2018
The only downside to the improved Moto G5 Plus is the smaller 5.2-inch screen, compared to 5.5-inches on earlier models from the past few years. But that might not be a bad thing for some.