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  1. xupitera834

    Question First budget camera for portraits

    Hi I want to buy a new camera for portraits sports and for general use I have budget around 500-600€ EUR I think that Sony a6000with 50mm is the best or the D3500 with 50mm have you any recommendation
  2. M

    Solved! Nikon d3400 pop up flash not opening

    My Nikon D3400 pop up flash is not opening. Not in any mode, not when pressing button. It is trying to open but not opening. Have to force it open
  3. P

    Solved! Looking for a budget DSLR for beginners

    Hello! I am looking into getting a DSLR camera. I am a complete beginner when it comes to DSLRs, and honestly, know little about photography. I’d like to keep this around $200 and below, maybe $250. (Maybe I could look during Black Friday) I’ve been looking on B&H, Amazon, and reading articles...
  4. S

    No power Canon t4i (650d)

    Yes, no power at all. I was one day on a shoot indoors and all was going great. There was no substantial humidity to worry about, and we were no shooting anywhere near any liquids, including coffee. The next day I went to plug in the battery into the camera and waited a bit, but there was no...
  5. Thollupped

    Solved! Nikon D5300 Power Issue: Repair, Replace or Upgrade?

    I recently ran into an issue with my Nikon D5300, one of the internal boards is busted and no power is being delivered to the camera. I just got a repair quote back from a local shop and they're saying it'll be £260 to repair (no specifics on what board actually need changing) Considering i can...
  6. S

    Recommendations for Nikon D3200 Lens

    I have been shooting for sometime with my Nikon D3200 with the kit provided Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens. I am currently looking to purchase a new all-in-one lens to go with my camera. I do not have yet identified a specific type of photography that I am particularly fascinated by, hence I...
  7. S

    Dslr canon 1300d

    Hi,i bought canon 1300d two years ago with a kit lens.Now want to buy another lens.Which lens will be good for me to captured photos like wild life,landscape and protrait.My budget is low btw.Again i want to buy zoom lens called 75-300mm lens of canon.
  8. C

    Solved! Which prime lens to purchase?

    Hi, I recently purchased a Canon 77D with a Canon 70-200mm f4. I am looking to buy a prime lens but i'm unsure of which one to purchase. My options are the Canon 50mm f1.4 or the Tamron 35mm f1.8 and i dont know which to get. I would be using the lens mainly for photographs of dogs, portraits...
  9. A

    Nikkor 50mm 1.8G or Asahi Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 50mm F1.4

    I use a Nikon D5100 should I buy a New Nikkor 50mm 1.8G for around INR.12,000 - INR. 13,000(USD. 167-USD. 181) or Used Asahi Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 50mm F1.4 for INR. 3500(USD. 50)
  10. V

    Guidance on Upgrading DSLR body and Lens, please.

    Hi, I have a Nikon D80 DSLR that I am considering upgrading. I am an intermediate photographer and am looking to build up my skill as I travel more and to take professional quality photos for my business, I currently have 3 lenses, 2 Sigmas and 1 Nikon (that I use most of the time). The 2...
  11. jsmithepa

    What are latest must-have DSLR features? Aug 2018

    Been away from photography for a decade but for my landscape I always wished I can get rid of my Cokin filters. WHY CAN'T I SIMULATE THIS WITH SOFTWARE I asked. So can I, today?
  12. R

    Looking for a beginner DSLR

    I have been wanting to get into photography for a long time. I decided to buy a DSLR but I can't decide between the Canon 200d with a kit lens or the Nikon d3400 with the 18-55 kit lens and a 70-300. They both are about the same price here. I want a camera that is easy to travel with. Video is...
  13. J

    eos for win 18

    Have an old Canon ds 6041 dsl rebel but everything is about win7 are there any updated eos programs that will work
  14. K

    Looking for free T7i shutter count utility (Windows)

    Got a used Canon t7i off Ebay. I am looking for a shutter count utility. I've tried EOSinfo, EOSmsg and CanonEOSDigitalInfo to no avail. They do not recognize the camera. I used EOSinfo with my xsi. So I know that works.
  15. T

    im looking to purchase a camera with great quality to start making films. whats the best affordable camera on the market price

    film student looking to invest in a camera i can grow with and expand skill level. dslr, mirrorless or camcorder. rather video quality over photo quality
  16. K

    My large SD card won't format on my 10 year old Canon DSLR

    I cannot format my 128 GB SD card to my 10 year old Canon Rebel XSI. I downloaded the SD formatting app- it took 14 hours on my mac, but my camera still won't take it.
  17. G

    The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time)

    Get the best camera deals any time of the year. The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time) : Read more
  18. B

    Camcorder or DSLR or Mirrorless for Video Recording

    I am looking to buy a camera for video recording. It would be basically lectures recording and occasional live streaming + recording. Lectures will be of 1 hour typically but might extend to 90 minutes and it will be delivered on blackboard. My budget is $500 - $2000. I don't have much expertise...
  19. P

    which dslr is best for food photography canon 200d vs nikon 5300?

    I want to buy a camera for food photography and video but I am confused with NIKON 5300 and CANON 200D.Can you please tell me which will be better.
  20. P

    My sister handed me a nikon D5200 entry level dslr, and im planning to buy the the Sigma 18-135 mm F1,8 art lens, will it be c

    my sister handed me a nikon D5200 entry level dslr, and im planning to buy the the Sigma 18-135 mm F1,8 art lens, will it be compatible on the Nikon D5200 body?
  21. R

    Lightest weight DSLR with viewfinder

    I am looking for a lightweight DSLR with viewfinder and exchangeable lenses.
  22. C

    White Specs DSLR camera

    So I've had a DSLR camera for a few months now (Canon EOS 1300D) and I recently did a shoot in the dark. When reviewing my photos, I realized there were some white specs on the image. I don't think they're dust as I've always kept my lens and camera facing down when changing lenses (I don't...
  23. E

    Solved! Help me to get a camera

    I am planning to get a camera for that i have choosen Nikon D7200, Canon 77D & Canon 80D. But I have confused with these 3 cam
  24. T

    DSLR and Lenses for $1500

    Planning on getting a dslr and a few lenses for $1500. Plan to do street and landscape photography. Any tips on what cameras?
  25. R

    Solved! Dslr vs Mirrorless Image Quality

    Is their any difference in image quality where you compare dslr and mirrorless of same price range ? If Yes , then which provides better image quality. Thank You.
  26. G

    Solved! HDMI input connect

    My DSLR camera Nikon d3400 has mini HDMI and I want to see what I am seeing on camera display screen on my laptop. Laptop doesn't have HDMI input but only out put. What should I do.
  27. A

    Camera for casual use

    Hello, I am looking for a budget camera for casual photography. I am not interested in DSLRs and just need a good quality camera that allows me to take photos without tinkering too much with settings. I will mainly be using this camera for traveling and taking pictures of landscapes/wildlife...
  28. S

    Nikon D3400 AF compatiblity

    Evening guys. So I have ventured out of the computer forums into here for advice on my first DSLR, I have decieded on a D3400 (cheap, good all around as I do urbex and hiking). I was looking at utilising the AutoFocus feature for shooting video when walking around as well as taking shots while...
  29. G

    How to Take Great Photos with the Nikon D7500

    Get the most out of your Nikon D7500 in any situation with this guide to its features, controls and capabilities. How to Take Great Photos with the Nikon D7500 : Read more
  30. Y

    Which one to buy? Post New Thread

    Canon T7i or Canon 70D? I will mainly use the camera for photos Also, this is my first DSLR, I'm looking for a camera +5 years to use without any upgrading I will buy mainly the 85mm 1.8 for portrature, and the 40mm 2.8 for general shooting. Any advice? I just can't choose which body to buy!
  31. C

    DSLR "BULB" Trigger on/off?

    So I have a Canon "EOS 1300D" DSLR Camera and I was hoping to do some really long exposure photos. The camera (Like all others) goes up to 30Sec exposure time then "BULB". I was wondering if there is any way to trigger BULB ON/OFF as you have to hold the shutter button for the entirety of the...
  32. W

    Budget DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

    I am looking for a cheap beginner camera preferriy under/around the $400 mark. I am mainly looking at used gear off of eBay. I've mainly been looking at the Nikon D3300, D3400, Canon SL1, and the Sony a6000, or a5100. I'm not really sure if a Mirrorless would be better for a first camera, or...
  33. Wayfall

    Canon 650D video viewing and format issue

    Hi So i used my 650D on Saturday for a charity basement rave and took many amazing photos and videos. Now that i have sat down to pull them off the camera for edit i see that the videos are in some format called .MOV (i recorded at 1080p 24fps) which i have never seen or heard of before. From...
  34. Serenity_3

    Would you recommend the Canon t7i or SL2 for a beginner photographer/videograper?

    Hello - I am looking to get into photography and videography and I am looking for a good, not too expensive DSLR to shoot photos and footage. I love how the SL2 is very lightweight, however, I would like to photograph moving subjects. The SL2 only has nine focal points - is this something to...
  35. I

    Should I buy a Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR (only with kit lens), or a Canon Powershot S540 (non interchangeable lens)?

    I am looking to buy a camera and I'm having a hard time choosing either the Canon EOS Rebel T5, (comes with kit lens 18-55 mm), or this Canon Powershot S540 (non interchangeable 24-1200mm lens). I want to be able to take good portraits, but once I buy the DSLR, I have to stick with the kit lens...
  36. R

    DSLR For Beginner

    I need a suggestion of DSLR with lens for buying ....i am a Beginner and have no knowledge abt it .... Budget 30k in rupee (India )
  37. Wayfall

    Need stabiliser/gimbal and mic for canon DSLR video recording

    Hi I'm new to videoing with a DSLR and i currently have a 650D with a 50mm 1.8 STM. The focus is super quick but it is still picked up on the built in mic. The videos come out a tad to shaky for my liking. Could some recommend a one handed weighted stabiliser/gimbal for my camera and also a...
  38. D

    What DSLR to choose?

    I'm new to the DSLR scene and am in the market for a quality entry level camera. Been doing some research of my own but really need some advice. I'll be using it almost exclusively for pictures and don't plan on taking very many videos if any, so any cameras that sacrifice picture quality for...
  39. G

    Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Review: Small on Size, Big on Image Quality

    The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is a solid entry-level choice for photographers who want an ultracompact DSLR that's easy to use. Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Review: Small on Size, Big on Image Quality : Read more
  40. G

    How to Take Great Photos with the Nikon D5600

    Whether you're new to DSLRs or have some experience, the following guide will help you get the most out of your D5600 quickly and easily. How to Take Great Photos with the Nikon D5600 : Read more
  41. Wayfall

    Indoor event photography advice

    Hi I have been asked by a friend who sorts out events for charties if I would like to be part of the photography team for the event as he knows of my hobby of photography. I have a 450D and the event is noon-10pm. My camera will do fine till 7pm but after we move indoors for the dub I'm...
  42. Wayfall

    Different ways of doing macro

    Hi I have a Canon 450D. I am a happy user of my 50mm 1.8 STM and Sigma 105mm Macro lens. My question is this: Which is better? A actual physical 1:1 macro lens, a lens attached to extension tubes or a closeup filter. I presume their are other ways I haven't heard of yet as well. What's your...
  43. S

    DSLR or Digital Camera

    I have a 5 Month Old Baby and I am planning to get a Camera to click my baby's expressions. I really need to know if i need to go for a DSLR camera or will a good Digital Camera suffice the need. Experts please suggest a Good Digi Cam that can suffice my need. My budget would be 250 - 275 $.
  44. A

    Can I use my non-video-able camera for Sparkocam?

    I am a vlogger and wants to use my Nikon D3000 to take videos. We all know that it is not built to take videos. Hence, I've read about Sparkocam, which is a software I can use to get functions of my camera by simply connecting it to my computer. The question is, can I record videos using...
  45. G

    Nikon D7500 Review: The Best DSLR Under $1,500

    The Nikon D7500 is an advanced-enthusiast DX-format camera that impresses with its top-notch image quality and blazingly fast performance. Nikon D7500 Review: The Best DSLR Under $1,500 : Read more
  46. R

    Hey i have a canon 700d i can see pictures on my dslr but when i connet it with my pc it does not appers

    When i open my laptop or pc it shows no pictures but i can see it on camra
  47. G

    How to Take Great Photos with the Canon EOS Rebel T6

    Get the most out of your Canon EOS Rebel T6 in any situation with this guide to its features, controls and capabilities. How to Take Great Photos with the Canon EOS Rebel T6 : Read more
  48. R

    Looking for a camera for my YT channel

    Looking for a DSLR Full HD/60 FPS camera about 200-300$. I'm going to take some comedy/talk videos for my YT channel. Please advice me something
  49. C

    looking for a camera

    I am looking for a dslr with a budget of $600-ish, with a pentaprism viewfinder. Preferably Nikon or Canon, but I like canon a little better. I am looking for a camera for travels (national parks, other countries, etc.), birding, and special occasions (birthday pictures family photos) thanks!
  50. Wayfall

    Having issues with long exposure

    Hi I went out to Manchester to try and have a bash at long exposure street photography and I used a 450D, tripod, adjustable neutral density filter and a wireless shutter controller. I came across some weird things smearing over some of my images. Whenever i put the filter to max and i do a...
  51. F

    Entry level dslr nikon vs canon

    Which on do you prefer for beginner photography canon 1300D or nikon 3300 and if possible the pros and cons of each one
  52. Wayfall

    Thinking of maybe getting a better DSLR

    Hi I currently have a Canon 450D with a Canon 50mm lens and Sigma 105mm Macro Lens. You can see my favourite pictures and other ones here: https://www.instagram.com/wayfall/?hl=en I was just wondering if there was a better Canon DSLR i could get in the future that would enable me to take more...
  53. Wayfall

    Canon 450D 50mm Exposure

    Hi I have been doing photography as a hobby for a long while now and I have been quite successful with my landscape and nature photos. I have been trying to have a stab at evening and dark night photos when I can but i have come across something that I would like to ask you lot about. When I...
  54. PlymouthJoseph

    Quickly... Best digital camera under £50?

    Okay, my father-in-law is looking for a good Digital Camera for father's day (Which is on the 18th here in the UK) and I want a quick and simple answer. Which is the best camera I can buy him for around £50? I know next to nothing about cameras, I need all the advice possible and a simple...
  55. S

    DSLR vs Camcorder for Videos

    Which is better for primarily videos? I have a budget of 1,000$ for the camera, tripod, microphone, and case.
  56. G

    Take $100 Off the Nikon D3400, Our Favorite DSLR

    A camera that all but guarantees great photos right out of the box. Take $100 Off the Nikon D3400, Our Favorite DSLR : Read more
  57. King Mustard

    Looking to buy a capable camera smaller than a DSLR camera

    I currently have a Nikon D3300, which I really like. I mainly use the single-point AF feature, due to the excellent "depth of field" effect it gives on photos. However, the camera is too large and heavy for my trips abroad. I am hoping for some advice/suggestions with the following...
  58. S

    Looking for entry level DSLR

    I'm looking for a fairly beginner dslr. I enjoy photography, I used to use my dads canon a lot. Cant remember what it was but it wasn't cheap haha. I take a lot of photos with my phone and I'd like something more responsive at taking action shots and just a proper camera really.. Obviously I'm...
  59. getochkn

    Mirrorless vs DSLR

    So I'm going on a trip of a lifetime soon to Scotland and Ireland and want something better than my cellphone as well as something for taking around and snapping some nice photo's. I've had a few decent point and shoots but they have died over the years and I'm looking to step up the game a...
  60. Herc08

    Best Affordable Fluid Head + Tripod?

    So, I am into shooting videos. I currently have an Amazon Basic tripod. It's good for shooting still footage, but not so good for getting that good B-roll. The panning is not as smooth as I hope. When I go left and right, it gets stuck and messes up the whole shot. I have a Canon 70D, and since...