Looking to buy a capable camera smaller than a DSLR camera

King Mustard

Mar 17, 2010
I currently have a Nikon D3300, which I really like.

I mainly use the single-point AF feature, due to the excellent "depth of field" effect it gives on photos.

However, the camera is too large and heavy for my trips abroad.

I am hoping for some advice/suggestions with the following conditions:

  • Must be smaller than my Nikon D3300 (W12cm, H10cm, L14cm with kit 18-55mm lens)
    Must be lighter than my Nikon D3300 (700g with stock battery and kit 18-55mm lens)
    Must offer single-point AF (for a similar depth of field effect)
    Ideally has 180° swivel screen for "selfies"
    Ideally has built-in GPS for photo geotagging
    Must be under £500/€600/$650
Any advice/suggestions?
Jun 3, 2017
Hi There King Mustard,

One great camera that you might want to take a look at is the Canon M5 or M6, they are both very capable at taking excellent video and photos. They are both lightweight and have a variety of lenses to choose from, they are not too expensive and are very reliable. I hope this is useful.



Ignore Josiah, he goes from thread to thread pimping his choice hoping others will validate it by choosing the same.
You won't get a better system than your Nikon. You can't match it's capabilities in a smaller body.

If size trumps all, I would suggest you ignore bodies with the same sensor size (such as the Sony lineup). Because the size of the kit won't be much smaller as the lenses will push a smaller aps-c body to be almost the exact same size once you add 2-3 lenses.

For this scenario, I would look at the Sony RX100 series if you want it to fit in your pocket. If you want slightly more, look at the Panasonic LX10. These are both basically point and shoots. The Sony will fit in your pants pocket. The Panasonic will fit in your jacket pocket.
Next up in the size group, I would look at Olympus bodies. They are small. The sensor is the same size as the LX10, but smaller than your Nikon. This allows for both a smaller 1-lens kit, but a smaller eventual kit as well. The Olympus OMD EM5 mk2 starts at $500 on amazon. The next model up in their lineup would be the em5 mk2 which starts at around 900 for just the body.