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  1. S

    How to unclock fake facebok profil

    I have fake facebok profil I promote clickbank products facebook block my profil in one day how to unblock ???
  2. W

    Solved! Amazon Echo Virus

    How to get rid of Blue Born Virus in Amazon Echo? Will it affect other Apple Products?
  3. T

    Solved! Will LG apps work on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ Smartphone and Tablet?

    I have been a longtime customer of Samsung in their home theatre, smartphone, and tablet products. Lately, I have had issues with their home theatre systems not working smoothly. I am considering the possibility of switching over to an LG home theatre system. However, I have about 18 months...
  4. A

    Solved! About massdrop product shipping

    Hello i wanted to ask from where does massdrop ship their products
  5. V

    Solved! scam on Facebook

    Hi there I got many advertisements selling those very interesting products on Facebook some are real and for thought fraud I never know until I purchase and never get the product. Then I knew it’s scam. Can I really do something to get my money back or Facebook should really do something become...
  6. R

    Huawei lasting time

    How long will huawei honor 7c or 7a last under normal use. I'm quite curious before buying one. Heard that chineese products dont last long. And also let me know any disadvantages of it. Finally please give ur opinion if i should buy it :)
  7. R

    Avast Browser Update process running even after uninstall

    I did uninstall all the Avast products but still Avast Browser Update and Avast Browser Update (32 bit) are running in the background process. Its occupying memory and disc space. How to get rid of these processes?
  8. C

    Does it show Celsius? It's what the world uses!

    The only country in the whole world that still uses Fahrenheit is the United States. Most of Tom's audience is, of course, in the US. But many people who are not in the US would like to know if products showing temperature will also show the data in Celsius. I live in Canada and we've used...
  9. B

    Is it reliable to buy batteries in this shop?

    I found a website ( ) in, how about its products And I want to buy a battery for my laptop. Thanks.
  10. R

    Trying to Decide between 2 Laptops

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a new laptop, and have narrowed my search to two products: A. Dell from Best Buy (
  11. D

    Will vive pro drop price or new high-end vr headset release?

    I may plan to buy a vive pro headset, so I would like to know vive pro will drop price or not later this year or other competitive products come out. Thanks.
  12. S

    Seiki is in liquidation in Australia

    Who will cover warranty of products in consumer homes.
  13. D

    Stream Amazon Echo Music thru Receiver

    I have a Denon AVR 1613 receiver and a Amazon Echo. I'm trying to stream music from the Echo to the receiver using wireless. I'd appreciate suggestions/products Thank you
  14. M

    All-round camera, with main use for product photos?

    I'm looking to buy my first camera. The camera will be used for personal/private photos, but mainly webshop product photos. I see DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras mentioned all over the place, where I guess the mirrorless camera seems to fit my below notes a bit better as to less weight/size. But I...
  15. H

    My system is slow down

    I bought a professional system from Asus products With 64-bit RAM and all HD graphics Weighing 5 kg <<Personal information removed by moderator>>
  16. majorfoxpaws

    Synaptics keylogger on HP

    Are Toshiba products affected by the Synaptics keylogger issue affecting HP?
  17. U

    Question about Audio-Technica in ear headphones.

    I want to replace the crappy headphones, that my Samsung shipped with, and I started to search for better ones. As I have other Audio-Technica products I decided to check their offerings and ended up liking a model with the name ATH-CKR30iS. The problem is, I can't find a review of them...
  18. M

    Freeview box, surround sound and TV

    Hi, I have a slightly older tv Samsung LE37A336J1D and a Panasonic SA-PT580 Surround Sound System. I also have an Amazon Firefox Stick and have just purchased an August DVB400 Freeview box. I don't have enough HDMI slots for all of these products. The Amazon stick doesn't work with the surround...
  19. SumTingW0ng

    [Q/A] Do you trust Chinese, Russian or US security Products?

    Do you trust Chinese, Russian or US security Products? Consider all the political blame and accusation, do you still trust Chinese, Russian, or US security products? We all know that the government can access to our data one way and another, and we all know that security firm will not letting...
  20. S

    Best affordable soundbar for TV and PC

    Now I have picked few products but I have trouble deciding which one of them is best. I really wanted a product with a sub-woofer and one of them does not have one but it has amazing reviews. Please see what I have pre-selected and advise me which of those is the best...
  21. Graybush

    Vote Now! Best Tech Value Awards - Tech for Music Lovers

    Hey there everyone! Is it just us, or is 2017 a particularly good year for tech? With the gift-giving season soon upon us, the Tom's Guide team has reviewed hundreds of products this year to help members like you find the best tech for your needs. And now…it's your turn to tell us what you...
  22. Graybush

    Vote Now! Best Tech Value Awards - Antivirus & Security Tech

    Hey there everyone! Is it just us, or is 2017 a particularly good year for tech? With the gift-giving season soon upon us, the Tom's Guide team has reviewed hundreds of products this year to help members like you find the best tech for your needs. And now…it's your turn to tell us what you...
  23. Graybush

    Vote Now! Best Tech Value Awards - Family Friendly

    Hey there everyone! Is it just us, or is 2017 a particularly good year for tech? With the gift-giving season soon upon us, the Tom's Guide team has reviewed hundreds of products this year to help members like you find the best tech for your needs. And now…it's your turn to tell us what you...
  24. B

    any simple free online store website?

    I need a simple, free or low-cost, online store that shows my products and I will update the sites from time to time. However, I don't need an automated payment system and I have my way of doing offline payment with my customers, so the online store is practically just like a simple product...
  25. M

    Best Used Laptop Recommendation

    I want to get a used laptop. I like Acrer products, would like to get Windows 7 and hope to use it for family photo albums. I like 11-13" screen size. Any recommendations or advice would be great!
  26. J

    Nikon D3400 External Flash Not Working

    Products I'm using are the Neewer 750II TTL Flash Speedlite, Altura Photo Wireless Flash Trigger, and the Nikon D3400. No matter what I do, I can not get the camera to set this flash off. I have the Transmitter in the Camera's hotshoe, the reciever set to Camera mode and attached to the...
  27. P

    Advice on specific MSI laptops vs. Asus Laptops

    Hello, I am planning on getting a new laptop, and I am wondering around these products, and would like some thoughts as which should be better and if there are some problems that have been associated with specific products. I am not a technology versed guy so please be kind. I am mainly aiming...
  28. H

    Looking for opinions

    Recently got a new computer with a GTX 1080 and an I7-7700k cpu, was wondering what you guys would download/do to get the most out of the computer?
  29. C

    For me a big dilemma

    I recently took over the duties of a colleague and i participe in the logistic department activities and I am responsible for the purchase of products and now it comes the dilemma. Because I am a non-technical person, I would like to know the difference between two products bar codes readers...
  30. A

    [Sub 1500$] 7700HQ + 1050Ti vs 6700HQ + 1060 for Dev & Gaming

    Hi all, Like the title says...I've been racking my brain the last couple of days and am stuck with the following products: ASUS ROG Strix GL702VM MSI APACHE GE72VR ASUS GL753VE MSI GT72VR Dominator They are all almost the same but that is because I excluded the ones with 1050Ti in favor for...
  31. Gooobee

    Best Laptop for School

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a laptop for school. Please give me multiple options whether it's Apple products, or Microsoft products, or products with a windows operating system. My budget is $1200. Thank you, Gooobee!
  32. J

    Smart home savings guide for the frugal shopper

    It would be easy to spend thousands of dollars setting up a smart home. That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars if you don’t want to. There is a wide range of products that are within range of most of us, so while you can spend a lot of money setting up a smart home, you really...
  33. K

    Bidefender total security 5-user or family pack?

    Where I live these two products have extremely similar prices. I was wondering if you get a different product from the family pack or is it the total security package just with unlimited license for my home? If the prices between the 5 pack TS and a family pack are almost the same is there any...
  34. D

    is aspire E 15 ES1-571-C3YL a genuine prduct?

    is aspire E 15 ES1-571-C3YL a genuine product? ive been at the acer center and it looks like this whole number is not in there products,so i was confused because i cant look for updates here then
  35. C

    What does Adobe Snr Patcher change?

    I recently got hold of a file called "adobe.snr.patch-painter.exe" from someone I know and it's supposed to crack adobe products. (I haven't launched it because MBAM flagged it as harmful... but Avast didn't) I put it through Virus total and it's split almost 50/50 on being harmful or not. I...
  36. E

    i have a kenwood avr which only has optical but my daenyx tv only as hdmi how do i setup my home theatre system with that

    i dont know how to put theses two products together with
  37. H

    Asus or Lenovo

    asus or lenovo which laptop are good? i'm trying to figure out which laptop to get or...
  38. E

    Display Cleaning Products

    Hey guys I am in a bit of a pickle I cant find a good display cleaning product that is NON-Alcoholic. Since I work in a facility that redistricts alcoholic products i need a solution that doesn't have alcohol in it. Any suggestions? Thanks Elliot
  39. W

    Monitor and Speaker

    So my monitor doesn't have speakers? What would be the best solution to this besides headphones? What are some products that would work?
  40. P

    KMSauto what is it?

    Hello everyone, Recently my friend pirated some Microsoft products such as Word, Power point ,Access, Excel etc. One day he found an application in these files called KMSauto. We did some research and we think this just basically cracks the Microsoft products. However, not long ago I've heard...
  41. Z

    Advice on which Headphones to purchase under $300.

    I want to purchase a decent set of headphones under the $300 mark. I've previously owned Logitech G930's ( They were ok, but I've been looking at Sennheiser's products and they seem good. I basically want good sound...
  42. S

    Adobe products pricing

    Hello, I would like to know if I were to buy premier pro and pay it for one year will I need to pay again the second year of having it?
  43. G

    Blu Ray Disc Movie

    Hi All, Suppose if i have purchased any blu ray movie disc then by accidentally if it is damaged, should i purchase the disc once more or can i rip and save in PC in advance such that i should not lose a single bit of quality from original? Thanks .
  44. G

    Onkyo 7.1 Home theater system

    Hi All, Whats your opinion on onkyo products, especially in Home theater segment do they sound good, how it competes with Sony, i prefer onkyo but i need some more clarification, i am little audioholic so please suggest, i know it is subjective but still ? Thanks,
  45. D

    McAfee total protection vs internet protection?

    Please tell me what the difference is for all these products on PC. Thanks! http://
  46. Andrew Neil

    MSI at Insomnia Gaming Festival

    Make sure to visit MSI at Insomnia Gaming Festival this month! We will be showcasing all of our latest products with a huge amount of activities to take place in. There will be fantastic prizes and giveaways too so don't miss out...
  47. J

    Please someone tell me about Iobit Quality... :3

    if i have all this Iobit Products 1.Advanced SystemCare 2.Iobit Uninstaller 3.Driver Booster 2 (quick question this has the same function as other driver updater right?) 4.Smart Defrag 5.Iobit Malware Fighter (all are in pro version) Do i need other programs like ccleaner slim or advanced...
  48. L

    I'm Debating between 3 headphone's

    Hey, I'm Debating between 3 products. I need a headphone with mic for gaming and movies+music. Or...
  49. M

    Will you concern about the Antivirus product developer from China

    There are many developers and products based on China such as Qihoo or Panda, just wondering if there is any concern to consumer or they will buy depends on product performance?
  50. Andrew Neil

    MSI Rewards Initiative

    It is with pleasure we announce our new initiative – MSI Rewards. As the name suggests, it is a reward program for users of the MSI Gaming forums. In short, you will earn points for being active and helpful, registering your products online and sharing your experiences of your MSI products as...
  51. kep55

    Remove McAfee Anti-Spam

    Notice I said "Remove" , not "Uninstall". We do NOT have any McAfee products installed on any of our PCs. Our previous ISP had never installed any, nor did our current ISP. A search using Control Panel - Programs and Features - Uninstall does not show any McAfee products. There is nothing shown...
  52. H

    Good Gaming Headset

    Hi, I've been looking at numerous products. But man, I just can't find the one, my old headset recently broke. The only requirements it needs to meet are as follows: - Noise cancellation (destroys background noises) - Quality mic (should be as heard in real life, looking into youtube and is...
  53. McHenryB

    Another Thief! I don't buy what advertisers push at me!

    I've just realized that I am being a parasite on society. Advertisers take a great deal of trouble to make nice stories and movies describing their wonderful products, I take advantage of this wonderful free material by watching it, yet I end up not paying for it by buying the products. So I...
  54. S

    I need help with a speaker system £400 -> $600 , receiver , speakers and sub to be connected to my pc

    I am thinking of getting a speaker system for my pc, i have only before had some cheap speakers which need an upgrade, i am hoping to spend around £400 on it but have very little idea where to start, i vaguely know how to connect everything together but i need to know which products would be...
  55. A

    Mayflower objective2 amp + odac

    Hello, I have recently been looking for a good DAC for under 400 and people have recommended the following. I just have a quick question between two products I have found. I do not know the difference. However one is more expensive than the other...
  56. S

    Does Dell really have a bad service? even as of today? April 2015

    Hi. I'm looking for a laptop to use for college. Soo far what I found for my budget is the Dell Inspiron 14" 7447 (Pandora) Quad-core i7-4710HQ, GTX 850M 4GB vram, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM. (For some reason I cannot find this laptop on Dell's website which is another reason I'm doubtful of getting...
  57. S

    Projector Assistance Needed

    I got my hands on an 11 year old projector and was curious about its compatibility with newer HDMI products like AV receivers, Blu-Ray, Apple TV, Netflix, etc. My main concern was if HDCP protocols would be an issue because of how old the projector is, and how HD would scale in the available...
  58. S

    Playing 4 channel audio from smartphone?

    Are there currently any products (or combination of products) out there that will allow me to play music/audio from a smartphone or tablet (from the 1 headphone jack) and have it sent out to 4 discrete, mono outputs? What it boils down to is this. I want to produce my album and mix it down to 4...
  59. S

    Difference between Asus UX305FA-FB012H and UX305FA-FB003H?

    These products are sold for example here: They look like identical...
  60. ben001

    Need Good Earphones for my smartphone.

    Generally, I do research quit a lot before purchasing any electronic products or electronic related products but this time, a hard one to choose. I recently bought a new windows smartphone but wondering for a good earphone to listen music, though i'm a hard listener & pretty much concern about...