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  1. ben001

    Need Good Earphones for my smartphone.

    Generally, I do research quit a lot before purchasing any electronic products or electronic related products but this time, a hard one to choose. I recently bought a new windows smartphone but wondering for a good earphone to listen music, though i'm a hard listener & pretty much concern about...
  2. S

    Razer blade sale

    Would it be a good idea to buy the razer blade now while it is 30% off or is this a marketing ploy to sell the surplus of all the old products before the new ones come in (like the razed blade 2015)? Thanks
  3. Krayton

    Question about headphone amps

    I am planning on getting the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X's with my new rig and I don't know what I need for an amp. Yes I know I technically can get away without one, I just want really good quality. I like the Schiit products and was planning on getting the Magni 2 and Modi 2 eventually. Then I...
  4. Don Chase

    I use paid antivus

    Ive tried a lot of antivirus and security products, both free and paid. I don't favor any one product over another with the exception of staying with brand names that are tested and proven. Also I don't trust most free products with the security of my computers any more. I find the...
  5. S

    Why should we pay?

    This problem with the white dots are happening it seem in a specific time frame common to most purchasers of the Mitsubishi products. The lamp goes then the white dots problems pops up. I believe the company knows some parts of these TV's are defected and also know we are happy to pay the 200...
  6. H

    Amazon Echo need reviews

    I saw on amazon, they introduce new products, Still looking best reviews. im interesting about it.
  7. R

    New vs Refurbished

    Have never owned any Apple products before but I believe I will be getting an rMBP soon. Going to go to bestbuy and play around with one again before I make up my mind. My problem is I can either get a brand new 13" rMBP (the $1499 one) or I can get a refurbished 15.4" Retina with the quad...
  8. Wowie Raji

    Which laptop is better? Dell vs HP.

    Hi friends, i've decided to buy a good laptop and my budget is Rs.45,000. Recently i researched and decided these two products...
  9. D

    Good headset in this price range? vs vs vs...
  10. A

    Microsoft Lync 2010 how to dial in VOIP ?

    I have Microsoft Lync 2010 install on my personal PC along with other Microsoft products. I know that in enterprise (company)system. You can have Lync to dial a number or use for conference. How can I use Lync to dial a number in my setup? I have Outlook install on my PC.
  11. S

    Smartphone Scanner Items

    Does the Standscan or portable lightbox products like scanjig or modahaus steady stand, really helps you to scan better?
  12. J

    Upgrade my laptop

    I have decided to upgrade my laptop (Dell N5010) by upgrading the ram (from 4gb to 8gb) and by replacing my shit hard drive to an SSD drive. My laptop is 3.5 years old so I am not looking for the best possible products that might be expensive too. I just want to upgrade it to last another 2...
  13. F

    ipad mini lifetime

    Hey people i just bought an ipad mini and i heard that apple products dont have a long lifetime .... How long you think an ipad like this is usable ?? 2 to 3 years maybe ???? Usable until it dies and to buy a new one
  14. X

    Question on iPhone 4 vs 5

    I am soon upgrading from an iPhone 4 to a 5c. Please don't try to deter me from that decision. I am absolutely sick of people who try to tell me apple products suck. Anyway, I've had quite a problem with 4's read speeds and I was wondering if the 5c has improved on that?
  15. C

    Please General Advice Fiio Products DAC & OR Amp

    OK first the FiiO products appear to be amazing. I originally was just looking for something to get from my IPhone to my Fender G-DEC Amplifier. And low and behold a simple cable from FiiO was enough I didn't need an amplifier like their...
  16. I

    which do you think is better? MSI VS MSI

    I am stuck on deciding on which to get, they are both MSI laptops, one has a better processor, the other has a better gpu, i am leaning toward GE60-2OD-247US, let me know your possible experiences or opinions, and do u guys think MSI is a good brand to buy from? GE60 2OD-247US...
  17. G

    xperia neo l os reinstall

    hi im tryin to repair xperia neo l with Sony Update Service(SUS), but i found their is no neo l listed in the products, so is there anyway to reinstall the OS
  18. A

    lenovo ideapad z510

    im planning to buy my first laptop as a long term investment --> is lenovo products good in terms of life,reliability etc..... --> a good choice for the price specs are: i5 4200m 2gb gt740m 1tb 4gb 1366x768 thanks to all experts in advance . :)
  19. olafgarten

    Audio Switch Box

    Hi, i have a Keyboard and a PC that i want to output to headphones and some speakers. I have found a switch box would work but i wanted to know any recommendations, a quick Google search has only found products in the US, as i am in the UK not all products are available.
  20. V

    Is this refurbished laptop worth it?

    Here is the laptop: I've never owned an Asus product and I think they're a reputable brand. Overall it seems like a fantastic deal but I've never bought refurbished products before so if anyone with similar experience can tell me if...
  21. MamuMogambo

    Buying Products for Cleaning Notebook

    Hey guys, My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 has been overheating lately and I am planning to clean the insides. I want it to be as perfect as possible. So, within a budget I'll be using the following products. Are they good: Thermal Paste: I couldn't find Arctic Silver. The only option in my country...
  22. J

    Anyone with experience with Microcenter Open Box products? (Or open box in general?)

    I'm interested in purchasing a laptop from my local Microcenter. They've got an MSI GT70 0ND-444US for around $750, which seems like quite a deal. The caveat is that it's an open box item. Is this a bad idea? I don't want to end up with an expensive paperweight. The product comes with a 15-day...
  23. M

    Sub-woofer connection query

    I have an excellent 5.1 Surround Sound system, mainly all Jensen products. However, I cannot figure out the sub-woofer set-up. The lead from the receiver/amplifier has an thernet plug at one end (the amp end) and left and right plugs at the other end. As the sub-woofer foes not have a left and...
  24. A

    Using Java, create a simple Product Inventory using Array

    Can you help me about this? Thanks anyway :) enable to make a program in java product array which contains information about the products which may include the following attributes: product code, product name, category, unit price, stock quantity, etc...
  25. A

    How does 20th Century Fox market and distribute it products to audiences?

    First of all, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong column, it was the only film related topic topic I could see. So tomorrow I have to share with my class "How does 20th Century Fox market and distribute it products to audiences?" And I have no idea what to say, can anyone help me please.
  26. M

    Error for installing Adobe products

    I keep on getting error messages whenever I try to installing any of the Adobe software. Here is a few: -Adobe Application manager is required to start your trial, is missing or damaged After going to and downloading them directly there I get another message: -The file...
  27. M

    Error for installing Adobe products

    I keep on getting error messages whenever I try to installing any of the Adobe software. Here is a few: -Adobe Application manager is required to start your trial, is missing or damaged After going to and downloading them directly there I get another message: -The file...
  28. B

    Help Me Choose a Headset

    Hello everyone; My old g35 headset just broke so i am in need of another high quaility headset. I've looked at some products and i'm considering the following : -Logitech G930 -Steelseries Siberia V2 -Steelseries 7h Frantic Edition -Creative SoundBlaster Tactic3d Wraith ( or Omega )...
  29. B

    Matte screen ----what cleaner to use ?

    What cleaning products are best for a matte screen laptop ? Do matte screens need a special cleaner, or can the same cleaner used for glossy screens be as effective ?
  30. D

    Best Clevo Gaming Laptops for around $1000?

    Since their products are re-branded and sold by known boutique brand OEMs, (Original Equipment Manufacturers)(notably Sager, VoodooPC, Falcon Northwest, Eurocom, etc.), I was wondering which Clevo laptops are the best for gaming and are also around $1000.
  31. T

    Creative vs Microlab vs Sonigear SubWoofers?

    What is the best brand amoung Creative, Sonigear and Microlab when it comes to SubWoofers? I need a good one for my desktop PC. Here are some products available in my country : Microlab:
  32. O

    substract acces query

    hello, i'm doing an access database at school. my project runs a store. i have a table suming up all products arrives, and i have a table showing all sales. i want to show stock with a quety. for that, i need to substarct the number of pieces sold of eack product from the total number of pieces...
  33. T

    Best media software?

    Contemplating Jriver or MediaMonkey... anyone with experience with both products? Getting away from iTunes, need to run from a home NAS to 3 different Win7 PCs. Need to sync with iPod. Need to have playlists consistent throughout! I understand these are the 2 best products.
  34. navyant

    Website help

    I need help to find a modern style web template for free that has a picking system for products. Not a shopping cart but a product selection with quantities. The type that you would have in a warehouse. For example a customer whats to know how much it would cost for 100 units of a particular...
  35. E

    Any better laptop than HP Envy dv7

    Hi, I would chosen this model for my next purchase. Please someone suggest me few more model in the same budget range. In addition, I have a doubt, does the number of pixels are same in a 1920x1080p 15 inch screen and a 17 inch screen?
  36. G

    Zynga Shuts Down 10 Games, 11th to Soon Get Plug Pulled

    Zynga's cost-cutting has extended from layoffs to actual products. 11 games got the axe and players are asked to move on. Zynga Shuts Down 10 Games, 11th to Soon Get Plug Pulled : Read more
  37. Gizmotist

    Looking for a Tablet

    I don't know where this question would go but here it is anyways. I'm looking for a tablet on newegg (has to be there since i have a $50 gift card on there) thats good and reliable. Can you guys help me out on my search? Its my first tablet Looking for: atleast 1.2 GHz 1GB DDR3 Also no...
  38. C

    Ceton infinitv vs hdhomerun prime

    Hello, Trying to decide between these two products. Its seems with Ceton my PC will need to be on all the time and each TV will require an extender. With the HDHomerun prime the tuner is independent but each TV will require a PC to access Windows Media Center, in my case. I am leaning...
  39. J

    Track stolen ipad with serial number

    how do i track and find iPad 3 with only the serial, imdi, iccid, and part number!!!!!! we must PUT A STOP TO THE OH TOO EASY TO STEAL AND OWN APPLE PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!
  40. Marco925

    NO WAY! Apple says sorry!

    I have what you see here is a rare moment for apple, actually apologising and reccomending to download alternative/competing products during the mishap about it's own maps application. This sort of apology may only happen once in our lives so i thought i'd share it with you guys. You heard it...
  41. Y

    Removing disk write protection

    i want to remove my memory card write products so please help me?
  42. torres

    Online Stores

    Hi i am currently doing research on The use of online stores and buying of products online. As i am from South-Africa the world of online shopping is very dangerous idea since most people dont really have access to the internet. Which is why i want to know if you are ok with buying products...
  43. S

    Cable organization.

    My Turtle Beach headset's cord is tangled around itself in a manor that makes it almost like a bungee cord that when I untangle it it wraps back around itself. Is there a way to undo this and are there any products that are made for wrapping a cable around so it doesn't tangle up? The cable is...
  44. I

    Alcatel ot800 network key

    Hello, How do you unlock network key?
  45. pratmodi_41

    Help me select Headphones Sennheiser

    i want to buy sennheiser headphones under 60$. i don't know which one to pick ,there are many of them . here's a link which lists all - (this list has products value in INR
  46. exfileme

    RIM Manufacturing Partner Pulls Plug on BlackBerry

    Sign of the times? Contract manufacturer Celestica will no longer manufacturer products for RIM. RIM Manufacturing Partner Pulls Plug on BlackBerry : Read more
  47. vasilisvvv

    PC sound system HELP!

    Guys i want your opinion if you have experience with this products. First think tomorow im going for a sound system for my pc. so, with 2 words Creative A520 vs Creative T6160 Thanks!!!
  48. JMcEntegart

    Five Charged in Teen Selling Kidney to Buy Apple Products

    Several people have been charged in the case that saw a Chinese teen sell one of his organs for an iPad and an iPhone. Five Charged in Teen Selling Kidney to Buy Apple Products : Read more
  49. G

    25 Apple-Themed Product Designs

    Lots of Apple fans reinvent various products in order to show their love and devotion to the famous fruit. Here are 25 unique, Apple-devoted creations: from lollipops to sneakers, toilets to cufflinks, haircuts to soap. 25 Apple-Themed Product Designs : Read more
  50. G

    Counterfeit Gadgets

    Counterfeit products are many things to many people: For high-tech engineers, they're the scourge of the earth. More often than not, they're a source of some good laughs. And very occasionally, they're actually some pretty great products. Counterfeit Gadgets : Read more
  51. JMcEntegart

    Google Privacy Policy Will Track Users Across All Products

    Google this week announced changes to its privacy policy and plans to consolidate users' information from across all products. Google Privacy Policy Will Track Users Across All Products : Read more
  52. exfileme

    OnLive To Be Integrated Into Google TV Products

    Current and future Google TV products are going to get a big dose of OnLive cloud gaming, and it starts with the OnLive Viewer. OnLive To Be Integrated Into Google TV Products : Read more
  53. G

    The Best of CES: Zik Parrot By Starck Headphones

    We go to CES with the hope that we'll find something totally unexpected, something that will make us say, "I must have it." The Zik headphones are one of those products. The Best of CES: Zik Parrot By Starck Headphones : Read more
  54. Tomsguiderachel

    CES 2012: The Biggest, Loudest, Most Extreme

    At CES, every company tries to make a superlative splash. Here are 7 extreme products that earn their titles. CES 2012: The Biggest, Loudest, Most Extreme : Read more
  55. exfileme

    Next-Gen Wi-Fi Lands @ CES with 802.11ac Products

    Networking devices based on the new 802.11ac standard will make an appearance this week at CES 2012. Next-Gen Wi-Fi Lands @ CES with 802.11ac Products : Read more
  56. D

    Smart phones not made in china

    After learning that "FoxCom" an Apple products manufacturer in China, hires children as young as 11 to work on their assembly lines where there is absolutely NO talking or socializing allowed, I've decided to not only NOT buy Apple products, but I don't want to buy my next cell phone I'm buying...
  57. exfileme

    Sprint Has Disabled Carrier IQ on Handsets

    Sprint is reportedly removing Carrier IQ's software from its entire library of mobile products. Sprint Has Disabled Carrier IQ on Handsets : Read more
  58. exfileme

    Amazon: We're Selling Over 1 Million Kindles a Week!

    Amazon is sitting on a mountain of money thanks to the high demand for its new Kindle products this holiday season. Amazon: We're Selling Over 1 Million Kindles a Week! : Read more
  59. C

    Laptop refurbished

    I Was thinking about getting a refurbished laptop, I'm just start a very small business and want to make ads, labels, price sheet, Logos, products to buy, products that sell, maybe later set up webpage, etc. I need it for business only so I can claim on my taxes. So far, I'be spent alot of...
  60. JMcEntegart

    Watch Some Fangirls Rap About Windows Phone 7

    We've seen some weird videos singing the praises of Microsoft products in the past (remember the Bing jingle contest?), but this kind of takes the cake. Watch Some Fangirls Rap About Windows Phone 7 : Read more