Feb 2, 2013
I keep on getting error messages whenever I try to installing any of the Adobe software. Here is a few:
-Adobe Application manager is required to start your trial, is missing or damaged
After going to and downloading them directly there I get another message:
-The file archive part of Adobe premiere pro CC installer is missing. You need all the parts to extract Adobe premiere pro CC installer.
I found an answer to the second one:
But it says it should come with a 7z file which I don't have.

If anyone has any ideas at all of come across this problem before please say as I have just bought a new computer which isn't working to edit the project I have been set.

Thank you in advanced.

P.s. I am also thinking of wiping my entire computer and reinstalling windows 7 to see if that does anything since it's the first time I've come across this error and I am very desperate. would you recommend this?


May 16, 2006
Adobe products are awesome, but they are not cheap and certainly not free. You can get the free version of Acrobat, but all this allows you is ability to read pdf files with very limited options to print, and none to edit. If you are allowed trial versions of Adobe products (which I have never heard of) they to would be very limited in what you could do with them. Are you trying to install Adobe software that you have legally purchased? If you do need to purchase Adobe products, you need to go to the Adobe website.