I use paid antivus

Don Chase

Dec 9, 2011
Ive tried a lot of antivirus and security products, both free and paid. I don't favor any one product over another with the exception of staying with brand names that are tested and proven. Also I don't trust most free products with the security of my computers any more. I find the recommendations of AV-Comparitives website to be very valuable in telling me which products make the grade. That being said, I'm currently using Norton's 360 multiuser product. I use that one because Norton's is greatly improved and the 360 multiuser product provides synced protection of up to 5 computers including smart phones and tablets both Android and iOS. It includes some very useful items like password management and mobile device find, lock, and erase in the case of lost or stolen mobile devices. It even adds family safety protection if you need it. And best of all, it provides excellent firewall and antimalware protection with out stressing out the CPU like it did in the past. So far I'm very impressed with it and happy. If you only need to protect one computer, Avast does a pretty good job and includes mail download scanning and firewall protection at a great price.


"Also I don't trust most free products with the security of my computers any more."

That is indeed your freedom of choice as a consumer to make, however, many feel have similar strong feelings against Norton's paid products....