[Q/A] Do you trust Chinese, Russian or US security Products?


Aug 6, 2017
Do you trust Chinese, Russian or US security Products?

Consider all the political blame and accusation, do you still trust Chinese, Russian, or US security products? We all know that the government can access to our data one way and another, and we all know that security firm will not letting us know whether they are collaborate with the government or not. We all know that privacy in America is crucial because no one want to share their private data to the government or anybody.


Nov 5, 2016
Wether u like it or not big governments will have the ability to hack into anything , it's simple as that , any companies that don't want to be crushed by the government and survive will essentially have to give up data when their requested to.


Feb 27, 2017
My next PC build will run Qubes OS or Purism's OS, any Internet browsing will occur in an untrusted window that completely goes away when it is closed out. I do not trust Russian and Chinese products, even though I am running I/O Bit right now on one of my machines. It drives too much I/O when the system is idle, beyond what a normal security product should do.

That being said, for the past decade, all US mainboards have an NSA backdoor built into them. Routers are similarly constructed. Verizon's new FiOS routers keep the password as "admin" and store your WPA-2 key online and you can view it in your settings--meaning Verizon and the government easily can. There is no way to fence your router off from them, AFAIK. Cisco just got nailed about a year ago for having one in their corporate routers. AT&T and Microsoft are the biggest NSA collaborators out there. There was a big push for force WIN7 and higher users to upgrade to WIN10, because there are more monitoring devices, backdoors and unpublished gate calls. Do not trust Cortana for one minute. Folks jump to Ubuntu, which runs on Microsoft Azure and acts as a collector. Many Linux builds have exposures in them too. The website EFF.org has some interesting writeups on them. I was in a US Intelligence course, taught by a professor who consults generals, and he mentioned that Windows is the most unsecure and privacy invading OS on the market.

The security product you use is just one part of the equation, but I'd rather have a firm under some form of US control than one that is not bound by any scope of law. I would not like to have a firm that may be tied to underworld organizations, adversarial nations or Nation States.