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    Solved! Phone keeps opening tab/displaying ads on its own

    Been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but my phone will randomly open Chrome (and, if I'm already in Chrome, a new tab) to some website about downloading a crypto browser app. Then two days ago, I also started getting some drop down ad on my screen itself of some not-Facebook ad (It's...
  2. T

    Solved! Unable to install Kaspersky Internet Security

    I've just bought Kaspersky Internet Security but I'm unable to install it. The Startup application doesn't do anything. I tried running it as an admin, but to no avail. I have a lot of free space. The Startup application doesn't even open. I tried using the Kaspersky Disc ( autorun ), but the...
  3. N

    Solved! Kaspersky Bitdefender and Battlenet

    I have Bitdefender Total Security 2019 (windows 7 64bit). Lately, I have been having issues with Bitdefender stopping my internet when using Battle.net app. I'm still connected to the internet but my speed is 0.04kbps (normal speed is 3.5 kbps). My question is, does this happen with Kaspersky...
  4. R

    Solved! I can't open Kaspersky Internet Security in Windows 10

    It's keep loading the application too long.
  5. U

    Kaspersky renewal versus free programs

    Hello My Kaspersky service is coming up for renewal, and while it's worked as advertised, I reckon, I'm strangling pennies at this stage, and I'm wondering if going back to a combination of free programs like Avira, CCleaner, Malwarebytes, as I used previously, would be a rational option. If...
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    Solved! Hi, I have an asus laptop with windows 10 and few hour ago I installed kaspersky antivirus.but now it is not working anythin

    I had installed kaspersky and after few minutes it show busy sigh of mouse.. And I can't do anything so I shut down it.. I open it again but same thing happen again.. It show busy sigh of mouse sometimes with black sometimes with my wallpaper and sometimes screen is totally off but processor is...
  7. M

    kaspersky didnt install in my pc windows 10 please help me

    kaspersky didnt install in my pc windows 10 please help me .. what i can do in install
  8. I

    Transferring Kaspersky with new hardware in my laptop

    I have recently bought a new SSD and SSHD for my laptop and I was wondering before I have to reinstall Windows and other applications. Will I have to buy another copy of Kaspersky total security 2018 or can I just use my current license which has 290 days remaining? If so could anyone help me...
  9. M

    Kaspersky spams notifications

    I don't know if I enabled some setting in Kaspersky or something but whenever I open some applications I get these sort of notifications: https://i.imgur.com/Lt5JAhQ.png https://i.imgur.com/BZQydm8.png https://i.imgur.com/nl5ljnh.png It spams these three notifications 10-20 times. I already...
  10. T

    administrator blocked for installing kaspersky

    when I am trying to install Kaspersky anti virus on my Windows 10, it is says administrator blocked. Im the administrator too
  11. D

    Kaspersky not Scanning

    Kaspersky will not scan when the program is minimized. When i do a scan and hit the minimize icon in the corner it stops scanning till i reopen the program.
  12. A

    Can I renew Kaspersky licence with different amount of devices?

    Hi, just simple question. I have KIS licence for 2 PCs and I would like to add another one on renewal. I know you can't renew from KIS to KTS for example, but can you change the amount of devices you want to renew? I can't try this myself now as I can't renew it yet, but I would like to know in...
  13. G

    Solved! Which is the best Anti-virus solution?

    I'm choosing between Avast, Kaspersky and Bitdefender. I've been using Avast since 2007 and it hasn't failed me since, just wanted to know your guy's opinions and recommendations.
  14. T

    did not kaspersky but windows said need to uninstall

    I updated windows10 but windows said need to uninstall. I didn't find any kaspersky in my laptop. I used kaspersky in long time ago.
  15. D

    Solved! Kaspersky disc received, but I didn't order it

    I received a disc in my postal mail box today from a "Fulfillment Center" in Minneapolis. The outside of the flat paperboard envelope says "Backup Software Enclosed". On the disc is printed "Kaspersky Total Security". It also has an Order ID and what looks like a product registration number...
  16. P

    Contradictory message from BitDefender & Kaspersky

    Hi, I have Bit Defender (paid version) installed on my iMac and was browsing through some Bit Defender stuff a few days ago when I came across the option to install some little program called 'Traffic Light'. The message read: 'Traffic Light 0.2.25 adds a strong & non intrusive layer of...
  17. P

    kaspersky application wont open after download

    running on windows 10 Intel i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz 8GB Ram 64 bit Op system I tried troubleshooting but non of the solutions given solved i tried changing the graphic processor but doesnt seem to work I dont think that there are any antiviruses installed and have also switched off my windows...
  18. A

    What is the differences between <antivirus name>2017 and <antivirus name>2018?

    hello I've been thinking to get antivirus for my laptop. what i wanted to ask is what is the differences between for example kaspersky internet security 2017 and kaspersky internet security 2018? Because if it is different does that mean that it will be better to get 1 year deal so I can get...
  19. SumTingW0ng

    [Q/A] Do you trust Chinese, Russian or US security Products?

    Do you trust Chinese, Russian or US security Products? Consider all the political blame and accusation, do you still trust Chinese, Russian, or US security products? We all know that the government can access to our data one way and another, and we all know that security firm will not letting...
  20. M

    kaspersky says insecure wi fi

    my spare pc is connected to my bt home hub via a linksey dongle. .... after a Kaspersky update I now get a message on the pc saying I am connected to an unsecure network..... if I click for details I get asked how much extra protection I want to buy???? .... I may be wrong but I don't think it...
  21. SumTingW0ng

    Bitdefender Free or Kaspersky Free

    Please help me choose.
  22. I

    cleanserp.net virus help and fix please

    i am being redirected within chrome to cleanserp.net, which appears to be recording my information from what i have gathered. I have tried removing it using chrome, which hasn't worked, and malewarebytes along with kaspersky hasn't solved the issue. Any suggestions?
  23. K

    what will happen if I install kaspersky in the country where I bought the key and move to different country with that installa

    what will happen if I install kaspersky (in laptop) in the country where I bought the key and move to different country with that installation, whether it will work or not?
  24. P

    Problem with certificate

    Hi, I have moved from bitdefender to kaspersky and everything is fine, but now I am ramdomly getting an error on a certificate. (see attachements) Not sure what how to fix this. No idea what this certificate is about. Any help is welcome. PA
  25. A

    Can't get rid of adware.

    Hello everyone, I was trying to download an anime and I got adware and some <Removed>on it, When I try to play cs go or something I stutter a lot now and my fps drops to 19 sometimes my game just freezes and I have to close it with task manager. I've tried to run a scan with malwarebytes, norton...
  26. S

    Kaspersky free edition installation error

    Hi ! I'm having trouble installing the new Kaspersky free edition, it's always giving me this error message "Digital signature of installation files is missing" , the solutions provided by Kaspersky tech support didn't change much ! System specs : windows 10 64 ; i7 4790k with 16 gigs of memory.
  27. molly_dog

    After Kaspersky & Norton what is best SMB Suite

    I support the network for a small municipal government. I had planned to install Kaspersky's small business suite up until the news came out that key US government departments are uninstalling the software because of some possible hanky-panky between Kaspersky and the Russian government. I have...
  28. C

    when I have tried to install kaspersky in windows 10 every time An administrator has blocked downloading it. My version is US

    when I am trying to install Kaspersky Internet Security file version in computer in Windows10 it is not installing & every time it says An administrator has blocked. Can any one can give my a solution
  29. M

    kaspersky total security 2017

    i think the following feature might have come with an update in the latest version. i keep getting shown a list of software i don't use very often and asked if i want to delete it. how do i stop the program asking me this.
  30. Mez123

    Will these two AV programs run together with no issues?

    Hi, I was considering purchasing Kaspersky Total Security 2017 but wondered if it would conflict with Sophos Home. I read online that two AV programs running together in the same instance could cause conflicts. Does anyone know if Sophos Home and Kaspersky Total Security will run together...
  31. S

    Kaspersky Total security VS Eset Internet security 2017 and Eset Smart Security Premium?

    I am a little bit confused to choose a best antivirus. I don't know which one will be best among Kaspersky Total security and Eset Internet security 2017 and Eset Smart Security Premium.
  32. T

    Kaspersky Internet Security

    Just saw on Good Morning America report to avoid Kaspersky like the plague. I just renewed kaspersky. Should I cancel?
  33. L

    Help About Antivirus Kaspersky

    if i buy Licenses kaspersky from my iphone, for 1year i can use it again in computer?
  34. L

    Help Choose Antivirus

    Which of these 6 antiviruses is better for use ?, Kaspersky Norton Avast Eset Bitdefender Quickheal my os: win10 pro
  35. D

    Solved! i removed malware from my pc

    i downloaded and installed msn game manager but after authorizing it to install kaspersky notification popped up telling me to disinfect and remove malware (msn game manager?) i rebooted and deleted malware said from kaspersky. After Running and Rerunning full system scans with kaspersky, i got...
  36. Raceme007

    Solved! Adblocker Detected even though it's disabled?

    Hi! When I use some file hosting sites, or shortened links, fault "Adblocker Detected" notification is shown. I tried pausing it, even disabling it. But nothing succeeded. How do I fix this? Thanks! PS: My pc has Windows 8.1, Google chrome 58 [58.0.3029.96 (64-bit)], Kaspersky Internet Security...
  37. M

    Bitdefender Total Security 2017 vs Kaspersky Total Security 2017

    Hi all, what do you think,which of these two security solutions is better,gives a better protection,and virus removal: Bitdefender Total Security 2017 or Kaspersky Total Security 2017
  38. L

    Recommend anti virus?

    I'm thinking about which antivirus is good for my computer, avast or kaspersky or ???, i dont know which better for security, any recommend? i have money around 30$ and my os win 10 pro
  39. TStahler

    Best Deal Between Webroot Secureanywhere Internet Security Complete or Kaspersky Total Security

    I can get either a 5 device license for Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2017 for $14.99 or a 3 device license for Kaspersky Total Security 2017 for $14.95. Which is the better deal and why? I do have 5 devices that ultimately need protection. Is the Kaspersky that much better...
  40. I

    No internet with Kaspersky

    No internet access when Kaspersky Internet Security is active on Windows 10. If I deactivate it, it works just fine. Any way to solve this? Thanks
  41. M

    Kaspersky 2017 not working in windows 10

    Hi, my laptop is running windows 10 and I jjst installed kaspersky internet security yesterday and worked fine but now when I tried to open kasperky it kept on loading and not the software doesnt open and I tried it several times now. Any ideas what I should do
  42. djsioni

    does this version of kaspersky include firewall protection??

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017 - 1 PC (Key Card) https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832078651 looking to buy anti virus for my new computer i need anti virus and firewall protection , in the 20-50 dollar area
  43. D

    Solved! Kaspersky License Reactivation

    If I upgrade my pc to windows 10 from windows 7 how do I recover my Kaspersky license.
  44. V

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Data base is not downloading

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Database is not downloading
  45. C

    Solved! Kaspersky 2017 Antivirus destroying WLAN capabilities

    Kaspersky is interfering with WLAN receivers in 2 of my computers. I have several devices that can all without issues connect to WLAN access points, hotspots, routers. However 2 of my computers, one with a fresh win10 and the other with Win7 have massive problems getting access to WLAN. Most of...
  46. A

    Locked Pixel by Kaspersky and the OS I think

    Out of habit I did something really stupid. I went into the settings on my phone and hit Uninstall for Kaspersky Security. As one would expect, Kaspersky immediately locked my phone and gave me two choices - Either Unlock Phone or press Forgot My Pin. I chose Unlock Phone. My anti-theft pin...
  47. A

    kaspersky re install

    i had formatted my pc ...my kaspersky has 3 years activated .....now its gone ..how do i get it back?
  48. N

    I will uninstall my kaspersky internet security now i want to reinstall kaspersky using previous license. How?

    I want to reinstall my kaspersky without losing license
  49. omidelf

    Do i need an Anti Malware even tho i have a Kaspersky Total SECURITY ?

    Do i need an Anti Malware even tho i have a Kaspersky Total SECURITY ?
  50. A

    Getting this popup

    Hi, today I got this pop-up : Link. I got it while browsing a page on Chrome. I scanned my system using Kaspersky Total Security but it couldnt find anything. I also scanned the system with MalwareBytes and also it didnt find anything. What should I do?
  51. S

    Are password-protected GAME files infected?

    Hello, all....   I think my Windows 7 (64 bit Pro) computer may be infected with a virus or other malware due to strange behavior.    After running a free copy of Kaspersky Security Scan, the report it generated said I have over 120 password-protected files that it suggested may be infected with...
  52. medosoft

    Kaspersky Internet Security turned off?

    I have Windows 10 Pro and Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. For a week now, whenever I start up my computer, I get this notification that both Kaspersky and Windows Defender are off When I click on it, it shows me that KIS is turned off. However, when I go to KIS, I find it fully...
  53. J

    Help! Malware? Virus? Kaspersky detects URL virus and blocked them but...

    Hi to everyone, in the couple of days i have been experiencing something weird and stressfull, i have kaspersky 2016 Anti virus (recently upgrated to 2017) and it is blocking some URL from every browser, Edge, Explorer and chrome, the web pages are: adserve.cpmba.se bestarmour4u.work...
  54. R

    Kaspersky Total vs BitDefender Total

    Bitdefneder is 15$ cheaper, I've used Kaspersky for the past 4 years and havent really had major issues with it, so just looking at options, do you recommend bitdefender over it or should I stick to Kaspersky? One of the PC's it will be used on is quite old/slow so performance is a plus and...
  55. T

    Had to uninstall Kaspersky 2016 IS

    Safe pay would crash computer when I tried to use it....I have WIN10 64 bit 4gb of ram and a quad core ;; I get a message of not less than or greater than and lose internet security after the crash..Their tech support was stumped:bounce:
  56. T

    Activate Virtualization through BIOS (Lenovo desktop with Windows 10)

    I have a Lenovo desktop with Windows 10 and with Kaspersky software. To use the Kaspersky Safe Money feature I need to activate my computer's virtualization feature using BIOS. Do not have a clue how to do this. Help!
  57. P

    Kaspersky AV 2016 BSODs on winXP SP3 quad core PCs

    We are getting this on several machines. It started some weeks ago, so probably an auto update, because the 2016 AV was installed some months ago (we have a corporate license). It happens on Q9550, QX9650, i5 and i7. All quad core. The QX9650 machine was fine with an E8500 (dual core) CPU. We...
  58. L

    Has there been any fix for Kaspersky Total security not being able to protect against screenshots, in Windows10? If yes, pleas

    After upgrading to Windows 10, every time I go to a secure screen, I still receive an error: Kaspersky Total Security is not providing complete protection of your data: Protection against screenshots is disabled. I am running Kaspersky Total Security 2016. Has there been a fix, yet for this...
  59. L

    Good Windows antivirus - stick with Kaspersky or switch to something else?

    Just over a year ago, I switched from Avast to BitDefender, because BitDefender was coming out on top of the testing charts. BitDefender severely slowed down my PC startup, and it just felt unfriendly, so I returned it to Amazon and switched to Kaspersky (which was second place). I've...
  60. U

    Computer keeps connecting to anchorfree.net / Problems with Kaspersky.

    Hello tomshardware users. I have bought a laptop (W10) that came with Mc-Afee installed and I let its trial period finish. After It finished, I wanted to install another antivirus because it was always popping "buy me" messages and it either wasn't giving me any errors or was giving errors on...