Solved! Kaspersky 2017 Antivirus destroying WLAN capabilities


Jan 19, 2017
Kaspersky is interfering with WLAN receivers in 2 of my computers.
I have several devices that can all without issues connect to WLAN access points, hotspots, routers. However 2 of my computers, one with a fresh win10 and the other with Win7 have massive problems getting access to WLAN. Most of the time it simply fails to get internet access, although the connection is reported as fully connected. Also accessing router hardware (two different routers) fails.
The only common shared thing is that these two PCs have both Kaspersky Antivirus 2017.

How do I get around this problem without having to remove Kaspersky as I am running a multi device license so switching the Antivirus is not an option. I have trawled the internet for the problem but all solutions (some dating back to 2007) only use much older versions.

It appears to be a general problem with Kaspersky interfereing with ANY WLAN device. Both onboard and usb ones. Connection shows as connected but any data traffic is choked near instantly after connecting. Cable connected LAN works without any problems.