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    Solved! Yamaha RX-V467 digital receiver to connect sound from Toshiba TV that uses WLAN for built in VUDU app?

    I have a Yamaha RX-V467 digital receiver that's connected to my Toshiba TV. The Toshiba TV uses a WLAN adapter for wireless to stream its built in vudu app. But the sound will then come from the TV itself. The receiver only seems to have inputs 1-4 and not a "WLAN" input. Any help? :)
  2. Z

    wlan antennas requirments

    So im using a laptop with only 1 antenna. (Its a 2017 HP model) The one antenna is connected to a b/g/n wlan card. HP says that there is a couple cards that are compatible with my laptop. The one that I want to use is a • Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 802.11 ac 1x1 WiFi + BT 4.2 Combo...
  3. J

    How to add an access point to WLAN

    I have a Virgin Media Hub 3.0 (not out of choice) provided by my ISP giving me a stable 100+Mbps download speed even at peak times. In total there are 4 of us in the house. We each have various devices (laptops, consoles, internet enabled TV sticks,etc) My dilemma: We have a 3 story house. The...
  4. D

    Solved! my huawei e5573cs wlan status is off, how do i turn it back on?

    my huawei e5573cs wlan status is off, how do i turn it back on?
  5. Roshen

    Connect PC to Android via WLAN?

    Hi! I've been using Shareit for few months now. And while I'm transferring data to my phone, it goes from 'Connected' to 'Connected, but no internet'. Since the router is in a different room, data transfer isn't that fast either (Haven't reached 1MBps yet). Is there any way I can connect my PC...
  6. 8

    wireless module not supported wlan module id 702

    Installed dual band wireless card, now it's giving me "wireless module not supported The system has detected a wireless module installed in the system that is not supported. System halted. Please remove device and restart. WLAN module id (702)" This is on a Hp pavillion Dv-6178us. I bought an...
  7. D

    Rectify WLAN issue

    I Am not able to connect wifi through Moto C plus mobile .kindly help us in this regard
  8. C

    Solved! Toshiba P855 laptop

    What wlan card can I use to replace/upgrade my current centrino n 2200?
  9. W

    Wireless LAN problems

  10. S

    How to make force use a general chipset driver for a vendor-modded USB Wlan adapter?

    Hello. I have a Buffalo WLI-UC-GNHP adapter, which use a Ralink RT3070 chipset (https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Buffalo_WLI-UC-GNHP). But this adapter cannot work out-of-box on Windows and Linux, and it don't even accept new driver from Mediatek, instead, it can only use the driver from Buffalo. (A...
  11. C

    Solved! Kaspersky 2017 Antivirus destroying WLAN capabilities

    Kaspersky is interfering with WLAN receivers in 2 of my computers. I have several devices that can all without issues connect to WLAN access points, hotspots, routers. However 2 of my computers, one with a fresh win10 and the other with Win7 have massive problems getting access to WLAN. Most of...
  12. J

    Questions about ASUS R753UX-T4223T

    Hello, I would appreciate some help regarding my decision whether to buy the ASUS R753UX-T4223T: http://www.mediamarkt.de/de/product/_asus-r753ux-t4223t-2194360.html I have no experience whatsoever with Asus so I'm a bit "scared", but aside from that, my main concerns are these: 1.) Would...
  13. Lutfij

    How To Get wLAN Drivers For Your Dell Laptop

    Back when laptops were a thing of luxury they were only equipped with an Ethernet port or a modem connector for a dial up connection. With advancements in technology allowed a laptop to carry with it a true definition of a mobile computing device tag with the introduction of wireless...
  14. Hossainkh

    Query regarding Wlan Card in the laptop Lenovo Y700-15ISK

    Hi; I have a query regarding Wlan Card in the laptop Lenovo Y700-15ISK, My Question is: Is the type of the Wlan Card is MINI PCIE or NGFF? The Wlan Card model: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Thanks in advance.
  15. V

    WLAN card, which wire goes where?

    I have a laptop with 3 micro coax wires labeled wm1(clear) wm2(black) and wm3(red). My wireless card only has 2 channels though, 1 and 2. Do I just connect 1 to 1 and 2 to 2?
  16. A

    Windows Error "One or more network protocols are missing on this computer"

    Hello Guys, I have a Toshiba C855D-S5209 with windows 10. I have been searching on Google and the Microsoft boards trying to find why this error keeps rising. The LAN seems to be working fine but the WLAN is the problem here. The Wi-Fi speeds are greatly reduced to about half of what I'm...
  17. R

    Asus PCE-56 virus

    Hi! I just run FREEavast on my computer and it find 523 viruses. All the viruses are in C:\Program File(x86)\ASUS\PCE-AC56 WLAN Card Utilities\wl.exe So I guess it has something to do with my ASUS PCE-AC56. Avast also says that serioussnes of the virus is high. I have tried to delete these...
  18. M

    ASUS windows 8.1 to windows 7, Having hard time finding WLAN wifi driver...

    Hello all, I have an ASUS N551JQ-EH71 Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7 4710HQ (2.50 GHz) 8 GB Memory 750 GB HDD NVIDIA GeForce 845M 2 GB GDDR3 15.6" Windows 8.1 64-Bit (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834232357&cm_re=ASUS_N551JQ-EH71-_-34-232-357-_-Product). It originally came...
  19. A

    my lenovo 536 turned off when WLAN connection is turned on

    I bought a new Lenovo 536....while I open any WLAN connection it automatically turned off and than restart itself and keep doing this until I switch off my WLAN connection.
  20. B

    WWAN/WPAN/FCM What are they, and can I put a WLAN card in any of them?

    I recently bought a used dell precision m6400 Laptop, When I opened up the back panel I found some components with nothing installed in them. There are two empty slots, a WWAN slot and a FCM slot. There is also a WPAN card installed next to the WLAN card, my question is what are each of these...
  21. A

    Acer Aspire Keyboard and Wlan Adapter not working/detected

    Girlfriend had water get on her laptop while it was closed, dried it and cleaned it. A couple days passed and now it boots just fine into windows. However, The keyboard will not work in windows, except for the Fn Hotkeys. It will work to navigate the Bios screen as well. The Wlan Adapter works...
  22. S

    Lenovo Y50 -- Replaced hard drive with new SSD, now having WiFi driver issues

    Hello, I recently purchased a Lenovo Y50 and replaced the hard drive with a Samsung SSD. Initially, I cloned the original drive on to the new SSD and everything was fine. Then I attempted to perform a factory reset and was told that I didn't have the recovery media. Apparently there is a...
  23. R

    latitude 2120 windows 7 64-bit WLAN drivers

    Hey again, I had such great luck finding the graphics drivers for this laptop here, I thought I would ask about a driver for the WLAN. I think that is what I want . . . I can only connect using wireless and I want to connect using an Ethernet cable from the router. Any help would be...
  24. I

    Network Controller Off - can't find drivers, please help? (Asus X555LN laptop)

    OS: Windows 7 Ult 32bit Laptop: Asus X555L - Notebooks & Ultrabooks - X555LN - ASUS Specs: i5 CPU, GF GT840M, 8GB RAM DDR3 What's ridiculous, even Asus driver disc (in laptop's packaging) doesn't work, crashes. I installed drivers manually. My problem: http://i.imgur.com/JSvYBdI.jpg Broadcom...
  25. jsanthara

    HP Pavilion DV4 Screen Assembly w/ Extra antenna wires.

    I recently disassembled an HP Pavilion DV4-1427nr. When I took out the LCD screen assembly I noticed not one, but two sets of antenna wires. What I am used to seeing is one set, black (main) and white (aux), and while those were present, there is another set of red (main) and blue (aux). I've...
  26. N

    How do i install WLAN driver?

    I've recently done a clean install on win7 but it never installed any drivers, at the moment i got everything working fine but my wlan is not working. I've found the driver on the manufacturer site(advent dt1310 model)but there was no .exe file in it only net8192su file type-security catalog...
  27. K

    driver lost on hp 2000 pc

    i lost my ethernet and wlan driver on my hp 2000 pc
  28. Y

    My kids have a HP Pavilion g7-1167dx that I am looking for a 5Ghz capable internal card

    HP Pavilion g7-1167dx I Google'ed the following Wifi cards, and I can't find one that supports 5Ghz. Is there another list of compatible cards, or am I forced to get a USB adapter? http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02834058.pdf (Page 14) Support for the following WLAN formats: ● Broadcom...
  29. J

    Mini PCIe WLAN Card with USB Electrical Interface Needed

    As some of you may know, there are mini PCIe form factor cards that actually use a USB 2.0 implementation by omitting connectivity on some of the mini PCIe connector pins. I have an Asus AO722 Aspire One netbook with a second PCI slot. I've leared that this second slot only supports the USB...
  30. S

    Laptop can't find network adapter after clean windows 7 install

    Hey, I upgraded my laptop yesterday with a new ssd and after a clean windows 7 install it can't detect the wlan adapter. What I have already done: - Reinstalled 3 different versions of atheros wlan drivers - Reinstalled windows 7 again... - screwed my laptop back open to check if there was...
  31. L

    Acer Aspire One 5736z wLan drivers

    acer laptop wifi drivers
  32. J

    Broadcom WLAN driver for Acer 5750Z in XP

    I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 5750Z laptop and I'm attempting to install Windows XP Pro onto it. (XP Pro because I have some older hardware and software which doesn't run under Win7). I've managed to install 32-bit XP Pro, + SP3, and have managed to get drivers installed for everything...
  33. P

    WLAN on Consumer Cellular Nokia C3

    Hello, Anyone know how to turn this feature on?
  34. R

    Http://192 168 100 1

    i want to open my wlan pass word
  35. H

    Wlan mobile connection

    Hello, what is connection name?
  36. tuanmai

    Scientists Use LEDs to Create 800 Mbit/s Optical WLAN

    Flickering LEDs used for data transfer. Scientists Use LEDs to Create 800 Mbit/s Optical WLAN : Read more
  37. B

    Can i run mobile internet by wlan

    Hello, I have a broadband connection. in the modem i have a wlan sign. but when my mobile searches for wlan it doesn't find any network. did i need some configration. plz help me to solve my problem.
  38. W

    Recommend me a phone

    I need Wlan internet, full keyboard, touchscreen. I keep seeing some that say WIfi but have dont have Wlan, whats the difference? I would like decent color pallet. budget is kind of tight ,120 USD tops? Also: When I use the internet through my works AP, is it charging me for that? i thought it...
  39. N

    What is wlan on my phone and how do i connect it in jamaica

    Hello, when im in the bahamas i have wifi so why cant i get it in jamaica ,if i can how do i go about getting it?
  40. M

    Replace the mini PCI-E WLAN adapter in an Asus G1S?

    For reasons that I will not go into as they are irrelevant (basically hardware failure) I have to replace the mini PCI-E WLAN adapter in my Asus G1S laptop -- and I do not want to use the same iwl4965 adapter. My question is simply, what alternative to the stock iwl4965 adapter is there? There...
  41. C

    Clevo M5X0N

    Hi, i'm looking for drivers for this notebook... what realy need is driver for the WLAN and HotKey thanks a lot :)
  42. S

    Wireless lan Issues after reformat

    I have an acer aspire3100 laptop, which comes with a wlan integrated. Now the laptop displays enabled and disabled messages, however I have nothing else wireless, no options nothing, yet is HAS a wireless card and I have installed the broadcom wlan drivers they offer on the acer support site...
  43. X

    1394 net adapter problem WLAN

    i have an Sony-Vaio laptop.. after upgrading into Xp-SP2, the WLAN capability doesn't work anymore. Wireless adapter is 1394 net adapter as shown in Properties.. appreciate your help
  44. iohd818

    How to add personal certificate on hp ipaq hw6515 for wlan

    i'm trying to make my wlan connect to the internet using spectec's sdio 802.11b. it can see the signal however it needs a personal certificate. what should i do?
  45. G

    Acer aspire 472oz unable to detect wlan

    i have a acer aspire 472oz, unable to detect wireless adapter
  46. K

    Error message

    Does anyone know what this error message means? WLAN_cfg Access violation at address 00000000. Read address at 00000000. It usually comes up when I first turn my laptop on and most recently when I downloaded real player, then closed the program and the error box kept coming up over and...
  47. mR742

    Driver/WLAN Adapter Issue

    Hello all, My wife's laptop has recently begun to experienc an issue with either the WLAN adapter itself or the what I believe is a driver conflict. I have been unable to pin it down so I am turning to you. Things that I have noticed: When the wireless adapter wont turn on I can do a...
  48. buwish

    HP tx1308nr WLAN issue

    Hey all, I'm curious as to if anyone can solve an issue that I am having with an HP tx1308 (vista) WLAN internal card. I noticed a few days ago that the wireless LAN would not turn on via the switch on the laptop, nor would it show up in the device manager. I did the usual driver reinstall to...
  49. G

    How To Crack WEP - Part 3: Securing your WLAN

    i am using windows xp, and Linksys WUSB54... i want to know how to hack wep at my area house...?? please...
  50. D

    HP 360LX and WLAN

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) Hello, after searching the web for the above topic I found our that the old Lucent WLAN cards (Orinoco Gold / Silver) had Windows CE 2.0 drivers. Does that mean, that I can indeed use such cards with the HP 360LX (which has WinCE 2.0), or...
  51. G

    Connect to Internet via WLAN

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am trying to connect my PDA2K to the internet through our network using WLAN. We have a gateway machine connected to an always on satellite broadband connection. I am able to connect to the WLAN OK. I continue getting a message...
  52. G

    WLAN on 5500?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Aloha to you, Forgive my ignorance. I was under the impression that the wireless control WLAN feature was to connect to the internet, for example, without being tethered to a pass through (a la Active Sync). I signed up for Pocket...
  53. G

    3Com Wlan card

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, I recently bought a 802.11g 3Com Wireless accesspoint 3CRWE454G72 and a 802.11g 3Ccom wireless PCMCIA card 3CRWE154G72. I got a HP IPAQ PocketPC h2210 (pocketpc 2003) from work and i am now looking for a WLAN card for this IPAQ...