Playing 4 channel audio from smartphone?


Mar 25, 2015
Are there currently any products (or combination of products) out there that will allow me to play music/audio from a smartphone or tablet (from the 1 headphone jack) and have it sent out to 4 discrete, mono outputs?

What it boils down to is this. I want to produce my album and mix it down to 4 channels (instead of the usual 2). I then want the owner of an iphone or android phone (or even a tablet) to be able to play my multichannel audio from their phone into their 4 speaker setup.

I am looking for an affordable option if that is even possible?

I found this but not sure if i am even close?



Most newer phones support hdmi and surround Audio over tthat. And besides a headphone jack is 2 channel so you won't get 4 channel out of it anyhow anyway.

And why bother doing 4 channels. What is the prpurpose of thst. Do 5.1and have a sub channel.

But also make it sound good in stereo. Not everyone has surround and even less.people will have only 4 speakers


Mar 25, 2015
I am targeting 4 channels because I am trying to develop a 4 speaker system designed to help autistic children. There is a scientific reason behind why we are using 4, and only 4 channels.

So it sounds like my best bet is to NOT use the headphone jack and rather, use an HDMI connection which will then allow me to have multi channel separation?
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