Bent corner of laptop case


Sep 2, 2017
Hello! I'm new to the forum, so if I screw something up here, please go easy on me. I've tried searching for solutions already (both on this forum specifically and on Google), but I can't really find anything, so here I am.
I dropped my laptop a few days ago (onto concrete, no less) and miraculously, it's okay! The only issue I'm having is that it bent up the corner of the case. Here's a picture of the issue:


Like I said, it's running completely fine, I just really want to find a way to bend that corner back down. It makes it so that the computer doesn't close fully, and the top has room to kind of "bounce" if anything were to land on it while it was closed. I'm worried that something will happen, so is there any DIY way to bend that corner back into place? (From what I can see, there are no actual components right there in that corner, so it shouldn't be an issue.)
Thank you so much!
Metal or plastic?

If plastic, maybe some gentle heat with a hair dryer or heat gun, and see if it will go somewhat flat.

If metal, you'll probably have to take that whole top panel off to bend it down.