Toshiba Satellite C55-B5302


Jul 5, 2017
Hello, I have used this site for years. However I had no need to make a account since I could always find the answer to my problem. This time doesn't seem to be the case. I'll make a tl;dr version as well.

Recently I decided I would upgrade from Windows 7 x64/64bit to windows 10. Upon doing so it gave me x84/32bit Windows 10. I read online how to upgrade to 64bit. I did so upon doing so my disc ended up having a error. So I had another computer that was Windows 10 and already running 64bit, I went out bought a flash drive to download the install. Everything turned out great until it came time to boot from my USB. The first night my computer would but up and take me to the Toshiba booting screen. Then it would either sit at that screen or; prompt me to check my HDDs media cable. I went to bed the night, got up went to work. Came home it started booting, then about 5 seconds it would reboot itself. After that it would just stay on a black screen.

tl;dr Toshiba is now booting, then rebooting itself. Then it stays on a black screen.

Things I have tried:
Switching the RAM.
Taking out the battery.
Unplugging the cord.
Holding the power but down for 30 seconds.
Holding the power but down for 30 seconds. Then holding it for another 30 seconds.
Changing the HDD.
Hooking it up to a HDMI monitor.

Any suggestions?



Can you get into the BIOS screen? If so, please check and see if your primary boot device is Windows Boot Manager.

There is one thing to note though, have you made sure your BIOS was up to date prior to performing the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10? If you yet have the original installer for Windows 7, I'd suggest that you try and work off that until you've verified that the BIOS is up to date and that your bootable USB installer is A-Okay.