Solved! ZTE Blade ZMax

Jun 1, 2018
Hello everyone,

I have a ZTE Blade ZMax and it fell on solid concrete with a case on it. But unfortunately the case did absolutely nothing and it fell face down. My heart dropped with it as I heard the loud crack.
The screen is completely cracked up with deep cracks under the screen and thick cracks at the surface. It won't react to charging or power on. It's a brick so far, it was also given to me for free, so no insurance. Any repair has to be done by me. Charger is brand new as well, never had an issue.
I'm thinking of getting a screen kit off Amazon for $33. But i wanted some feedback on what could be keeping the phone from vibrating and lighting up when I hold the power button and trying to charge it.
Would it be the LCD strip and screen? Would it be all the connections?
Or is it time to throw this beautiful phone a funeral? I don't like to give up hope.
, Thanks for reading and helping