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  1. M

    Zte blade unlock metro code

    I would like to know the free metro unlock code for my zte blade
  2. C

    Solved! zte model N-9136

    the red light comes on when trying to charge and stays on for a few seconds then goes out the phone is not taking a charge to power on
  3. D

    Solved! How can I fix a San Disk SD Card, I bought New ? says it's unsupported on my device, which is ZTE Blade

  4. R

    My zte z max pro won't come on.

    My zte z max pro won't come on it was running slow at first and I factory reset it and now the bottom lights are staying on but phone won't come on.
  5. B

    Solved! How to move aps from internal to sd card on zte z837vl

    Need to know how to move some of my apps from my phone internal storage to a SD card. It is a TracFone ZTE z837VL. I will also need to purchase the SD card.
  6. A

    ZTE Blade Max View Review: ZTE’s Comeback Falls Short

    ZTE returns with a compelling inexpensive handset in the ZTE Blade Max View. But the company has some catching up to do to reclaim its budget dominance. ZTE Blade Max View Review: ZTE’s Comeback Falls Short : Read more
  7. J

    found this blade ZTE Z982 need to knownhowntomunlock previous owner gmail.information

    I found this blade ZTE Z982 and I factory reset it but need to know how.tonreset it so I can use my current t gmail.account instead of.the one that was on the phone
  8. D

    Solved! My new zte model # z799vl is flashing white, I can't turn it on it off, help

    Zte flashing white. Will not turn on or off
  9. J

    My ZTE Android phone is displaying no service. What can I do.

    My ZTE Android phone is displaying system ui.wrong sim
  10. C

    Puk code for ZTE-c-s100

    I just need a puk code for ZTE-c-s100 and to also remove uim card so I can turn it to GSM network phone
  11. T

    Solved! My are is stuck blinking on and off on the home page when I turn it on What's wrong with it

    My zte Blinks on and off when I turn it on in the home page. I've tried a soft recent but can't get to the reboot pg
  12. S

    Buying a new phone.

    So I find myself in a position to buy a phone. I currently have a ZTE Axon 7. I've done my research and have settled a few devices. I'm looking for flagship specs but not the flagship price. So I'm currently considering an Asus Zenfone 5Z or Sony Xperia XZ2 both of which I can get for around...
  13. B

    my zte phone is voice google locked andvhas a 1234 pin on lockscreen how do i get my screen unlocked

    Do i unlock my voice google lockscreen for zte phone
  14. J

    Unlock code ZTE z839 Verizon phone

    Unlock code ZTE z839 Verizon phone
  15. N

    Solved! How do i move the internal memory to an sd card on my zte grand x4?

    Im trying to free up my phone memory to an sd card but I can't figure out how. The phone is a zte max x4
  16. Z

    Solved! Suspicions setting in...Zte zfive g lte Safelite to TracPhone

    Zte zfive g lte Safelite link wireless phone... worked fine on day one but the next day, I turned on, the Trac Phone logo boots up, the phone flashes and appears to be running thru some type of scan, and Bam all of my personalised settings, including all colors, changed and now it won't ring...
  17. T

    Solved! I have a Android ZTE maven 3 phone from at&T and are they any apps to help me get a better WiFi and internet sigal

    I can't always get a connection on my ZTE maven 3 phone Android even though I am connected to the internet and is there any apps to help me get a better signal?
  18. A

    Sim card lock

    Please help me unlock my ZTE z959 sim code out of my cricket phone I'm now using straight talk
  19. J

    Solved! Puk code z3001s zte android

    Puk code,need...looked out . Ant find credit card that dd card comes off of vux I no it's on bak of that card
  20. A

    I spilled monster on my qlink zte phone and now it won't turn on or charge what should i do

    I spilled monster on my qlink zte phone and now it won't turn on or charge
  21. T

    Solved! No signal help

    My ZTE quicklink phone is not getting signal
  22. S

    Solved! phone filled up and SD card not helping clear up space. HELP!

    i have a qlink zte phone which i added a sd card to but when i want to update or download something, it wants me to still get rid of apps i love and use to make room on my phone. Why didnt the SD card help?? My phone is still completely full. I even have it set to save everything on my SD card...
  23. T

    Solved! Switching photos on phones

    How do u switch photos from ZTE N817 to a Motoe4
  24. M

    Solved! zte grand x max won't charge

    I bought this phone over a year ago I put the charger in the damn thing the charger will stay in but it won't charge and I can't get it to turn on ? Any one know what the hell is going on or what I can do to fix it ? Please help me
  25. J

    Solved! zte boost mobil phone was factory reset. is it possible to bypass the previous gmail account?

    the phone asks to sync the previous gmail account to the phone... i dont know the gmail or password previously used.... is it possible to bypass this issue??
  26. T

    Solved! my zte z970 won't turn on past the tmoblie screen

    my phone will restart as normal but then it stops at the tmobile screen. I got it once into safe mode which helped nut I can't get it back to that mode or fix it. How do I fix this?
  27. C

    Solved! ZTE Z835 won't turn on

    My ZTE Z835 won't turn on after charging on my car charger for a few hours. The red light blinks and the phone vibrates but it will not turn on. Can someone help me?
  28. D

    Solved! How to change my sd card to internal storage on my zte nx573j

    hi im using zte nubia m2 lite , how to do it
  29. F

    Solved! Transfer music from SD card to flip phone

    Hi How do I move music from SD card to my ZTE Z233VL flip phone without computer
  30. A

    ZTE 832 wont turn on but accepts charge

    my phone was puk locked. I took it to cricket and bought a new sim card and now it wont turn on but it will light up when hold the power button down and display how much charge is on the battery.
  31. T

    Solved! how to transfer phone numbers from old phone to a new phone when the old phone wont stay on wont go past the logo screen "I am

    I have an old ZTE "raggedy cheap phone" and now i have a Samsung and im trying to get my old numbers out of the old ZTE idc how or to what the lap top my other phone where ever just as long as i can get my numbers pls help the ZTE phone will go to the Logo screen with the white background and...
  32. W

    Solved! Vcard issue android

    I have zte blade x max and I bought a new phone a Moto e5 the company transferred all my stuff but I can't find any of my text on my new phone they said all my text messages and recordings will transfer as well I can't find nothing I need to retrieve those messages on my new phone for court...
  33. F

    Solved! Moving photos to computer using USB/charger cord

    I have a TracFone ZTE zmax Champ Model Z917VL and I was told I could move photos from the 'Gallery' to my computer using the USB/charger cord but I can't figure out how to accomplish that. Help, please! Thank You!
  34. W

    Solved! ZTE Phone problem

    My is saying storage is low , click here to do some cleam
  35. N

    Solved! Need help fixing my power button on my zte

    So recently my power button on my zte has completely stopped working. Like if I push it or hold it done it's completely now responsive
  36. E

    ZTE Z981 Charges while plugged in but dies compltetly as soon as unplugged

    ZTE Z981 Charges while plugged in but dies compltetly as soon as unplugged
  37. D

    Solved! Zte power button broken how turn on?

    I dropped my phone and broke the power button on it. I have tried the voluum down and charge cord fix but it turns back to black screen, after the white screen shows of ZTE android label on it. Please help me!!!
  38. PhilipMichaels

    ZTE Comes Back to the U.S. with Two Phones Under $200

    The ZTE Blade Max View and Blade Max 2S both feature 18:9 aspect ratios, with the Blade Max View adding stereo speakers and dual rear cameras. They'll both be sold unlocked. ZTE Comes Back to the U.S. with Two Phones Under $200 : Read more
  39. rebjane20

    Config.xml and flags.xml -- delete ok??

    Making space for ZTE. In My Files it shows config.xml, flags.xml. and. (6) popupconfig.xml. Can i delete these or are they part of a program that. Needs to stay there?? AND-- dmc.txt ?? I need to know what these are for or if we dont need them. I want to delete them to add more space...
  40. B

    Solved! Zte sonatly 3 is it frayed

    Phone is low on change and takes a long time to power on
  41. D

    Solved! My cell suggest to (clean SD card. Will that erase info on it?

    My phone says to clean up sd card on my ZTE android. Will this erase my memory? help, keep receiving this message
  42. M

    Solved! my ZTE Z812 will not reboot

    My phone will not power on. It has no problem charging or operating when on, but as soon as it is powered off, it cannot power on again. The red light is on, and I hold the power button for 15 seconds and it shows the white zte screen for some time but instead of showing the at&t screen, it goes...
  43. rebjane20

    Solved! ZTE N818S chrome wont work

    Chrome and gmail gives not responding errors. Now chrome closes every time i open it
  44. S

    Solved! Why is there no photo gallery on my zte

    No photo gallery
  45. D

    Zte phone not reading sim card

    Zte phone not ready sim
  46. G

    Solved! Samsung j3 pop Sims in ZTE spark

    : I just moved from Iowa to Wyoming and I was given a straight talk phone with no sim card but my us Cellular sim fits can I use the sim card with your service
  47. B

    Solved! solutions not helping my problem

    i have been trying to get my zte back on by doing all the instructions given for example reseting with the volume buttons but my phone still remain off i need help fast.
  48. M

    Bypass Google account

    How to bypass Google account when forgot password to it. On a ZTE z899vl
  49. L

    My zte blade max has plenty of space on internal and external, my SD card is already formatted as internal and still nothing

    I have a zte blade max with 32gb internal and 8gb external... Both storages are almost empty yet my phone won't save any of my pictures due to " not enough storage" WHAT DO I DO I TRIED EVERYTHING!!??? My SD card is already formated as internal and its empty but my phone won't migrate to the...
  50. D

    My zte won't come on

    My zte pro max wont power on. The zte power on screen comes on then goes to white metro pcs screen then vibrates and shut off and starts over but never completely powers on. I am not sure what is wrong. It got wet the other day and I put it in rice. But it still started randomly shuts off . But...
  51. S

    Solved! Deleting my call history

    I have a ZTE Blade V8. I am trying to figure out how to delete my call history since it is getting quite long. I have searched online and nothing has worked. They point to a menu, icon or a clock and so on to which when i try it either is not there or it does not have the drop down menu I need...
  52. J

    How do i format my sd card to my internal storage on my ZTE Z917VL

    I am 14 years old and agree to to abide by the site's rules
  53. S

    Having problems connecting my RCA voyager 5.0 version to my ZTE maven 3 7.1. please help

    I just need to know if my RCA voyager tablet can connect to my ZTE maven's hotspot
  54. N

    How to free

    I bought a8gb memory card for ma zte .i inserted it already bt it my phone said no space
  55. G

    how to tweak zte prestige 2

    I am stuck with my ZTE PRESTIGE 2 N9136 From rooting so I can get rid of google and explore many other options available. Is there away to do this free?
  56. P

    How do I move pictures to my SD card on my ZTE Z917VL

    I am having trouble figuring out how to transfer pictures to my SD card from internal memory
  57. R

    Screen of death

    Zte was locked via spyphoneapp, now it is black..won't power on or charge
  58. R

    My zte max problems

    My zte max with boost mobile wont pass logo screen and restarts but light on home button works
  59. A

    How to unlock ZTE z832

    How to unlock ZTE z832 currently locked with Cricket?
  60. K

    Need help with broken charging port

    My port no longer charges my ZTE R88 Trek tablet. Needs assistance with connecting directly to battery