Question Front panel audio jack not consistently working?


Mar 29, 2016
My front panel headphone jack has been super inconsistent for a while now, so I've been using the back panel speaker jack instead, but the distance is becoming a nuisance. I've made sure both ends of the audio cable are plugged in all the way inside the PC, but even then there's still no sound. Lightly pushing on the jack itself/tapping the side of the case can get audio to come back on temporarily (only in the right ear though), but it goes out after ~30s or so. Do I just need a new case/ keep using the back panel, or is there some way I can fix it? Case model is N12107 if that helps.


You may be able to replace the jacks in the case, contact support for the case vendor. Or if you want to extend the rear ports, just get a cable extender, they are cheap. You can even play around with mounting them on your desk with some glue, or using a wall mount and some male to male cables.

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