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    Question Front panel audio jack not consistently working?

    My front panel headphone jack has been super inconsistent for a while now, so I've been using the back panel speaker jack instead, but the distance is becoming a nuisance. I've made sure both ends of the audio cable are plugged in all the way inside the PC, but even then there's still no sound...
  2. D

    Solved! How do i fix broken headphone & microphone jack; front & back panel?

    So, to put in perspective, this is an old computer, to which i'm not surprised that this happened cause it would have happened sooner or later. Both microphone and headphone jacks in the back and front panels have gone out completely, which saddens me extremely that it didn't last till i could...
  3. T

    Is there a recommended 3.1 Gen 1 and or 2 Front panel expansion panel?

    Into a Corsair 600T Graphite Series I installed an ASUS Prime X470 Pro M/B with a Ryzen 7 2700X. I would like to have all possible 3.1 USB Gen 1 and/or 2 connections available at front panel for VR controller/sensor usage. Anyone have any experience with this addition?
  4. J

    Solved! New Sennheiser GSP 600's only playing sound fron right side

    Hi guys, I received my new Sennheiser GSP 600's today. When trying to test them on my PC, sound only emanates from the right side. I tried updating the Realtek audio driver as well as uninstalling it and re-installing it, but still only plays on the right side. I have tried plugging the...
  5. T

    Front panel not working

    So,my computer was at a service,he said he needed to put a new sound card in..Now my front audio jack for headphones is not working,when i plug in i yust hear noise,no audio from games or videos...
  6. I

    PC Sounds being played though headset microphone

    I have had this problem with every 3.5 splitter type headset plugged into my pc...(both front panel and back) and it is really annoying for others to hear as they are the same volume to them as they are to me. I have already lowered the gain to +0db on microphone settings and have realtek audio...
  7. H

    Help Receiver Either died or Something else

    It was Working fine Last night, I woke up to no sound, Tuned it Off and Back on, And that down below It turns on but does not shows nothing on LCD It was working fine last night, I woke up a hour ago to find out there was no sound When i woke up It was same same as yesterday LCD on with all...
  8. M

    New PC build running Windows 7 does not recognize any audio

    The front panel audio jack as well as USB's on the front and the back do not give me anything, the Playback tab of the Sound options doesn't list my ear buds or my USB headset even when showing disabled and disconnected devices, there are no Sound tabs in dxdiag, I cannot change my volume, there...
  9. D

    Headphone amps and or dacs

    I am looking for a headphone dac/amp relatively cheap, just need something to plug in some new headphones since my front panel audio jack doesn't actually work and will be needing a place to plug in my mic. I really don't want anything more expensive than about $100, just something simple that...
  10. B

    Headphone quality from front panel is bad

    My speakers plugged into the motherboard sound fine, but when I plug headphones into the front panel, the headphones almost sound like they are trying to do surround sound. I can hear audio, but, it sounds awful. When I plug the speakers into the front panel, audio sounds fine. When I plug...
  11. J

    Front panel audio jack problems

    Would buying a new pc case fix audio jack problems?
  12. L

    Headset Microphone Front Panel Connectors

    Hi, I've recently built a new PC using the Z270A-Pro motherboard and everything is working great but I cannot for the life of me, get my headset to work with sound and microphone, or any microphone input to work. If I only plug the headset into the Microphone jack, the mic still doesn't work...
  13. H

    Soldering a Headphone's cables directly to front panel audio coonector

    I have a broken headphone and quite a few frontpanel audio connectors. Is it possible and if it is which cables should I connect to which? I have a Philips shp 2000.(I'm 15 and don't have enough money to buy a newone)
  14. S

    Recording splitted into two channels: front and back panel

    I have Asus ROG Strix motherboard with front panel audio connected to it. I used to plug microphone to the rear 3.5mm port, and everything was fine until today. Yesterday, I made a recording, the audio output was really good and I could hear it on both left and right speakers. But today, I've...
  15. D

    Solved! Odd problem with audio input on my PC?

    I recently got some cheap UGREEN Y-cables & 3.5mm extension cables which sucked, and stopped using it completely after the first few minutes. However, now there's a problem. My speakers are plugged into my motherboard. My earphones + mic is connected to the front panel of my PC. Now, when I...
  16. A

    i cant separate headphones and speakers

    when i plugged in headphones (front panel) the speakers and headphones sound both. i I tried over the realtek but the handset recognizes the speakers and headphones as one device. I tried to erase all the drivers then restart computer and I leave it to install a high definition audio device...
  17. M

    Cooler Master K380 front panel

    Hi, I just cleaned up my old case (Cooler Master K380) and I wanted to remove my front panel to get the front 120mm fan and add it to my new case. However, after completely removing EVERYTHING. I tried to remove the front panel by doing what the manual told me to do, and it wont come off. Any...
  18. Z

    Headset lost power/bass from rear and front panel

    So I have HyperX Cloud headphones and I used them on the rear jack of my computer for a couple of months. Then I started to realize that a lot of the power/bass got lost in them. Thought they were maybe broken but plugging them in the front panel they worked flawlessly. Now the same thing is...
  19. K

    Realtek no audio :(

    Hello It happens that my realtek software somehow its not detecting the 3.5mm jacks i plug in my MoBo (back panel), it just shows me the "Digital Output" section if I select the "HD audio front panel" in the connector settings. On the other hand, if I select "AC97 front panel" it shows me the...
  20. T

    Surround Sound Issues

    A couple months back I broke my front panel audio plugs( only the left side would work) so instead I decided to get extension cables to connect my headphones to the back. It was working for a few weeks, however, the extension cable broke and I just ordered and receive another one. When plugging...
  21. T

    No surround sound

    A couple weeks back, I was playing PUBG and I raged and somewhat pulled my earbuds out of the front panel socket too hard and now for some reason if I plug it in all the way sound will only play on the left sound of the earbuds but if i slightly pull the earbuds out, both sides will play. This...
  22. B

    Front panel audio not working

    Hello, I know I'm not the first person with this problem, but sadly none of the solutions I found worked for me so I ended up hopeless after few hours of trying. The problem is, yesterday I completed my first build with MB Asus Prime Z270-a and case NZXT S340 elite and my front panel audio and...
  23. I

    Front and Rear panel audio not working in Windows 10

    Hi. I haven't had much time to be on my pc because of school. My front panel audio used to work before I installed the windows insider build. It was working fine for a few days but then I didn't get any audio from my headphones. I connected my headphones to my monitor and it works. This...
  24. F

    Mic problems with windows 10 using beats

    I recently built my pc and I have a problem where I have a mic in and headphone slot on my front panel connectors. when I plug into the mic slot the mic shows up in the control panel but no sound is coming through the mic. I know I need to get a splitter to use mic and headphone but is there any...
  25. V

    Samsung 49K5300 LED TV defective??

    Hello. Just got a new Samsung LED smart TV. There is this dark, inverted U shaped portion on the screen, right at the top margin. I would like to know if the TV screen is defective and needs to be replaced? Attaching the photos. Hope these are clear enough for you to make a call. Thanks...
  26. A

    Solved! An HD Audio Question

    It seems the most easy mundane question, but i have searched the net for hours and cannot find the answer. A million explanations about how to connect the front panel HD audio to the mobo, but NOTHING about how to output from front panel to av receiver. What cable do i need? Is it a phono/RCA...
  27. J

    Car front panel working with a pc?

    Could I get this car front panel working with my pc built into a desk How would I power it and would controlles like volume work with my pc Thanks
  28. S

    Front panel jack not detecting headphones

    Whenever I plug my headphones into the front panel audio jack, the computer does not detect them. My motherboard is an MSI MS-7512. I have a SB Audigy sound card that works, but prefer not to use. All drivers are up to date. I have verified that the front panel is connected properly to the...
  29. C

    PC Jack Connector Retasking

    Recently my rear speaker out jack (green) stopped working after I broke a plug inside it. My PC case doesn't have a front panel to plug my speakers in it so I can't use my speakers. Is there any possible way to use any other rear port as a speaker out port? I have the latest Realtek HD...
  30. O

    Broken audio port on front panel Thermaltake Chaser A31

    Hey guys, It is going to be weird, but i need someone to help me out. (first time asking for help online ) So my husband tripped over headphone's cord and broke audio port on the front panel of the PC. He has Thermaltake Chaser A31. I've tried looking for front panel part itself - to change...
  31. 1

    Front panel audio jack is broken

    I recently tripped and ripped my headphones out of my desktop computer. Now any headphones I try only work when they are pushed to the right. I tried resoldering the jack but it didn't work. How and where can I buy a new jack?
  32. Y

    Front panel mic jack not working.

    So i built a pc for my friend, and the mic jack is not working. The headphone jack is working fine but the mic jack is not. It is installed properly to the mother board and drivers are up to date. Any idea on what it could be?
  33. D

    how to conect both

    Hello guys, want to conect my headset and my speakers (2.1) both to my front panel is broken so i have only one at the back.. Now should i buy a new one panel or there is an another without lossing any "quality" ? tnx guys! :love:
  34. I

    sound cards,front panels

    I use a creative sound blaster 5.1 ir live drive sound card with a front panel, I have upgraded my pc to windows7 now even my local computer shop cannot find drivers to make it work, as I really need the front panel is it therefore possible to get another make of sound card to connect to the...
  35. Obaid9

    BackPane & Front Panel Audio Jacks not detecting anything.

    Hello there Folks Need some help about my audio jacks. I was working in a virtual machine and suddenly the Realtek Audio Manager Kept throwing the popup it gives when new jacks are insert in ports. it was giving it for all the ports that had things connected to it. I selected them again (Front...
  36. M

    Asus Laptop Microphone Front Panel

    Hello, my girlfriend and I talk a lot over skype using our laptops. In my quest in finding a good headset for this I came up with the Orb Chat Headset (originally for ps4). Now this works like a charm for my HP laptop cause it's able to register the front panel input. My girlfriend now bought...
  37. J

    find disable front panel jacks

    I want to be able to hear sound from my speakers and headphone simultaneously. I find an instruction to : Audio Mgr>Connection Settings>Disable front panel jack detection to be able to both channels from both sources. I have Win 7, Realtek sound but I cannot find the place where i can access...
  38. D

    ASUS Zenbook UX305FA - Cracked Screen

    Hi all, So unfortunately I cracked the front panel glass and have compromised the LCD screen on my white Zenbook UX305. I have contacted ASUS who recommended their outrageously expensive repair service that estimated the cost being somewhere around 300GBP, which seeing as I bought the laptop...
  39. W

    Audio problem, tried everything.

    So yeah, I have an computer, decent one, but suddenly the sound stopped working when I booted it up. The weird thing is, not only the front audio but also the audio in the motherboard doesn't work. The GPU sound through HDMI does work. I don't know what to do, hope you guys can fix this...
  40. M

    Unplugging/plugging mic jack from panel changes sound volume?

    Basically, whenever I watch a youtube video, if I unplug mic jack, my volume will get higher altough it stays on 100% all the time. I already have problems with sound volume, it always sounds much lower than it has to (Realtek drivers). Tried many "solutions", but none of them worked. So I...
  41. M

    Realtek HD Audio 7.1 to Front Panel 3.5mm Jack Headphones; No Subwoofer

    BACKGROUND: I had Windows 7. I was using a Soundblaster X-fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 PCIe card to get 7.1 sound out of my PC only to discover that my Asrock Z97 Fatal1ty Killer MOBO won't support any extra occupied PCIe slots while I'm Crossfiring GPUs. So I took out that soundcard and opted for...
  42. P

    Speakers not working when plugged into front jack. Help !!

    I was updating my audio driver, after it got updated I restarted my PC and found out that the speaker stopped working. Before updating my driver, i could use both front and rear audio jack as Speaker/ Headphone but when I went to the sound settings, I found out this. The front jack was now...
  43. O

    Phone headset as mic not working

    i don't have the money to buy a mic for my PC, so i tried using my headset i use for my phone as a mic and doesn't work. i used both jacks on both front panel and the back but i got nothing. please help me
  44. W

    Asus Xonar DG mic problems

    Sorry for long post, but this situation is so strange I have to put in every detail. I tripped over my headphone cord that was connected to my front panel, it 3.5mm jack snapped so I had to replace them. My microphone was also plugged in the front panel. I got my new headphones, they work...
  45. T

    Front panel audio jacks broken, motherboard ports no sound?

    Hey guys, don't ask how but my front jacks are broken. I won't be able to fix them. Now, when I try to plug in my headphones in the motherboard port though, I get no sound. Do I need to enable these ports first in BIOS? I didn't see anything in there...
  46. V

    Left earphone not working in front panel jack

    Well, thread name basically. When I plug my earphones into the back panel they work fine, but since the cable is too short it is not comfortable to use them. The front panel usually works for a while, but then the left earphone stops working. If I partially pull the cable out I can hear but only...
  47. K

    Automatically disable rear speakers

    when I connect a headphone in my desktops front panel it can't disable the rear input speaker how to automatically disable the rear speaker via realtek audio manager
  48. S

    Front audio panel not working

    Hello guys. I'm having issues when it comes to testing my pc's front panel. It's got both headphones and microphone jacks and 2 usb ports, but I can't figure out why headphones are not detected, while USB does. The cable is connected the proper way, in the HD audio connector. What could be...
  49. Woofies

    Quiet sound crackling

    Had my pc for about a year now, and I've been using the back panel audio plugs for my headphone and mic, and all of a sudden the sound became very quiet and whenever I turn up the volume there is crackling sounds along with the audio. I tried the front panel headphone jack and it works perfectly...
  50. J

    Two different jacks on computer 1 audio and 1 microphone

    I have two different jacks. 1 for audio and 1 for a microphone on the front panel. When I plug my headphone into the audio jack, i can hear, but the other side cant hear me. vice versa w/ the microphone jack, I can speak but i cant hear the other side. I really need help I've been looking...
  51. S

    Front port makes beeping noise

    Hey guys! So recently my front-panel jack port has been making an intermittent beeping noise. I have tried different headphones(excludes being a headphone problem), and tried them on the back port(the mobo one). The mobo port is fine, makes no noise. What could it be, and how could I fix it?
  52. J

    Static sound--front audio headphone jack

    Problem: When using front audio out port on front panel of new pc, I get static sound in headphones. The static sound gets way louder with applications like games (and blocks all game audio), and also gets louder if I click on my start button in Windows 8.1 or when mousing over certain things in...
  53. B

    Output audio is being sent to mic input

    Just built a new system. My audio works however there is one problem. My audio output gets sent to my mic input. Basically if I am talking to someone on my mic they can hear any audio output from my computer. This happens whether I'm plugged into my front panel (case) or back panel...
  54. A

    HTC Radar front three buttons wont work.

    Hi ppl,i have HTC Radar and i have problem with front panel buttons:(back),(home),(search).The problem started when we attach the usb cable to the phone to charge.In beginning phone just didnt manage to boot up system,he stay on HTC logo until the batery runs out.And now after hard reset the...
  55. armyswat

    1 headphone works only (When in front panel)

    When behind, it works perfect. I've tried different headphones from the front panel. always 1 works. My windows 8.1 is updated to the maximum. By the way, when I spin the cord, both headphones don't work, but when I spin a bit more (crack sounds), 1 headphone works only. It's not headphones...
  56. B

    Sound 90% quieter in one ear, Help!

    Hey guys, first time builder, first time poster here, I'm having trouble with my "Ozone Rage ST" headset, whenever i plug it into the front panel jacks, the sound is only audible in one ear, But when its plugged into the back, it only plays through the OTHER ear. Im using Realtek HD Audio and...
  57. kaiteck

    Do i need dac if my mobo onboard audio has analog

    my mobo is m5a99x asus it says back panel is analog and front panel is digital
  58. P

    Front Panel and Back audio does not work

    I got a new power supply (same as old one). I unplugged everything and plugged my new PSU in. So far I see no problems but even performance boosts such as Faster boot and system running cooler. When I boot into windows I notice a muted sound Icon on the notifications. I click it and It starts...
  59. N

    Problem opening sound options from the control panel.

    Hello! Recently I've been having problems with my head set (Corsair Vengeance 1500 version 1). Whenever i have both this USB headset plugged into the back and a pair of headphones plugged into the front panel audio jack at the same time I'm unable to open the sound options from the control...
  60. C

    Sound Problems Help!

    Good Day to all, i was having problems with my audio / sounds. when i plug in earphone at front panel some application wont have any sounds, and when i plug in earphones at the rear panel applications with sound at the front panel doesnt have sounds. i wanted to only have 1 panel.. when i...