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  1. W

    Very Interesting Problem =\

    Hey! So I bought a sound card for my headphones, asus xonar DG. Overall, i'm happy with it but there's one thing thats really bothering me. I have a set of V-Moda Crossfade m-100s and ath-ad900. Here's the problem.. I've connected the front panel header to the sound card and both headphones...
  2. I

    I broke my front panel audio jack

    So, I wanted to go to the kitchen to get myself a drink, but I didn't see that the cable of my headphones was stuck around my foot. I tripped and now my front panel audio jack doens't work anymore, I've tried it with 2 headphones. It won't be a huge problem because I can just use port on my...
  3. R

    Front panel touch led keys dissappeared/not functioning

    Hello, folks. Here's the weird issue: Recently I've replaced MB on my hp pavilion dv6-1359wm laptop. Used HP Partsurfer to find out the right part number. However, after replacing the mobo, the laptop is no more 1359wm, but 1350us. Apart from that the led touch keys on the front panel appeared...
  4. W

    Front and rear panel don't work properly.

    I have MB ASUS P8Z77 VLK and Win 7 64bit. In the test Front panel and Rear panel play correctly two diferent things in the same time, but if i want to play on rear to speakers (forexample movie) and from front to headphones some music i don't be able to turn on both conectors in the same time...
  5. M

    Front Pannel Audio Cracking and malfunctioning in general

    I just finished my first desktop build and I am experiencing some problems with the front audio jack that I can't seem to be able toresolve. The audio seems to be there, but it sounds distorted with some cracking in it. Normally people's voices sound from afar. I tested the audio using the...
  6. G

    Where can i get car cd players front panel

    can u help me where can i get my cars audio players front panel.can i get it.
  7. A

    Front Panel Audio isn`t working

    Hello everyone! I have problem with front panel audio and mic. I connected all pins in motherboard and in "Sound" control panel I have 4 devices: Speakers, Headphones, S/PDIF and AMD HDMI! When i check properties in Headphone device, it shows that "Jack information" is "Front Panel 3,5mm Jack"...
  8. M

    Front Panel Audio Not Functioning Correctly

    when I plug in my ear buds nothing happens. They work fine in my desktop just not in my laptop. Just yesterday I used them in my laptop, but today hey do not work
  9. G

    Nad 705 on/off problem

    Hi, The on/off button on the front panel of my Nad 705 has stopped working. However the same button on the remote control still functions normally. Any ideas as to what might be wrong?
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Split Rear panel audio jacks to separate audio streams

    First off I will describe the setup, currently I have a ASUS B5LD2-TVM motherboard which has on-board Realtek 880 High Definition Audio sound card. It has the normal 6 plugs in the back for HD Audio. The case unfortunately is an Dell E310 and due to the proprietary front panel it does not...
  11. MadCatz900

    Front panel audio problem

    :hello: Recently ive been having a problem where my front panel seems to think there is something plugged in the mic and speakers jack if "disable front panel jack detection" is ticked in realtek manager. When i record the invisible mic its seeing i hear stereo mix like sound but very very low...
  12. zepfan_75

    Front panel Audio Problems

    OK, this is an annoying problem that I can't find a solution too, I built a computer and everything was working perfectly but around 3 weeks I had a peculiar problem. My computer constanly thinks there is a speaker plugged into the front audio port, I unplug my head phones and it still says that...
  13. A

    Shielding the front panel port

    I was wondering if anyone knew a good material to shield the front panel headphone port. The nearby electrical components in the computer cause a considerable amount of interference. If I use a USB flash drive at the front port, I can 'hear' the data being transferred. There is nothing wrong...
  14. P

    How to enable front panel speakers with headset

    Hello, my headset wont work when i plug it into the front panel of my computer, nd im not sure what eles i can do. ive gone into the bios nd enabled the front panel nd went through all the settings on my comp for the audio but still nothing is working, I NEED HELP
  15. M

    NAK BX-125 no output

    Hello,there is no audio output from one channel of my nakamichi bx-125 cassette deck.prior to losing output there was intermittent dropout using the variable output there's none.same via the headphone out jack.opening up the case then removing the front panel revealed the location of...
  16. R

    Need to disable front panel jacks

    i recently snapped a head phone jack in the panel on the front of my pc. because of this my speakers dont have sound because the the jack is now muteing the panel as it should. i unplug the audio cable from the mother board conected to the front panel,but stil no sound comes from the speakers...
  17. S

    Front panel headphone jack only works until audio stream changes

    After much searching, I've come to realize I'm not along in in having problems with front panel audio jacks and Windows 7; most related to jack sensing. I haven't seen anyone mention the particular problem I'm having though. I'm using a Realtek ALC861 HDA codec (with latest drivers direct from...
  18. R

    No front panel audio header

    Hi. I have just swapped my mothers tired and old PC case for a new one, but the board (FIC CW33)does not have a front panel audio header. I was wondering: would some PCI soundcards have one, and would I be able to use the front panel by connecting to the (PCI) soundcard? Sorry if it sounds dumb...
  19. P

    Need Help with Surround Set-up on my PC

    So I just built my first PC. My problem is this, I setup my audio on VIA HD Audio Deck as having 6 channels. I have 6 channel speakers connected at the back of my CPU and I have 2 sockets at the front (mic and headphones). The channels...
  20. G

    Front panel audio not working

    Hello, my pc front panel audio is not work
  21. S

    Front hd audio static

    Hello, i hav front panel hd audio static on my antec 900, i dont know what is causing it but its annoying. i hav a asrock p43de3 motherboard with onboard hd audio, i tried the front panel of my old case again and there is no static what so ever but when i pluged the antec 900 hd audio panel back...
  22. S

    Michrophone not working

    I am using ASUS board(Realtek 5.1 Audio, ALC 883, Win7)and connected 5.1 from back panel. Now without unplug we are unable to hear sound of microphone from either back or front panel. Is it possible to without detaching 5.1 speaker jack from back panel I can hear sound on microphone from front...
  23. R

    Front panel Mic constant disconnect issue

    I recently purchased a new computer and when i plug my headset microphone into the front panel it constantly disconnects and reconnects both the headset and the microphone every few seconds at first when i turned down the system volume oddly it stopped doing it. so i continued on as normal next...
  24. G

    No sound front panel jack

    i have conected headphone to front jack panel but it is not working how to solve it pls
  25. R

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Front Panel Line-

    Hi, I'm trying to plug a mic into the front panel port for recording, but it doesnt seem to recognize it. The mic works fine when I plug in into the rear port, just not the one on the front panel. I go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Recording. Listed...
  26. J

    Audio hook ups

    I have a Gigabyte mobo and after hooking up front panel audio, it still does not work....any suggestions?
  27. X

    Pioneer CLD-D505 Question

    I've got a Pioneer CLD-D505 that does not power on and I need to check the fuse and power supply outputs. Only problem is I can't get the tray to move out of the front of the unit to gain access to the power supply board. I've spun the motor on the left side of the unit but this only advances...
  28. S

    Front Panel Audio Pins Mismatched?

    I'm trying to hook up my case's front panel audio inputs but it seems like pin assignments for my motherboard and case are mismatched and the pins aren't separate it's just one rectangular plug with 9 holes. My motherboard is a GA-P35-DS3L by Gigabyte and my case is a Sonata III 500 by Antec...
  29. lex-luther

    Front Panel Audio Problems

    When using front panel audio there is a loud buzzing sound only while playing games. When on the windows desktop the buzzing is not audible. If headphones are plugged into the rear audio ports, there is no buzzing on the desktop or in games. I have tested both the onboard audio and a...