Asus Laptop Microphone Front Panel


Jun 22, 2016
Hello, my girlfriend and I talk a lot over skype using our laptops. In my quest in finding a good headset for this I came up with the Orb Chat Headset (originally for ps4).
Now this works like a charm for my HP laptop cause it's able to register the front panel input. My girlfriend now bought the same one for her Asus laptop, but it doesn't work. Tried multiple things now already, uninstall the Realtek Drivers and reinstall them didn't work and tried to enable the front panel input from the Realtek HD Audio Manager but if she clicked on the black analog icon nothing happened.
Problem is a lot of the solutions I find are for mics that use 2 different cables for the microphone and the sound, but that's not the case with this headset. So I don't see why it shouldn't work. It also shows 2 icons for microphone and headphones next to the input on her laptop....
She has an Asus K56CB laptop.


Jun 22, 2016

Not muted no.
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