BackPane & Front Panel Audio Jacks not detecting anything.


Aug 16, 2013
Hello there Folks
Need some help about my audio jacks.
I was working in a virtual machine and suddenly the Realtek Audio Manager Kept throwing the popup it gives when new jacks are insert in ports. it was giving it for all the ports that had things connected to it. I selected them again (Front speak , rear side etc)
and got back to work,
But it started up again and i just Through task manager deleted the process of Realtek.
But next day i noticed no sound coming from speakers at all,
The realtek manager showed nothing connected to it so i couldnt retask connectors.

Things i have tried.
Removing and reinstalling the drivers.
Disabling front jack options.
Checked the default communications device selected in 'sound'
Removed the driver and let windows default one load, and it didnt detect either.

Are they audio jacks dead? or some software issue?
The devices are connected at the back, the ports picture in manager is uncolored/not lit up

Edit: Mother board is Msi z77 g45 gaming.