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  1. janseana

    Question What are these yellow marks on the back of my Samsung phone?

    I discovered my old Samsung a7 2017 (A720F/DS) in my drawer and found several yellow smudges or stains on the back cover (which is made of glass). Nearly a year has passed since the phone was last used (with no battery left). Who has any idea what this is? Should I throw this away...
  2. D

    Solved! How do i fix broken headphone & microphone jack; front & back panel?

    So, to put in perspective, this is an old computer, to which i'm not surprised that this happened cause it would have happened sooner or later. Both microphone and headphone jacks in the back and front panels have gone out completely, which saddens me extremely that it didn't last till i could...
  3. Obaid9

    BackPane & Front Panel Audio Jacks not detecting anything.

    Hello there Folks Need some help about my audio jacks. I was working in a virtual machine and suddenly the Realtek Audio Manager Kept throwing the popup it gives when new jacks are insert in ports. it was giving it for all the ports that had things connected to it. I selected them again (Front...