Odd problem with audio input on my PC?


Jan 27, 2018
I recently got some cheap UGREEN Y-cables & 3.5mm extension cables which sucked, and stopped using it completely after the first few minutes.

However, now there's a problem. My speakers are plugged into my motherboard. My earphones + mic is connected to the front panel of my PC.

Now, when I plug my earphones in, there's a loud screechy static which persists. It doesn't happen when my earphones are plugged into my motherboard. If I apply pressure to the audio jack, then the sound goes away, but once I release it comes back.

It's not the earphones since other pairs that I plug in experience the same issue.

I tried air dusting the audio input, doesn't seem to help.

I don't get why this is, and it only just started right after using the UGREEN cables.


possible your front panel jacks are not the best quality, and the Ugreen plugs are slightly larger than your headphones plug and caused some separation in the connector and now your headphone cannot make a good contact (happened a few times to me on budget cases). Some possible resolutions:

- use the rear panel jacks and see if they work
- with the power off try to bend the connector back with a pin of some sort and / or clean with alcohol or solution and a q-tip
- contact your case manufacturer they may be able to send you a new front panel audio module
- get a USB sound card for the front panel usb connection and use it instead (they are as cheap as $6)



Jan 27, 2018

You were right. My temporary fix is that I jammed a plastic drill nub into the gap below the shelf and the front panel base.

This case is only 2 or 3 weeks old, I did notice that the audio ports felt a little "springy" when inserting the jack, and now the board nudges out of place and that causes the static.

Guess I'll contact NZXT and do an RMA or something.Thanks for the help!
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