Recording splitted into two channels: front and back panel

Apr 21, 2018
I have Asus ROG Strix motherboard with front panel audio connected to it. I used to plug microphone to the rear 3.5mm port, and everything was fine until today. Yesterday, I made a recording, the audio output was really good and I could hear it on both left and right speakers. But today, I've realized that the microphone now can only generate sound to the right channel (of my headphone). I tried to plug the mic into the front panel's, and now it recorded to the left channel. It's kind of weird since both back and front mic ports used to work in 2 channels. I looked up for any setting (Windows 10) but nothing worked. I also unplugged the front audio cable off the motherboard, but nothing changed. I also uninstalled and updated Realtek driver, but the same. I'm very sure it's not the headphone's problem since I've tested with 3 other headphones to verify the situation. This happens to any recording software and Skype while the recording devices (in audio properties) tell me that there's still signal when I speak to the mic.
Please help me solve this.
Apr 21, 2018

Thank you for your response. Audacity has the option to choose either mono or stereo recording. The mono select gives me audio output to both channels, while the stereo only has it on the right one (as described, the rear port can give sound to right channel). The point here is this never happened before with any calling or recording programs. I didn't make any change, just normal use. I think the driver (or any other software) might have automatically turned my mic-in from mono to stereo that required 2 separate microphones to have 2 channels.
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