best expandable laptop from 2017-2018 under 1000

Sep 14, 2018
so, I was wondering, I am beginning my search, well its been about a day and a half...
So, what I am searching for is, a laptop with the processor and gpu as the main focus, that has the highest expandability.....
so like:
additional ssd/hdd slots
additional ram slots
sata out slots
additional pci slot on mb or pci to external (this is mostly me thinking about the future, but having a pci to external and a sata to external would be really nice, but its not a deal breaker as if I really needed too I could take out the wifi card and use that one)

and a question on monitors, I have replaced a few laptop monitors, and even bought converters to power and run laptop monitors as stand alone monitors, so like, lets say the laptop series has ..... 3 options, x,y,z they all have the same inner components listed, but x=1080p, y=1440, and z=4k (disregarding the fact that with the same gpu 4k would likely have performance issues, this is a theoretical) would it be possible to swap out the monitor on x for y's or z's? lets say you are willing to change the drivers.

this last question may be stupid but if I bought lets say laptop x, and the monitor at some point in its life broke, id buy a new one, and replacing it with a better one would be a nice possibility to have.
and as far as that goes, I know most processors can no longer be changed out in todays laptops, but are there laptops known for being able to upgrade the gpus with marginally better ones?

no one has to indulge my curiosity, I appreciate the time, this is going to be a long search for the right laptop for me so im in no rush, was just looking for some good recommends as id plan to have this laptop for about 5-10 years, as I have had my current laptop for about 10 now, and have replaced a lot of its components over time its reaching its last legs, but being able to upgrade it as I have has been the main reason I was able to keep it for so long.

also weight is not an issue in this search.


additional ssd/hdd slots
2 drive connection is common. Maybe an m.2 and a SATA for another HDD

additional ram slots
2 RAM slots is common

sata out slots
eSATA, but that is dying out as an option. Replaced by USB.

additional pci slot on mb or pci to external
Never seen one

The problem with all the expandability you desire is physical size.
2 more RAM slots takes up significant space inside.

Changing the screen later, only if that particular model came with a better screen to start with. The actual mounting is just as important as the software and drivers to run it.

Good luck. I've never seen a laptop that was upgradable that much.
Sep 14, 2018
I guess I should have listed m.2 as well, seeing as its essentially replacing pci and sata, and as a product of that, can easily be converted into pci or sata.
btw the site I just posted has a running list of the number of pci-e/sata/m.2 slots in laptops
still working on this ;D
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