Looking for a best budget headphone under $50

Jan 12, 2019
Hi, i wanna get a good budget headphone for gaming and some music like edm and clubbing music .
I have 4 choices to pick

Samson SR850
Superlux HD668B
Supetlux HD669
Avantree Audition(black,red)
Mpow 059

All price are same . Which one have the best sound for gaming and music ? And does it can use 7.1 virtual surround sound for easy hear footstep ?
Jan 12, 2019
I from malaysia , this site where i am to buy https://shopee.com.my

What i hear, some people say, gaming headset it not worth to buy. Just take a good budget headphone because it have a good sound quality over gaming headset . He also say If wanna get a 7.1 surround just download from razer 7.1 surround sound software . Does it true ? Is 7.1 surround just a software ?


I use the Samson SR850 with the Zalman ZM-Mic1 as my headset, they are amazing for the price - everything sounds very good even EDM, which is impressive considering they are semi-open back.

Yes you can just download razer surround, even the free version sounds very good. There are also other virtual surround software like win10's Sonic, most on-board realtek have the virtual surround option (as shown here, in the 2nd pic (just check the "virtual surround" check box) and also other sound cards have their own vsurround like Sound Blaster, I am using the Play!3 USB sound card, the SBX surround is adjustable to your preference (and it is my favorite vsurround I have heard so far, worth checking out as well).

Highly recommend the SR850 + ZM-Mic1 + Sound Blaster Play!3 as a very good budget surround headset, semi-open back cannot be beat for quality/price in that price range hands down. The velour pads on the SR850 are very comfortable for long sessions and does not heat up like leather pads. Semi-open back also sounds much better for vsurround, the wider sound stage gives it much more presence and realism since it is "around your head" vs closed-back "in your head".

Had the G430, very weak plastic at the hinge will break under stress in a short time. The G430's sound card uses Dolby surround and is pretty good with movies and games - although SR850 sound quality is much better IMO, most notable with music critical listening.
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