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  1. oshahab

    Solved! Question about mic impedance

    I own a 500ohm Audio Technica ATR 1300 mic, and since I can't afford a decent soundcard now, I'm using a cheap USB soundcard to connect it to my laptop. (something like this...
  2. K

    Solved! Looking for headphones under 50$ for music and gaming

    I'm looking for closed back headphones with a good sound and isolation and i'm going to add Zalman ZM-MIC1 to them. I have motherboard with Realtek ALC887. I mainly play Cs:go and WoW and i listen to rock, pop and metal. I was thinking about ATH-M20X, AKG K72, JVC HA-RX700-E and Samson SR950...
  3. M

    Solved! Audio Technica ATH-A900X / Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus / Sennheiser HD 598 CS / SteelSeries Siberia 650

    Hi fellas, As you can probably guess, I'm wondering which of these headphones to pick. Here's a also a little bit of background. My current setup uses the onboard audio of the Aorus H370 Gaming WiFi motherboard, i.e. the ALC1220 audio chip. I've been using the HyperX Cloud II headset...
  4. J

    Solved! How to setup passive speaker for the audio technica lp60

    Hello tomguide users. Recently i got into the world of record collecting. After receiving a massive slot of vinyls from a old timer I helped move. (PS some goldies in the collection.) since im a novice i decide to invest into a beginner level turntable the lp60 and work my way up. I have been...
  5. PetarV

    Solved! Audio technica M50x paired with Fiio A1?

    I just got a pair of m50x and wasn't very pleased with the sound at first. Although the quality of the sound was amazing it was too quiet from my phone. After pluging it in my laptop they became a lot more loud, even hurting my ears at max volume. The bass wasn't enough so I tweaked it with an...
  6. PetarV

    Solved! I feel the m50x lack bass

    I just got a pair of audio technica m50x and Im kind of dissapointed with their sound. I've never owned or heard high end headphones and overall the sound quality is amazing, the only thing I though would be better is the bass. They had amazing mids, highs, soundstage. My old sharkoon rush er2...
  7. PetarV

    Do I need a DAC for audio technica ath m50x?

    Do I need an amplifier to unleash the true potential of the headphones or are the just fine with using them as they are? My phone is honor 8 lite if it matters. Also is this a good option for a dac(im on a really tight budget)...
  8. PetarV

    Will my phone hinder the sound quality produced from a good pair of heaphones?

    Im asking if there would be any difference in sound quality when using my honor 8 lite paired with headphones like audio-technica ath-m50x compared to for example a lg g6? Thanks in advance!
  9. G

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Review: Great Wireless Headphones on the Cheap

    The Audio-Technica ATH-50xBT maintains the phenomenal sound and sturdy design of the original, while adding Bluetooth into the mix. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Review: Great Wireless Headphones on the Cheap : Read more
  10. P

    Solved! Replacing Audio-Technica ATH-T500 with Logitech G Pro headset?

    I have Audio-Technica ATH-T500 (similar to the newer model ATH-AVC500) and I want to upgrade to a wireless headset with microphone. Does the Logitech G Pro have similar sound quality as the ATH-T500? or is it significantly worse? or even better? What would be the best budget wireless headset...
  11. J

    AT2020 XLR lots of static (repost) desperate for help.

    Hey I just got this mic today and hooked it up to a Behringer PS400 Phantom Power Supply i plugged everything in correctly and the hiss is still there. It's really loud. heres a clip of me speaking. please help? thanks
  12. M

    Help needed on choosing Gaming headset

    So I have 2 headphones in my list and im confused which one to choose. the first one is HyperX cloud 2 alpha and the other is HyperX Revolver (not the S). In terms of sound,mic and bass quality which one should I choose? Is there a big difference between them in terms of audio and bass quality...
  13. T

    audio-technica ath-adg1x vs sennheiser hd598

    Which is better for gaming on xbox?
  14. R

    Ath-ad500x - noise isolating alternative

    Hi! I'm in the market for new headphones - have been using on-ear, but want to go for over-ear this time due to comfort issues with my glasses. In my search, I found the ad500x - I like the price, like the sound, *love* the comfort. They're so soft and so light, it was almost like a...
  15. N

    Solved! Headphone into Mic -- reverses speaker channels

    So I bought an Audio-Technica AT9934USB Condenser Microphone. It has a headphone jack, when I plug in my headphones to the microphone the speaker channels are reversed. Left is Right and Right is Left. When I have them plugged straight into the computer they're fine. Is there any fix for this? I...
  16. G

    Solved! Earphones better than SONY MDR-XB50

    Hi, i want to buy my sister new earphones, but i want to buy some better than mine. I currently have SONY MDR-XB50 and i want a little better than this one. Could you please recommend me better earphones for about 40e or 45e? Please use this website to help me find earphones...
  17. M

    What earphones to buy for 25-30e?

    Hello, so school year is starting for 4 days, and i need new earbud, because last one ended up drowning in my coffe.... Could you please use this to help me decide which one to buy. Budget is about 25e, but if i need i will add a little...
  18. Jttw2

    Do comfortable earbuds for long hours of usage exist? (Under $50)

    Basically the title :) I've been looking for a decent pair of earbuds that are comfortable enough to wear for hours while I either play games or do homework for college, and would like to upgrade from my $8 panasonic ergofit earbuds. Currently the budget is max $50, but preferred around $30...
  19. shiva.ram54

    I have creative inspire 5.1 T6160 how to connect to Vu 43SU128 led tv?

    The speaker has 3 cables and I'm from India so i'd really appreciate if people can recommend me products from any website that sell their product in no other currency than INR because foreign exchange rate for Indian currency is too low (usually). Thanks.... p.s. Would something similar to this...
  20. S

    Sony BDV-E6100 Home theatre

    Hello guys i want to ask you about the system who i mentodied up. Sony BDV-E6100 i am considering to buy it but i was thinking about what is the best way to connect it with my laptop for most performance. The system has L/R to aux and Hdmi but its out i think only for video. So the best way for...
  21. B

    how to set up Yamaha MG06YEM Analog Mixer to pc

    ive been having a bit of a problem setting this up for my son this is what i got Yamaha MG06YEM mixer Audio-Technica 20 Series AT2035 Behringer UCA222 USB Audio Interface 2 of 2 x RCA/Phono Plugs to 2 X RCA/Phono Plugs XLR to XLR Plug Microphone Cable 6.35mm (1/4") Male to 3.5mm (1/8")...
  22. M

    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
  23. S

    Which pair is better?

    These headphones are the same price but one is noise cancelling and one is not. I'm not really sure why they are the same price if one has an extra feature. Please help me figure out which is the better of the two. I plan on using this headset at work most of the time but will probably use them...
  24. P

    Best Headphone under $150???

    Hello, I am looking for a great quality headphone under $150. I will be using them for mostly music or listening sessions while reading books. It should also preferably be something for on the go use (non-portable options are fine too). I listen to anything except rap and hip hop. Also, the...
  25. K

    Building a home studio NEED ANSWER

    I started making music with my friend a while ago and we are just messing about on my 3-year-old laptop. Now i want to get more serious and decided to set up a home studio. After some time, this is the list of equipment I plan to purchase. Headphone:Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones...
  26. H

    AMP / DAC/ Onboard

    Hi i wanna buy a DT990 Pro 250Ohm, and i was wondering is it any good options for AMP or DAC, or Mixer under 40 Euro/35 GBP. or is its even needed? if i have a Asus Maximus VIII Hero motherboard? Have a nice Day. :)
  27. D

    Hi-Fi or Studio headphones?

    What's the difference between Hi-Fi and Studio headphones? I'm thinking of buying headphones and came across those two categories so I was wondering what's the difference and what's better. For a brand I would get audio technica and looking for open back headphones because I don't like closed...
  28. F

    Do most newer model subwoofers have active crossover

    Trying to buy a modest sub woofer for a Zvox Audio A200 sound bar. I emailed Zvox and there answer was that any subwoofer with active crossover would do. None of the manufacturers seem to disclose this feature. How will I know?
  29. D

    Sound card for PC

    I was thinking of getting audio technica m50x and I was wondering if I should get sound card too. I would go for asus xonar u5 and use it for gaming and music.
  30. N

    Gamer/Streamer looking to get better headphones

    Hi! Im a streamer and I am looking to get into higher end headphones. Im looking toward a set of dedicated headphones, no microphone attached. I was thinking of something audio-technica, and am willing to check out other brands. My budget is sub 200$ for now, but if I like what i get, I can...
  31. S

    Need a suggestion for Gaming/Movie headphones

    Hello guys. For the last time i have been searching for new headphones since my hd598 cs do not impress me anymore. I am playing some games like Fortnite, Rust , league of legends, and some FPS games for like 40% of my time on the pc I also watch a lot of videos and movies with female voices...
  32. M

    Solved! How to increase volume on my mic? My mic it's very low

    Hi everyone: I have the m-track gain almost to the highest level and i have to put the mic 1cm from my mouth so people can hear me. - I have m-track 2 and a Samson C03 which i use with phantom. - I use the microphone mostly for Streaming, Hangouts Calls and Discord People tell me the sound...
  33. A

    Transfer audio cassette to cd

    I need guidance on the following. I need to transfer about 200+ audio cassettes to CD's. I think it would be best if I bought a "one-step function" machine, say like an Audio Technica or Tascam for the job. I could use guidance on what's the best and fastest process for something like this. I...
  34. S

    Which headphones to get?

    I have found 4 headphones i want. The beyerdynamic dt 770/880/990 Audio technica ath m50x If you pick beyerdynamic which ohm? If you dont reccomend either i have a budget of 190
  35. H

    This amplifier would be good with this subwoofer ? Help Me Out Please.

    I have a SPL wa300-77f subwoofer with input and output adapters of a BP 225 BP subwoofer , i want to connect is to my PC, and i wanna know if this amplifier would be a good choice for the combo :D, (...
  36. P

    Can plugging headphones into a jack thats on damage or harm them?

    Ok so I just bought a new pair of audio Technica m50x's and thought I would plug them into my piano using the quarter inch jack that came with the headphones. I had my piano at a relatively low volume compared to how loud it can actually get. The piano was still on when I plugged in the jack...
  37. J

    Turntable to soundbar via BT

    I am using a Audio Technica LP60 BTturntable with a Yamaha sound bar ATS 1050
  38. G

    Headphone Malfunction Help

    So I have Audio Technica ATH-AX1iS. And whenever I put in in my phone it automatically Lowers the voice. Help me how to solve this . Raising the volume doesn't work it automatically Lowers the volume when it's kept or when ever I speak into it it lowers the volume.
  39. J

    Solved! Audio Technica vs Sennheiser

    Audio-Technica ANC700BT or the Sennheiser 598 CS which has better sound?
  40. T

    AT2020USB picking up background noise.

    I recently purchased a AT2020USB microphone as I've started a youtube channel and my blue yeti broke about 3 days later. It is a lot less sensitive than my blue yeti but I'm still having a bit of a problem with background noise. Using a boom arm, a pop filter but it still picks up my keyboard...
  41. B

    Ad700x vs Hd598 for gaming

    I'll be using this mainly for gaming. Could buy an e10k if needed. Almost same price for me. Which is the better one at gaming and by how much and which is the better one at movies and music and by how much? Does the ad700x really suck at movies and music? Please do help. How important is bass...
  42. A

    Difficult choice (Headset for PC Gaming)

    Hi everyone! For a long time I've been trying to decide which headphones I should buy. The main requirement: full-size headphones with open acoustic system Preferences for use: mainly for gaming and chatting (60%) and music (40%) Musical preferences: rock (whether it's classics or modern...
  43. B

    Headphones For Around $50

    Budget - around $50 Source - 3.5mm jack of laptop (sometimes phone) Requirements for Isolation - An average amount is good. I will be keeping these at home 95% of the time, but I still will use it on long road trips as such. Preferred Type of Headphone - Over-ear Preferred tonal balance - I...
  44. J

    hyperx cloud 2 audio and audio technica microphone

    i have a hyper x cloud 2 and also an audio technica atr2500 usb. when i put the sound card with the hyper x cloud, i can’t use my microphone. i have to take the usb out and put the 3.5 jack into the one in the audio technica mic and i want to make it so then i can use the sound card and the...
  45. R

    Kisch Speakers for Turntable!?

    I just got into vinyl and needs a good speaker, everyone tells me the Klipsch are the best speakers in the world is that true? I need some SERIOUS help with finding the right speakers for my turntable the AUDIO TECHNICA LP120 , I want to buy the Klipsch R-15M but when I look at the back of it...
  46. L

    Live Stream from my Sony a5100 camera

    I'm lost. My husband is having a meeting on Saturday that he would like my help livestreaming to an audience at a distance. There will be a speaker with a microphone, and a stage. I need to find out how I can use my Sony a5100 to livestream through my computer, but also how to get the audio...
  47. P

    Solved! Logitech 533 vs audio-technica ath-m40x for gaming

    I want to buy a headset/headphone for my gaming pc, I will use them primarily for gaming on it, but also for some music listening and content consumption. My 2 options are the Logitech G533 wireless gaming headset and the audio-technica ath-m40x headphones. Which option should i go for?
  48. A

    AT2020 Volume always resets to 100% on recording devices??

    the title says it all, I've looked at all google pages but none seem to work i've already contacted audio technica but im awaiting a response from them besides that not sure what else to do. If anyone has a fix i'd appreciate it :D
  49. N

    Splitting Speakers between TV and Turntable

    So I have had to move into a much smaller spot and I'm looking for the best way to go about utilizing my current speakers for both my TV and my Turntable to maximize space/utility. I currently have the following: Speakers - Audioengine A5+ Turntable - Audiotechnica LP120 TV - Older Samsung...
  50. D

    AT2020 to Laptop / XLR To Aux

    Ok. Just got the Audio Technica at2020 and I was wondering if it would work well if I used XLR cable to Neewer phantom power supply and from that use a xlr/3.5mm aux to usb sound adapter. Would that work on my PC?
  51. G

    Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 Review: Simple Design, Awesome ANC

    The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 headphones offer balanced sound without any frills but with superior noise-cancelling performance. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 Review: Simple Design, Awesome ANC : Read more
  52. oathmark1

    Laptop Screen won't Come On. What could the Problem Be?

    It's a Sony Vaio C240E. I just put in a new CPU, new RAM, new battery. I figured that would make an operational machine, but so far the machine runs all but the blank screen. What do you think the problem is?
  53. S

    Looking to step up from the M40X

    Recently my Audio Technica M40X have broken one side and now require some tape to hold together properly. I am looking to replace them and have a £200 budget to work with. I was just wondering if there's anything out there that's significantly better than the M40X's that fits into the £150-200...
  54. D

    Dynamic vs Condensor Microphone

    Hello. If I want to record sound in an untreated room would I be better off getting a Dynamic microphone and not worry about noise reduction or should I get a Condensor microphone and adjust the noise level in Audacity. I know that dynamic mic are better suited for untreated rooms but I think...
  55. S

    Audio technica m20x vs Logitech G430 for gaming?

    I'm debating whether to get a pair of audio technica m20x which if you don't know are really nice standard headphones. Or get a gaming headset(Logitech G430) I have 7.1 virtual surrounded sound support for my sound interface on my mobo(motherboard) I believe it's Reltek HD. But the G430's has...
  56. U

    Question about Audio-Technica in ear headphones.

    I want to replace the crappy headphones, that my Samsung shipped with, and I started to search for better ones. As I have other Audio-Technica products I decided to check their offerings and ended up liking a model with the name ATH-CKR30iS. The problem is, I can't find a review of them...
  57. H

    i recently converted the audio technica bphs1 to 3.55 mm and i cant hear any sound out of the right cuff

    exactly as reads above, but i have tried replacing the cable and that did not fix the issue
  58. G

    8 Cheap Noise-Canceling Headphones (Under $200), Ranked Best to Worst

    Good active noise-canceling headphones don't need to cost an arm and a leg. Based on our testing, here are the top Amazon best-sellers, ranked from best to worst. 8 Cheap Noise-Canceling Headphones (Under $200), Ranked Best to Worst : Read more
  59. BlueFireZ

    Best headphones under $200 CAD?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on this site and whoa it has changed. Well, to get straight to the point, I'm basically looking for a new pair of headphones because I recently broke my M40x's, which were great and lasted me 3 solid years (I dropped them one too many times). I was...
  60. Z

    Alternative to ATH-AD700X?

    I've just recently acquired the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X and while i think the sound is great i'm not as in love with them as I want to be for the price. My biggest gripe is that the headset is too large for my head and it causes it to slip, i've tried using the rubber band "mod" but that just...