Headphone Malfunction Help

Mar 8, 2018
So I have Audio Technica ATH-AX1iS.
And whenever I put in in my phone it automatically Lowers the voice. Help me how to solve this . Raising the volume doesn't work it automatically Lowers the volume when it's kept or when ever I speak into it it lowers the volume.


Right click the small speaker icon usually found in the lower right screen corner of your monitor.

Select "Playback devices" and then select your Technica headphones.

Explore all of the associated windows, tabs, and properties buttons associated with the headphones.

There can be quite a number of configuration settings available and some of those settings do control the audio issue you are experiencing.

Look for tabs "Enhancements", "Advanced", or other controls that manage the audio when microphones or other audio sources are involved.

For example if you are gaming online and talking with other players via the microphone. The Technica's may be reacting to the corresponding configuration settings.

Explore first, get familiar with the options and where they appear. Test but change only one thing at a time so you can "undo" something that may not have worked.
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