Splitting Speakers between TV and Turntable


Jan 28, 2018
So I have had to move into a much smaller spot and I'm looking for the best way to go about utilizing my current speakers for both my TV and my Turntable to maximize space/utility.

I currently have the following:

Speakers - Audioengine A5+
Turntable - Audiotechnica LP120
TV - Older Samsung Plasma - Used mostly for netflix and playing my old SNES/N64

I am really wondering if I'd be able to utilize the A5+ for both the tv and turntable maybe just using some kind of switch. But am also looking for opinions on if the sound would be good/balanced switching between both, or how I would best go about this really. Very noob when it comes to setups such as this, so ELI5 if you can.



Jan 28, 2018

Thanks for your response. You are correct on the LP120 having a built in preamp. So it's good to know I dont' need to buy a standalone one.

Based on your recommendation above, would I be able to use something like this as well: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M4HLSIH/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I2RJCA11GJ487E&colid=25Q90Q56ZI3XL&psc=1

I think this would be similar to what you suggested, but would make more sense using the cables I have on the TV already.
To be honest, I've never used things like that (although I've built one many moons ago). My home setup has a receiver and "dumb" speakers, so all switching is done on the receiver.

That one would be an overkill having extra composite input/output, and two extra inputs, but I don't think it will disturb the audio part.
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