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  1. N

    Solved! Tv with dts support but home theatre does not support dts

    My tv has dts audio support, but the home theatre that I bought doesn't support dts. Will the home theatre system still play the audio of the movie I am watching?
  2. O

    Solved! Is it bad if only connect one RCA input for an L/R input subwoofer ?

    Hi everyone, So my friend sells me his KEF EGG for a great price so I happily took that. And I saw the KEF EGG had a connection for the subwoofer so I decide to buy a subwoofer for a better experience. I end up having the same setup as this...
  3. K

    Solved! Sonos Soundbar + Westinghouse TV - No ARC/Optical Audio Options

    We just received a Sonos Soundbar for the holidays and have a Westinghouse 48" (model- DWM48F1Y1). It's not more than about 3/3.5 years old, but does not seem to have any optical cable (ARC) inputs and it does not seem like the HDMI as an ARC is an option either. We do have headphone out...
  4. B

    Solved! Help troubleshooting why subwoofer isn't working through AV Receiver through optical, but is through other inputs

    Hi there, I am new here but hoping someone can help me with the problem I'm currently having - I am way past the point of pulling my hair out with this! I have an Onkyo AV Receiver connected to a 2.1 Cambridge audio speaker system. When using Bluetooth or turntable input, it works perfectly...
  5. B

    Solved! On my Huawei freebuds.The right earbuds volume is really low.

    I have tried everything.I have balanced my volume and checked if the earwax is clogged up.But nothing works.
  6. C

    How do I use a speaker to line converter? Loud hissing.

    Okay so I'm using a speaker to line converter, this one: for a cd player...
  7. C

    Connecting CD player without rca outputs to stereo receiver

    I have a cd player I would like to connect to my receiver so I can listen to it with my new speakers and receiver setup. The only issue is, my CD player doesn't have rca outputs, only the clips for the speaker wire attached to the included speakers. I figured all I had to do was convert speaker...
  8. L

    Solved! Not getting both audio channels out of my record player?

    Alright so i'm going completely insane trying to fix this. So my current situation is LP 120 > Scarlett 2i2 > KRK rokit 6s My issue is whenever I go to play a stereo record I hear one channel at full volume and one channel extremely quiet. I found this to be most apparant with my Beatles LPs...
  9. A

    Can I connect a 7.2 amplifier (with 2 zones) to a 2.1 computer setup and 5.1 tv setup?

    I was thinking of getting an Onkyo TX-NR686 which supports 2 zones and has 7.2 channels. Is it possible to run a 2.1 computer setup and 5.1 TV setup at the same time, independently of each other, off of this amplifier?
  10. shiva.ram54

    I have creative inspire 5.1 T6160 how to connect to Vu 43SU128 led tv?

    The speaker has 3 cables and I'm from India so i'd really appreciate if people can recommend me products from any website that sell their product in no other currency than INR because foreign exchange rate for Indian currency is too low (usually). Thanks.... p.s. Would something similar to this...
  11. N

    Home Theatre - Confused about which AV receiver and speakers to use

    Hello, I want to get a home theatre system installed in my home with following requirements. My Room size is 30 feet x 18 feet. Screen size will be approximately 12 feet x 8 feet. I need your help in figuring out these questions. 1) For the size of the room -> Should 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. How...
  12. P

    Solved! Pc; Tc; Theatre

    ok. yesterday i got this from a friend and this also and this would be my backside of cpu - board : asus IV crossfire formula...
  13. H

    Which surround sound system is better?

    I have been looking at surround sound systems, but I am new to the surround sound system world and on a very limited budget (I just finished college). I found a Yamaha HTR 5940 and a Onkyo TX-SR702. I was wondering which system is better and then which speakers would work well with the receiver.
  14. M

    Trying to o hookup a vcr DVD player too my Comcast Xfinity cable box

    Hi I'm mark. I'd like too know how to o hookup my DVD player and vcr too my Xfinity cable box or Comcast tv boxon my element 19 inch TV and my sanyo 32 inch TV thanks
  15. N

    No Longer have audio w/firestick

    Samsung TV UN46FH6030F Samsung Blu-ray & surround sound model# HT-F4500, model code HT-F4500/ZA. No longer audio from firestick after software update on surround sound. Using optical out tv to receiver. Coaxial connection to tv getting audio thru surround speakers. Firestick no audio thru tv...
  16. K

    Solved! cut wires on security cam with night vision

    how to hook up usb 2.0 to 5 wire(2 x Red ,2 x black and 1 yellow ) bunker hill 62468 security cam with night vision
  17. S

    Samsung LED tv - Sony soundbar

    Tv - Samsung ua40k5000 Connections available. HDMI (STD), HDMI(DVI), USB, AUX, Analog (set of 5) Soundbar - Sony HT-CT290. Connections available HDMI (ARC), optical digital (toslink), USB. /ofcourse with bluetooth With these setup I cannot connect soundbar to tv since my TV doesn't have HDMI...
  18. A

    Trying to play TRUE HD Movies on my phone.

    Hello guys , I downloaded a movie from this link [reddit link removed] Which appears to be a high quality Blu Ray remux of Batman Begins When I try to play it on MX player , the video keeps stuttering and flickering. Why is this happening?.
  19. N

    Splitting Speakers between TV and Turntable

    So I have had to move into a much smaller spot and I'm looking for the best way to go about utilizing my current speakers for both my TV and my Turntable to maximize space/utility. I currently have the following: Speakers - Audioengine A5+ Turntable - Audiotechnica LP120 TV - Older Samsung...
  20. G

    Which Better: Good Sound card or Low-End Receiver with HDMI 2.

    Hi Guys. Please and Thank you. Considering obsolescence, and a budget of $200 which would be better for me? • A high-end sound card such as the SUS Xonar Essence STX II: • Or would a low-end receiver with HDMI v2 such as Sony STR-DH770: , running...
  21. L

    Photos off Phone

    I have a Motorola phone that was fully charged and working earlier today. Now it will not turn on. I have tried charging it and get no response from the phone. Does not look like it is even charging. Tried a new cord as well to charge. I need to get pictures off the phone, Is there any way to...
  22. P

    Need help with 5.1 Surround sound setup on PC (Panasonic SA-PT660)

    Hey guys, i have a Panasonic SA-PT660 home theatre, and im wondering whats going on because i´m not getting 5.1 sound, only getting sound through front speakers (stereo). Weird thing is that this home theatre only has 1 rca input for aux. The motherboard i have is a msi z97 gaming 5. This is...
  23. N

    LG Home Theatre System - WiFi speaker transmitter won't pair

    Hi, I recently obtained a set of LG 5.1 surround sound speaker system without the receiver. I want to purchase a third party receiver which should do the job but when I power on the transmitter for the 2 rear speakers I get a flashing blue LED for some time which eventually changes to solid red...
  24. G

    macbook 2016 - 4k lags

    my new MacBook Pro 2016, with 3,3 ghz + 16 ram can't play 4K without lagging. this is mkv files - I tried with many different players that should make it + different mkt files. (5k player, cisdem etc) mkv 1080p works streaming 4k on youtube works the processor activity of 4k media players...
  25. J

    Connecting two sound systems

    Hi everyone, I have a hifi system (JVC) and a Samsung soundbar. I need help connecting the two. I'm not too clued up with this kinda stuff so help me out here. At the moment I connect an audio output cord into the port labled "phones" on the hifi and into the red and white RCA inputs on the...
  26. B

    Samsung KS8000 No Signal Through AVR

    Samsung 49KS8000 Says No Signal When X1 hdmi routed through Sony AVR. Set up was working fine with Panasonic Viera Plasma that Samsung replaced. Signal is fine when HDMI from cable box is directly routed to TV. Have searched forums for a solution on this but have found similar problems...
  27. S

    Steps to install a passive sub woofer to a pc

    i have a samsung ps-wz510 sub woofer speaker system in my house. i want to know whether its possible to connect this to my father says i need to have a amplifier to get this connected.what kind of amplifier does it need and how much will it cost.please explain from the basics when replying...
  28. K

    Which mp3 player remembers and starts playing from where I left off when device is restarted?

    I listen to audiobooks, where each file can run for longer times. I was wondering if anyone can suggest me an mp3 player which, when I stop listening a song mid-way and switch off the device, upon restarting, the player should start where I left off, and not from the beginning of the song...
  29. JustGetOwned

    Connect TV to receiver

    I am planning to buy a new Tv and am wondering if I could connect it to my old receiver. This way I can buy some new speakers, probably a soundbar, and use it to play music and home theatre. The speaker I'm planning on buying is the Samsung UE50JU6870U, and the receiver that I've been talking...
  30. D

    Rasberry Pi to 3 Seperate Speakers?

    I would like to have 3 speakers (one in each room) to be controlled by a single rasberry pi device. How would I go about doing this? I was thinking of 3 USB dacs or is there a small/cheap receiver/amp that I could have hardware controls to take 1 source and output 3 speakers too? Please give...
  31. M

    1080p videos suddenly lagging?

    I was using MPC for a whole season of friends but all of a sudden the videos located in my HDD began lagging really badly, but this only started after like 15 episodes?? Now sometimes it runs but only if I sign out like 5 times. This also happens on VLC. I'm currently using ~11% of my CPU and...
  32. Yr1699

    Hifi - Wall Shelves

    So I have put up a wall shelve in my room, the purpose for why i put it up was to put my hifi on it and I wasn't too sure if it was ok but ive looked online and found nothing much about. I know that there will be vibrations from the Hifi and I know this could potentially loosen the screw. I have...
  33. Gnory

    what does Apple remote do except control the video playback on computer?

    I bought a Apple remote recently since it could control the video playback on my iMac with Macgo Blu-ray Player. I wonder what else does Apple remote do except control the video playback on computer?
  34. Can You Help Me Please

    What DVD DL Discs +R or -R Would Be The Most Compatible With My Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder

    Looking for the most compatible discs for my recorder and they have to DVD-R or DVD+R Dual Layered. I already stopped using 4.7 gig discs. They don't hold enough video
  35. JoeMomma

    Video playback has become unstable

    I used to use VLC but now it crashes any time I move the mouse. Windows Media Player crashes too. TVMC + Kodi is the only player that works, but I prefer VLC. I tried turning off my o/c and SLI. Asus Z97-AR, i5-4690K, 8GB RAM, 2x GTX660, 128+512GB SSD, 2TB WD Green. Fresh Windows 7 Pro and...
  36. AllMightySean

    Headphone recommendations ~$100 (Canadian)

    Looking for some headphones around $100 (Canadian dollars) I don't know much about headphones, but I think I want some good bass-ey headphones just for home use. Here are some headphones I was thinking about And please only put Canadian links (like Headphones get a lot more...
  37. Ethanh100

    Do A/V Systems Cause Lag?

    Hi, I Want to buy a 5.1 av system for my room on my pc. I would be plugging in the hdmi to from my pc to the system, then the hdmi out to my monitor. I do game on my pc so very little lag is through the system to my monitor is a problem. So do these cause lag? Oh and does HDMI support true 5.1...
  38. ToineF

    Boxee alternative for TV

    I have been using the boxee for quite some time now and I really liked it. But it seems like the box is on it's last kilometres. The remote control is acting up and the boxee crashes from time to time. I am starting to look for a replacement. I normally use the boxee for netflix and some...
  39. V

    Windows 7 running somewhat slow, mostly in browser, with audio and video latency as well as two other issues.

    I've currently been having issues with a newly built computer, it's my first build. Main issues have been: 1. Windows has been booting somewhat slowly, I have a SSD as my boot drive, and running somewhat slow as well. 2. Video and audio have latency and distortion, some skipping of audio, mostly...
  40. K

    How do I utilize sound speakers to one application, and then my headset to another application?

    I'm a very avid gamer and I use a headset to hear better in games like counter strike. But when I want to listen to music and play, I have to play music on my phone through my speakers because I can't hear the game when I have music playing with my headphones on. My phone doesn't have any more...
  41. F

    K-Lite Codec Pack v10.4 with MPC-HC problem

    I have recently upgraded to v10.4 from v10.2. Suddenly I can't play random files in my collection, all in AVI format. VLC plays them fine. The files just never start from the beginning when play button is pressed or the file is double clicked to start. The play button clearly remains pressed...
  42. Z

    How good is VLC

    Hey everybody, getting tired of Itunes and want to switch over. All of my audiophile buddies praise on how VLC is "THE BEST AUDIO/MULTIMEDIA PLAYER". Is it really what people say it is like or is it just overrated. Also, what audio/multimedia player would you suggest if you do not perfer VLC?
  43. P

    Audio setup for my PC and PS4?

    I want a setup that I will be able to use with my PC and my new PS4. I will be gaming on both. Should I get a DAC and an amp or a receiver with that stuff built in? Also, why wouldn't a DAC give me surround sound for PC gaming? I'm really new to this stuff and am very confused. Thanks!
  44. M

    Best laptop for student (linux, word processing, web browsing, online movies, no gaming)

    Hi there, Last three days I've been struggling with wikis, forum threads, vendor's technical sheets, performance charts and hierarchies, online shops... My head is about to blow up. I think need your help. 1. Budget: under 500$, as low as possible. 2. Size: around 15.6'' 3. Screen...