Solved! Not getting both audio channels out of my record player?

Sep 30, 2018
Alright so i'm going completely insane trying to fix this.

So my current situation is LP 120 > Scarlett 2i2 > KRK rokit 6s

My issue is whenever I go to play a stereo record I hear one channel at full volume and one channel extremely quiet. I found this to be most apparant with my Beatles LPs. I can hear the band's instrumentation fine, but the vocals are quiet and basically not even there. Why is this? I have the two RCA outs on my 120 connected to a single quarter inch (stereo) Y converter into my Scarlett, I've tried connecting each rca to it's own quarter inch and input but that didnt help either. Anybody have/had this issue?

I get sound out of both speakers. In other words, both RCAs send audio to both speakers. It just depends WHAT audio. My white RCA comes in clear when I use only that. But when I use only my red RCA i hear the same audio i heard in the white but much much much quieter. Leading me to believe the audio channel assigned to the red RCA is some how malfunctioning.

Im not sure if this is a the fault of the built in pre amp of the LP-120 or if the cable itself if somehow damaged.