Question Using RCA Outpus as Input for my DAC SMSL M3

Sep 25, 2021
Hi there, i wan't discuss about a funny thing that i discovered. I'm using a SMSL M3 Dac via USB whit my PC. I also play whit a PS2 Slim and an old CRT TV whit SCART.

Since the headphones out of the CRT sounds very bad, i just disconnected the white/red audio cable from the SCART, and whit negligence, inserted it in my DAC's RCA Output (for speakers), whitout knowing it. But surprisingly, i can hear the PS2 audio coming from the ...output of my DAC (using the IN1 channel) and it sound very good!! It's that normal thing? Can the dac being damage from this?
Something does not make any sense here, you have the output of the TV connected to the Output jacks on the DAC and getting the audio from the TV on the headphones? You were talking about the IN1 which is the input so nothing should be heard coming out of that. You need to contact SMSL support and see how things are wired.