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    How to connect Philips HTS3540 to PC

    I am trying to connect my old Philips home theater (HTS3540) to my PC but I have no idea what cable to use or if one even exists. The home theater has only 3 RCA outputs (red, white, yellow) and a SCART port. My PC has all the required AUX connectors built into the motherboard. Please let me...
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    tv box with hdmi 2.0 output to rf modulator (scart)

    Just bought a Beelinik i68 with hdmi 2.0 output and trying to distribute signal to all tvs trough a rf modulator with scart input. Working just on the most recent sony bravia , not on 5+ yrs old tv I have in the house (hdmi 1.?) Is there a way to convert hdmi 2.0 signal to scart ? Would hdmi 2.0...