Solved! Sonos Soundbar + Westinghouse TV - No ARC/Optical Audio Options

Jan 4, 2019
We just received a Sonos Soundbar for the holidays and have a Westinghouse 48" (model- DWM48F1Y1). It's not more than about 3/3.5 years old, but does not seem to have any optical cable (ARC) inputs and it does not seem like the HDMI as an ARC is an option either. We do have headphone out, Coax, audio out, etc. Coaxial, from other threads, seems like what we need to connect to, but can someone confirm if that would be correct or how to go about doing that? This is the first soundbar we've purchased...

The manual, from what I can find...

Sonos Beam:
I am not sure that a converter like the one linked to above will work without a video input.
You can convert the coax digital audio output of the TV to optical audio and then use the Sonos optical to HDMI audio converter made for just this purpose.
Kind of cheap of them to leave off the very very common optical input. They do have it in the Sonos Playbar and Tunebase products.