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    Solved! (SOLVED)Spdif digital audio cable(3.5mm trrs phono plug to coaxial connector)) question

    1.Can this digital audio coaxial cable which is a 3.5mm trrs phono plug leading to a coaxial connector be able to carry 5,1 ch surround sound?The3.5 mm plug connects to my tv digital audio port (labelled spdif)which looks similar to headphone jack socket. Xiaomi mi tv 2 spdif coaxial cable...
  2. K

    Solved! Sonos Soundbar + Westinghouse TV - No ARC/Optical Audio Options

    We just received a Sonos Soundbar for the holidays and have a Westinghouse 48" (model- DWM48F1Y1). It's not more than about 3/3.5 years old, but does not seem to have any optical cable (ARC) inputs and it does not seem like the HDMI as an ARC is an option either. We do have headphone out...
  3. K

    Solved! Can’t get my dish tv to work on my new Vizio smart tv e series

    I’m trying to hook up my dish to my Vizio e series smart tv. Dish has a coaxial cable & there’s no port for it on the tv, so I bought a converter box. The converter box menu has me stuck—I can’t figure out how to get my dish up & running. I’ve scanned channels & nothing happens. Help!
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    Solved! Smart TV with no coax port. And I need to plug one in..

    I have an LG Smart TV with no coax port. The problem is I need to hook up a "house" feed at work that is a coax cable. Is there any way of converting the coax to HDMI so that I can plug it in and get this feed? Or is this 40" "TV" doomed to just be an over sized computer monitor? Thanks for your...
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    Solved! Broken coax cable, antenna options?

    The coaxial port is broken on my TV and I have two HDMI ports. What antenna options do I have, what do you recommend?
  6. J

    Outputting stereo from a Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Player

    Hi everyone, I have a Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray player hooked up to an old analogue stereo receiver by using a DAC (coaxial cable from player to DAC, RCA from DAC to receiver). Since this is a stereo receiver, naturally any 5.1 audio tracks have to be downmixed to stereo before it can play them...
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    Rooftop antenna, missing half of channels suddenly

    I have a big rooftop antenna that looks like it was installed a while ago. I've only owned the house for a year and I've never been on the roof so I don't know much about it. Don't know if it's powered. But it's big. Plenty big to pick up all the stations from LA (tower is ~25mi away). When I...
  8. D

    M5300 doesn't find local channels through coaxial

    my tv does not fiind the local channels through my coaxial cable when auto scanning the first time. i reset the tv bu still nno local channels on my M series 5300 smart tv
  9. P

    Satellite (DVB-S) and Digital Cable (DVB-C) in one single coaxial cable?

    Hi there, how're you doing? The cable setup of my actual house won't allow me to pass throw the wall corrugated pipe 2 cables, So I was wondering if something like a DiSEqC to merge the signal from my tv cable operator and the LNB from my antenna into the only cable I have coming from outside...
  10. W

    No audio through coaxial cable on old Panasonic Viera

    I have this very old Panasonic Viera I’m trying to hook up for my grandparents to use. When I was using it I only used it with a Roku and HMDI cable and it worked perfectly. Here they only have a coaxial cable for cable tv. I managed to get all the channels etc, but the sound won’t work. Have...
  11. C

    Proper tv connection

    Do I need to run both an HDMI cable and a coaxial cable from the tv receiver to the tv for it to work, or is just an HDMI cable that is needed? Yes coaxial from the wall to the receiver but is another needed to the tv as well when an HDMI cable is connected ? Thanks
  12. R

    how do I continue to use buried coaxial cable?

    I have an older hd tv about in a gazebo 60 ft from the house and buried coaxial cable to receive signal. Upgraded to direct tv with a new tv that only has HDMI. Can I somehow convert from HDMI to coaxial to continue using the gazebo TV or do I have to bury HDMI cable although I read where you...
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    HDML to Coax

    We have a TV in our RV that only has a coax connection (used it with no problem with DirecTV for years). We now have a Dish received that has HDML output. What do I need to connect the two? I'm getting mixed answers via Amazon.
  14. B

    New LG oled B7 stopped displaying cable program information after 1day of use. .

    Need help getting the cable program information to display. Comcast Xfinity is my provider.
  15. R

    Samsung TV - F Connector Issues

    Hi, I have recently purchased a new house of which has 2 F connector type wires running from the a satellite dish (I think the previous occupiers had sky TV). I purchased a F to Coaxial adapter as I have a Samsung TV and only want to use free-view services. The adapter fits fine and fits into...
  16. W

    Can I use a digital coaxial cable to temporarily hook up my only I to my Polk sub until the one I ordered arrives?

    Temporary fix to a broken coaxial sub woofer cable
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    I have a Smart TV without a coaxial cable input jack. How do I attach an HD antenna?

    How do I connect an HD antenna to a Smart TV that does NOT have a coaxial antenna input?
  18. D

    5.1 channel PC sound card with digital coax?

    I'm looking for a sound card (PCI low profile or USB) that outputs via a digital coax connector so I can watch movies in 5.1 surround with my receiver? My motherboard only has 3.5mm aux connector that is only stereo. Don't want something that is over $50 preferably.
  19. J

    Looking for hdmi help

    I hope this is the correct catagory. I have coaxial cable coming into my house. I have a new smart tv that takes hdmi. Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to convert the coaxial into hdmi? I know nothing about electronics, so assume I am 6 years old.. lol Any help appreciated.
  20. A

    Satellitle and local TV channels

    have dish network and had local channels added to my plan. I have now removed local channels. I have a coaxial cable tv antenna with a 50 mile range. Is their a way to connect the antenna to my dish box and recieve local channels off my satellite. I know I can just hook up the antenna and...
  21. I

    Safe to keep disconnected coaxial cable?

    I was wondering if it was safe to keep disconnected coaxial plug for cable tv , that is no longer used on the floor or is there any sort of electric / radiation harm that can ensue ?
  22. E

    Vizio TV No Coaxial. Cable From Wall

    Hey everybody, I recently purchased a Vizio TV (P50-C1) with no Coaxial input. Only HDMI. I currently get cable directly from the wall, with no box. I am unable to find what I need to that I can accomplish an HDMI input. Somebody please help! I know there's other posts like this but no solid...
  23. E

    Vizio smartt TV

    How can i hook a coaxial cable to a vizio tv series E
  24. H

    No audio from speakers with coax

    I just bought a new blu ray player SONY BDP-S6700 and coaxial cable because the player doesn't have RCA. Player is connected to tv with hmdi and I tried to connect the player to speakers with coax but I can't get sound. I read on some forum that I would need coax/rca adapter. Do I really need to...
  25. T

    How do I connect an outside antenna with coaxial cable to an HD TV that only accepts HDMI cable ends?

    TV HD HDR that only accept HDMI cable end and I need to attach an outside antenna with coaxial calbe.
  26. T

    Outputting A Coaxial Signal On a Crt?

    I have a Toshiba CRT and am looking to output it to an RCA converter. I have everything set up except I have no idea if the Coaxial (Type F Jack) can output video. Is there any way I can tell?
  27. L

    coaxial hgtv hookup

    I have a LED TV with a coaxial cable. I am not getting any viewable channels. I have done the scan. Do I need a different cable?
  28. W

    My TV doesn’t have a Coaxial Output

    I bought a soundbar today, and it connects to the TV via a coaxial cable. However, my TV does not have a coaxial output? It has a ‘Digital Audio Output’ but the cable will not fit that hole at all?
  29. J

    CCTV from component to coaxial

    So I have a cctv surveillance system that was hooked up to the rca component just in the yellow video port. It broke off when I moved the tv. So I bought an adapter from the BNC connector that was on the cable from the cameras to the coaxial input on the tv. Its all hooked up but I cant get...
  30. M

    What is the maximum transmission rate of coaxial cable?

    DPI, coaxial cable, 480i, 1080, hdmı
  31. PhilipMichaels

    The Best Cable Modems

    Here are the best cable modems for networking your home or office (and why buying a modem is better than renting from your ISP). Best Cable Modem : Read more
  32. J

    HDMI to Coax to HDMI

    Would like suggestions on how to covert HDMI to coax (RG6) to HDMI. Trying to use TV in man cave for football season and not lease a receiver. I have read a thread on here about E-SDS 1080P HDMI Extender over Coaxial Cable,HDMI Signal to HD Digital TV Signal Based on DVB-T CATV Up to...
  33. L

    Hdmi output to coaxial

    I have only hdmi out put from the receiver but want to split off to 2 more old tvs no hdmi port: first idea, if I use a 3 way hdmi splitter with 25 ft of hdmi to a hdmi to rca adapter, then using red, white, yellow cable from that to a modulator by way of the red, white , yellow then from the...
  34. K

    TV with no coaxial connection

    I have a 5" RCA portable TV that at one time was hooked up to cable, but I don't remember how. I does not have a place for a coaxial cable, but just what looks like a headphone jack. I thought I remembered having a connector with the jack on one end and coaxial on the other, but I'm not finding...
  35. C

    TV has only HDMI input but antenna is coaxial

    My TV in my metal shop building is HDMI only and I want to hook it up to an outside antenna to receive over the air channels. NO cable, NO dish, etc just regular channels. I am tired of being held hostage by CBS and Dish. How do I make this work? Or is it even possible to make it work?
  36. J

    cannot use damaged tv coaxial

    cable company sent 2 boxes. LR and BR (not set up yet) could not get many channels or HBO and was told by comcast rep that it was the wrong box for the tv. coaxial cable will not work on my damaged tv, so i need to go through hdmi but the box has no other options than colored L and R ports...
  37. J

    I need a soundbar that uses coaxial cable hook up to tv. Does anyone know of any?

    I have a sanyo 50 inch hd plasma tv model DP50741. It only has coaxial cable hook up for a soundbar. Does any one know of a soundbar that is compatible with this tv?
  38. P

    Kodi TV Recording

    I have a standard Kodi XMBC box rather than Kodi on my PC & would like to know if there is a way to record series links from live air TV rather than having to replace my existing box for a built in TV tuner Kodi box via a coaxial cable please? Ideally I would like to know of any FREE addons that...
  39. S

    Can't remove/delete Series Refordings form DVR?

    I have a RNG200N DVR form Xifinity that have faulty series Recordings I can't remove. They where fine till I experienced Ref Code: s00a0(caused by faulty coaxial cable) and now they display “To be announced”, and a five digit number. I go to menu\DVR\Scheduled Recordings to erase them but their...
  40. E

    Satellite and OTA into one port?

    I have a TV with one open coaxial port. Is it possible to plug-in DirecTV and an over the air antenna into the same port? Could I use a coaxial cable splitter, combiner, or Diplexer? I've already tried plugging the antenna into the input on the back of the DirecTV receiver, didn't work...
  41. S

    Hdmi to coax converter

    Hi, is there a way I can link my security system via hdmi and combine it to my ota coaxial cable.. and have it converted to a digital rf channel.. like channel 3???? So I can view it catv on all my tvs. Is there anything that does this?
  42. J

    How can I convert the digital coaxial cable input to an HDMI output so that I do not have to rent another cable box for my new

    Convert Digital coaxial cable to HDMI for Smart TV without coaxial connector, only HDMI inputs?
  43. Zii

    How to record live/recorded signal from DVR to CD/HDD (like a VHS would)?

    The above picture is what I am looking for. (See the device with ??? on it, that's what I'm looking for) Normally, the HDMI cable will go from the DVR directly to the TV's HDMI, and I will watch TV like a normal person. I'm looking for a device that I can use as a "middleman" of some sort...
  44. M

    Vizio tv without tuner how can I make my cable work without a cable box

    I have a Vizio smart tv which does not have the tuner on the back. My cable comes into my house with just a coaxial cable I do not have a cable box this cable just screwed into the tuner in the back of my old tv. Is there something I can buy so the cable will work on my new tv
  45. L

    Digital Converter Box Question: Will it work the other way around? (old cable box to new hdmi only tv)

    My father has a cable box that only connects to a tv through a coaxial cable, he got a new tv that only has hdmi ports. I know that a digital converter box can go from a new cable box with hdmi to and older tv that only has a coaxial input, my question is can it work the other way around? An old...
  46. J

    I am looking at putting an antenna in my attic. Is there away to transmit the signal to two tvs with out running coaxial cable

    Wireless transmission of antenna signal in house
  47. B

    How do I connect my Vizio 4K Ultra High Def to my coaxial cable

    I just bought a Vizio 4K Ultra High Def TV and I have coaxial cable running from my wall. The cable service says it is High Def, but I have no place to plug the HDMI cable. Please give me advice as to how this old gal can hook it up & watch some good football!!!! Thank you..
  48. R

    HD Transmission Via Coax Infrastructure

    When we built our house in 2003, we wired the entire house with coax, to stream the television signal from our DirecTV receivers to other rooms in the house. We have one receiver for the first floor (living room, kitchen, offices) and one receiver for upstairs (master, other bedrooms). [Yes...
  49. M

    So recently got a modem from Comcast

    And the house I'm currently in has DirectTV for cable. The only available coax outlet is connected to a DirectTV box. Is it possible to connect the box to a splitter so it can share the outlet with the Comcast modem???
  50. V

    Home Coaxial Replacement

    Recently tried to have HDTV installed in my home. The cable guy said our coaxial cables in the house are too old and produce too weak a signal for the upgrade. I believe they are RG-59. We have decided to have all of the coaxial cables in the house replaced due to this issue. What is the best...
  51. U

    Universal DVR question

    Is there any such thing as a universal DVR?I mean plug in the coaxial cable and it will work with any cable service.
  52. E

    DirectTV setting up tv2 on VIP722

    Hello, I have setup my directTV network with the following configuration and menu settings and I cannot watch both TV1 and TV2 at the same time: TV network setup Menu configuration: Setup-->Installation-->Modulation: TV1 cable (channel 75), TV2 cable (channel 85). DVR is lit up blue on TV2...
  53. G

    tv box with hdmi 2.0 output to rf modulator (scart)

    Just bought a Beelinik i68 with hdmi 2.0 output and trying to distribute signal to all tvs trough a rf modulator with scart input. Working just on the most recent sony bravia , not on 5+ yrs old tv I have in the house (hdmi 1.?) Is there a way to convert hdmi 2.0 signal to scart ? Would hdmi 2.0...
  54. S

    Worth replacing 30 year old RG59 coaxial cable with new RG6 coaxial cable?

    Is it worth replacing 30 year old RG59 coaxial cable with new RG6 coaxial cable? The cable being replaced connects from my cable box to the splitter on the outside of my house. I can get a 100ft roll of RG6 coaxial cable for $12 including shipping on ebay. Also is it possible to install F...
  55. A

    coaxial cable alternative hook up samsung led 32 in smart tv

    My new Samsung smart tv only recognized WiFi for about a month now the place where you screw in the coaxial cable to tv is busted so in my limited knowledge and skills here I have only had access to hardwired service aka twc incredibly clunky app is there an alternative option to mirror my twc...
  56. M

    recording to a Magnavox DVR using a Cox mini box

    In my home office I have a single coaxial cable coming directly out of the wall. I put a splitter on the cable so that my laptop and my TV both get cable service. I have a Magnavox DVR hooked up to my TV so that I can record a program that airs at the same time I’m watching a different channel...
  57. S

    Can I transfer my coaxial cable signal to set top box through wireless.i mean to say that is it possible if the cable is outsi

    Actually we buy a new home theater and we want to fix it in our living room and we won't display our cable wire to entire wall.because set top box is connecting with cable and if want to run r the cable in TV so we need drilling inside and black cable will look so bad on wall so what we want is...
  58. W

    How does digital adapter work with an old tv with no coaxial hookup

    My parents have a really old TV. It is one of those that sits on the floor. It only has a wall coaxial cable or cable hookup that I can see. How would this adapter work without a coaxial cable hookup?
  59. S

    coaxial to HDMI out out in Harman Kardon

    Dear freinds I have connected old DVD player out put to Harmon using Coaxial cable.sound is working but not picture out put. Pls help me shabeer
  60. M

    Coaxial to Ethernet coversion and back again?

    I want to setup my digital tv in the basement, but running coaxial cable to the place I want the tv is difficult. I do already have a cat5 ethernet cable there, and was wondering if it would be possible to convert from coax to cat5, and then back to coax to go into the digital cable box.