May 19, 2017
I have only hdmi out put from the receiver but want to split off to 2 more old tvs no hdmi port: first idea, if I use a 3 way hdmi splitter with 25 ft of hdmi to a hdmi to rca adapter, then using red, white, yellow cable from that to a modulator by way of the red, white , yellow then from the modulator coaxial cable to the old TV would that work? I realize I would have to watch the same thing as the "main" TV. Second idea, I have an old vcr , can I connect to the receiver by way of red, white, yellow cable, then connect to the old tv from the vcr by coaxial cable output from vcr even though no coaxial input on vcr since input is by way of the red, white, yellow? This is at my camp 2 hrs away and I can't try this but want to have the right "setup" for when I next go there ! Can anyone help ?
You are better off buying newer TVs with HDMI, by the time you get splitters, signal boosters, good adapters that will actually work, you would have spend about the price of a new TV.