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    Solved! Does Westinghouse LTV 32W6 HD support Audio Return Channel? Thanks...

    I have a Westinghouse LTV 32W6 HD TV. I'm connecting it to a new receiver using the available HDMI port. There is an HDMI/ARC capability mentioned with the receiver if the old TV offers that capability. How can I know if it does? Thank you!
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    Solved! westinghouse smart tv

    my new westinghouse smart tv is turning off because of the timer feature..... but I checked..... and the sleep mode is off. is this smart tv faulty???? cheers!!
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    Solved! Sonos Soundbar + Westinghouse TV - No ARC/Optical Audio Options

    We just received a Sonos Soundbar for the holidays and have a Westinghouse 48" (model- DWM48F1Y1). It's not more than about 3/3.5 years old, but does not seem to have any optical cable (ARC) inputs and it does not seem like the HDMI as an ARC is an option either. We do have headphone out...
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    stop flashing or flickering on tv

    just bought westinghouse smart tv was setting it up and it started flickering or if you want to say blinking. how to fix
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    Solved! 45 “ Westinghouse TV. How to connect sound bar.?

    45 “ Westinghouse TV with no ARC- hdmi. Just two plain hdmi slots. I want to connect a Yamaha ATS 1080 Speaker bar.
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    Solved! See full size movies from USB in Westinghouse WD43UB4530

    If I put a USB into my TV it shows a full size directory navigation screen, but when I click on a movie to watch it shows a small screen over the top of the full naviation screen. So I can see the nav screen and clicking the icon gives me a small screen preview of the movie. The problem is, I...
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    Solved! Westinghouse DW46F1Y1 & Sonos Beam compatability

    Hey folks. I own both -- the TV is a 2012 purchase and the Beam was just acquired last week. I thought I understood how to pair them, with a TOSLINK <> Coaxial (digital audio) converter -- which I purchased from AMZN (see part: https://goo.gl/ngaAry). However, upon install today, I just cannot...
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    Westinghouse CW50T9XW to polk command bar, connected to hdmi, no sound

    I am trying to connect POLK command bar to my westing house CW50T9XW tv. TV has 3 HDMI inputs. I am not able to get sound from soundbar from none of these. the sound bar has 2 HDMI ports and 1 HDMI arc. I used all the combinations. No sound. what am I missing? TV has no Toslink and the...
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    Solved! How Do I hook up a LG 2.1 Channel 300w Soundbar model SK4D to a Westinghouse CW40T8GW TV??

    I am lost here. The soundbar has no HDMI as far as I can see and I don't believe the TV has an Optical Audio port. I believe the tv has a SPDIF out: connect the SPDIF receiver but I have no idea what that is and it is black not orange. Any help would be great.
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    Westinghouse TV service port

    Can I use the service port as my USB port to plug my antenna into?
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    Hookup rca sound bar model rts7110B to westinghouse wd32hb1120 series

    Sound bar works in other environments. Tried to hook rca cables to audio jacks on back of tv. Didnt work. Need input
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    Solved! My Westinghouse TV sound went out, I purchased soundbar and it did not work,

    Days later we turned the TV on and the sound reappeared. Decided to turn the Soundbar on just to see if it play and sure enough it works. The sound went out again and the soundbar isn't kicking in. Is it an major internal issue within my tv? Please help!
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    Solved! Is the HDMI the headphone jack on a Westinghouse vr4030

    Where do I plug in headphones to a Westinghouse VR 4030 television?
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    How do I program my Westinghouse flat screen TV without remote

    , how do I program my Westinghouse flat screen TV without a remote?
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    Headphone jacks repairs

    Headphone jack not working in Westinghouse tv
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    Need help connecting external speakers to my tv.

    I have a westinghouse DWM40F1G1. I bought a lugulake soundbar and subwoofer combo. The thing only has coaxial connections red and white. I have tried every spot for them to possibly go on this tv. I have even tried the adapter for the headphone jack. I was able to get some sound out of the...
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    My tv display is upside down

    My picture is upside down and I have a Westinghouse 40inch flat how can I fix this
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    How to do a auto scan for a Westinghouse tv using only antenna

    This is a older Westinghouse tv VR 3225
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    audio connections problems

    I have a westinghouse mod. # DWM40F3G1 TV with no HDMI(ARC) connection and want to connect LG SJ4Y sound bar, what cable/converter/adapter do I need to do this?
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    Westinghouse 42 inch TV WD42UT4490

    I have a 42 inch Westinghouse TV I bought at Target on clearance almost a year ago. At first I thought the remote was broke, so Westinghouse sent me a new remote. Now it is doing the same thing again. They want me to ship it to a wherehouse. Has this happened to anyone else with this model tv?
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    New Westinghouse TV Not Responding

    I bought myself a new Westinghouse 55" TV around Christmas and first set it up on Jan 1st. It's worked great since until today. My remote stopped working, so I tried a hard reset of the remote and nothing. Changed the batteries, nothing. Hard reset remote again, still nothing. So I tried to...
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    I have a 40 inch Westinghouse tv and a rca Palm remote im uunable to program the remote to tge tv i tried the cides no luck

    I have a Westinghouse 40 inch tv and the remote is a rica Palm remote. The remote worked well then stopped . I put batteries it it and tried unsuccessful to manually program it and auto program it both didn't work. Is it the tv or the remote that is not allowing it to be programmed
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    How do I connect my westinghouse tv model DWM40F1G and rca model RTS7015B sound bar?

    I've tried a regular audio cable with the red and white ends, but that isn't working and I have no idea why, or how to fix it. If it makes any difference, I don't have cable. I have a Roku and a Blue-Ray player I plug in through the HDMI.
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    tv jitter problem

    I have a Westinghouse TV model Dwm55f1g1. Even with nothing connected, while viewing the menu screen, everything jitters slightly up and down. I have replaced both the power supply and main boards, but still have the problem. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Losing tv sound

    I have a 55 inch Westinghouse Tv.. (Tv not Bluetooth compatible)the sound has always been horrible..the sound goes in & out frequently. Is there a way I can route the sound to come thru speakers instead?
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    Westinghouse TV Blinking Blue Screen, Doesn't Turn On

    I've hit my wall with this problem. I have a relatively old Westinghouse 46" (4 years old) that was generally working fine until we had a particular bad storm that included a power surge (foolishly, my tv was not properly connected to a surge protector at the time). Since then, the tv will not...
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    Westinghouse Amazon Fire TV Review: Alexa Smarts, So-So Picture

    The 43-inch Amazon Fire TV Edition is tempting, but the picture quality from this set doesn't measure up to the advanced, Alexa-centric interface. Westinghouse Amazon Fire TV Review: Alexa Smarts, So-So Picture : Read more
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    4K video issue - What part needs to be replaced? Westinghouse wd42ut4490

    My Westinghouse wd42ut4490 has an issue (see youtube video link below). Which board needs to be replaced? As you can see the menu screen works fine, but when you show the video it looks like the beginning of a Marvel movie https://youtu.be/P5xJXeNi2uQ OR...
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    I'm trying to connect my Westinghouse 40" TV to my Spectrafire+ Electric fireplace that has speakers on it with bluetooth or w

    My Spectrafire Electric fireplace/tv stand also has speakers that I would like to connect to my 40" Westinghouse TV. How do I do that the tv only shows audio in
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    Can't connect Boston sound bar to Westinghouse TV

    Hello all, I am going crazy and can't for the life of me connect by Boston TVee model two sound bar to my fathers Westinghouse DW32H1G1. Please help!!
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    Westinghouse and Nakamichi

    I have a nakamichi sound bar and a 42" Westinghouse 4K tv and a nakamichi nk1b sound bar and I'm not sure how to hook it up. The sound bar came with an audio L/R cable and that doesn't seem to work. Please help
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    westinghouse ew50t5kw, works if i wiggle the LVDS cable

    First the tv started flashing its picture and I had to unplug it to turn it off. thats when it broke. Tv has sound and back light, with no picture, I replaced both main board and tcon board... no fix I then tried the tcon wiggle test to see if I could get some noise in picture to tell me if...
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    How do I get analog channels on westinghouse tv

    Bought a new westinghouse TV and can only get 6 digital channels, can't get CBS, C.W. Pbs analog chanchannels
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    westinghouse and Nakamichi soundbar

    I have a Westinghouse WD43UB4530 hooked up to an xfinity cable box and just got a Nakamichi NK1B soundbar. The connector is a red/white from tv and has one port to soundbar. There is no sound. HELP. Thanks.
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    I have a 22" LED Westinghouse HDMI TV Model # LD-2240 I got a replacement remote for it however it won't turn the TV on. Any

    Westinghouse replacement TV remote. I looked up the remote number online and I thought I bought the right one only it won't work. It won't turn on the TV. The seller also sent me model # RMT-15 which doesn't work either.
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    how do i hook up a durabrand home theater system to a westinghouse tv model vr-3730

    Trying to hook up the durband home theater system to the tv
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    Westinghouse "120hz" TV Flickering when playing certain video games

    I have a westinghouse LD-4080 TV. It's one of those TVs that claims to be "120 hz" and uses some type of interpolation to achieve that. I have it connected to my gaming computer via HDMI (i5-6600k at stock speeds, rx 480 8gb, 16gb ddr4 ram). When playing Skyrim, the screen flickers or dims...
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    converting westinghouse hd tv 4055 to smart tv

    Hi. What is the best way to convert my TV to a smart TV? I do not have an HDMI port or a USB port and i would like to buy either appletv or an amazon firestick. I have a VGA input though . Is there a way to use the 15pin VGA ? thx
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    Digital Coax to Westinghouse TV using sony soundbar

    So I'm trying to hook up my Sony HT-CT150 to my Westinghouse DWM42F2G1 tv. Unfortunately, there is no optical output on the TV. Both have a digital coax port, but when hooked up with the coax cable there is no sound from the TV to the soundbar. I was thinking I need to disable the internal...
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    Is it possible to hook up powered pc speakers to my 32 inch Westinghouse TV

    I want to use speakers I have if possible to enhance sound from my bedroom tv. The speakers have power cord but are joined together with a cord and have only one jack for plugging them into a device. They have a volume knob and a headphone plug on front of them. Westinghouse SK-32H640G User's...
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    Cant get rca soundbar to work with westinghouse tb

    I have standard red white cable from the sounbar to red white on the tv but no sound from the sound bar. Source selected as aux, power on but nothing.
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    Westinghouse LCD TV - Does This Look Blown?

    I have a Westinghouse VR-3725 that does not turn on with the standby light always on. I took it apart and found that there is a capacitor on the main video board with a black smudge on the top of it. It appears to look like a burn spot but I am certain that it isn't a permanent marker like some...
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    Westinghouse TV has no optical in/out and does not appear to support ARC, and my Sony soundbar will not connect

    Hello, I have a Westinghouse DWM55F1G1, which does not appear to support ARC, but also does not have a place to plug in the Optical Digital Cable that came with the Sony HT-CT390 sounder/subwoofer I just bought. There is no trouble with the power, and I played music from my iPod via bluetooth...
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    I have a 46" Westinghouse TV Model DW461Y1 I want to connect to a JVC receiver........

    I'm trying to utilize my JBL speakers and would like to connect via my receiver. There are no RCA audio connections on the TV so how would I connect? The TV does have 3 HDMI connections and av in connections FWIW. Is there a converter box of some kind that will do the job? Thanks.
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    my new remote westinghouse wont turn on my new westinghouse tv. i have to turn it on manually. also the remote wont work the c

    remote failure wont turn on tv westinghouse. also wont work the channels, it goes to menu.
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    Model inside of Sketchup 8 project gone

    Hello. I have built a model house in Sketchup 8 and suddenly the model disappeared. The transparent guidelines have also disappeared and no matter how much times i zoom out or zoom in, i can't find the guidelines or any sign of a model. I tried measuring the distance across my screen with the...
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    i just got an older 32" westinghouse flatscreen and have dishnetwork. What do I need to set the tv on (av1,av2,tv,etc)? and h

    I am trying to setup my Westinghouse flat screen 32" to my dish network.
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    Westinghouse ld3235 fix

    Okay so I am trying to fix this tv, and I need help identifying a piece. It is the cable thing that connects the power supply module to the actual LCD screen. This is a westinghouse ld3235. I know it must be the cable because the tv works fine, then out of nowhere starts to get all screwy with...
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    How do I connect an LG soundbar to a Westinghouse HDTV

    I have a 52 inch Westinghouse HDTV and an LG Soundbar. I am not sure where to connect the soundbar to the TV. I tried a couple of places but have no sound.
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    connecting sunbeam bsb-2005 soundbar to westinghouse tv

    I tried connecting my sound bar with only a red and white plug to my audio in back of my TVs red and white input..I get no sound..the soundbar works because I played the radio in it..but I'm getting no sound out of my TV..is their another plug and way I need to connect it to get sound.?
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    Connecting speaker to westinghouse tv

    I am trying to connect my klipsch speaker to my westinghouse 50" tv, the cord I have is aux at one end and red and white on the other, I can't get the sound from the tv to come through the speaker
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    Westinghouse LTV-46W1 video problem

    46"Westinghouse flat screen powers on image comes on for a second or so then goes off, sound works. Has new power supply! Any ideas? Thanks Dan
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    TV With PS4 Questions

    Hello everyone. As of now I don't own the best TV. It's a 46" Westinghouse 1080p 60Hz LED TV. It's about 3 years old and it just seems like the picture isn't as sharp and color doesnt pop like some of my friends TV's. I'm looking to get a new TV as I just got a new PS4 and am wanting a better...
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    Which is the best antenna for my TV

    for a Westinghouse model # LD 3255VX
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    How do I connect a Philips DVD player to a Westinghouse flat screen?

    I been trying for the last hour to connect the DVD to the TV but it is not connecting. Someone please helP my son is going crazy without his cartoons
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    Can't show Macbook Pro Retina screen on Westinghouse via HDMI

    I moved into a prefurnished apartment with a Westinghouse TV (W2613). I have a Macbook Pro 13" with Retina display, and I purchased an HDMI cable to connect from the HDMI port on my computer to the HDMI port on the TV. When I connect the two and go to the HDMI source on the TV, though, it says...
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    Help me connect my soundbar to TV, DVD, and Cable

    Westinghouse TV - DW39F1Y1 Samsung DVD Player -1080P9 RCA Soundbar - RTS7010B Cable - Comcast XFINITY PX001ANC I want to connect my soundbar to give sound from my dvd player and cable box. I currently have the red/white cables running directly from soundbar to back of cable box. I can get...
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    apple tv compatibility

    I have a Westinghouse Ltv-37w2HD model tv and I would like to know if it will accept Apple TV?