Digital Coax to Westinghouse TV using sony soundbar


Aug 10, 2016
So I'm trying to hook up my Sony HT-CT150 to my Westinghouse DWM42F2G1 tv. Unfortunately, there is no optical output on the TV. Both have a digital coax port, but when hooked up with the coax cable there is no sound from the TV to the soundbar. I was thinking I need to disable the internal speakers on my tv, but there is no option for that. On a side note, I am now able to control certain functions on the tv through the Soundbar remote (Menu's and whatnot). Anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
May be you have to enable the TV to output audio on the coax port, and the soundbar to expect it there. I would ask these questions directly to their manufacturers.

I've found this page on Sony' website what options are supported.