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    Hi I have a westinghouse 32 inch lcd tv that my mom had repaired becuase the picture was going out. Recently when I play video

    My westing house tvhas flickering lines
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    samsung blue ray and westinghouse tv

    samsung blue ray not working with the westinghouse tv (both brand new)
  3. K

    Westinghouse AC power supply adapter blinking green

    I have a Westinghouse 42 inch LED TV. One day it just did not turn on. I noticed the AC power supply adapter blinking green. It never did that before, I was wondering if I possibly need a new AC power adapter. I also noticed on the adapter that is said this adapter is designed only for the...
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    turning off when warm

    I have a Westinghouse flatscreen,Model SK-26H240S...once warm it turns itself off...Im told by the previous owner that there is a setting I can change that will stop this?? Anyone know which setting needs to be modified???
  5. G

    Westinghouse TV 24" Flatscreen

    I have a model #SK-26H240S....No manual,and need to know how to set for Dish service coming in via cable. Also shuts off when warmed up,and was told an adjusment would stop that??!!
  6. S

    TV goes on image correct,then screen turns blue??????

    My westinghouse turns on OK good pix for a few minutes then turns blue????
  7. R

    TV won't turn on help

    I have a Westinghouse model #vk-40f580d won't turn on I hear no power and see no lights I left it unplugged for over 24 hours
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    Hooking up a Westinghouse tv to laptop with hdmi cables... get no sound...

    I hooked up my HP laptop to my Westinghouse TV... The video works but get no sound... I followed the instructions for enabling the HDMI sound....but my computer does not recognized the hdmi ....all I get is the laptop speakers.....please help....
  9. P

    No optical cable on TV and new soundbar ONLY has that option 2 connect. TV: Westinghouse DWM32H1Y1, Soundbar: Yamaha YAS-CU201

    No optical cable on TV and new soundbar ONLY has that option 2 connect. TV: Westinghouse DWM32H1Y1, Soundbar: Yamaha YAS-CU201 helpppppp ty
  10. K

    Problem with Westinghouse 42" connected to hp laptop with hdmi

    I am having a problem with my tv. Whenever i watch a movie on netflix or anywhere, i can see these, its kind of hard to explain, these like darker bars running from the top of the screen down to the bottom. If you have ever tried to take a video or a picture of a monitor you know what im...
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    how do I get hd channels to work on my new westinghouse dw39f1y1 without a cable box?

    my old tv was almost ten years old and was able to pick up my hd channels just fine. Now my brand new westinghouse won't pick them up what am I not doing right? I do not have a cable box, it's connected straight from the wall. Also my surround will only work through the mic jack on the back. But...
  12. K

    How to use headphones with no audio out port

    I just bought a westinghouse tv and it doesn't appear to have any audio out ports. I'd like to use headphones with this tv. Is there any way I can make this happen?
  13. M

    blue tooth soundbar

    have a blue tooth enabled sound bar can it work with my Westinghouse flat panel tv that I don't believe has blue tooth. Is there some kind of adaptor?
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    Can I use a Philips indoor/outdoor amplified antenna on a westinghouse tv without an adapter?

    Philips antenna w/ westinghouse tv
  15. S

    Westinghouse TV wont power on

    I replaced power supply board and tv will still not turn on. When you push power button blue light at bottom of tv flashes, but thats it. Please help
  16. R

    Westinghouse tv parts

    iam looking for a replacment tv stand for my westinghouse tv. serial # 6133y10802156 model # LD3255VX
  17. A

    Westinghouse tv parts

    Hello,I had my tv on the wall now using the tv base, cannot find the ring the fits (screws)at the bottom of the base of tv stand to keep tv stable. My model is VR-4085DF
  18. exfileme

    Westinghouse Digital is Teasing a 110" 4K LED TV

    Looks like CES 2013 will be an interesting show for 4K TV manufacturers. Westinghouse Digital is Teasing a 110" 4K LED TV : Read more
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    My westinghouse tv works in tv input but not in hdmi input

    does not work with hdmi cable but works with regular cable
  20. J

    Westinghouse TV not working with Blu-Ray player

    Hello, I just purchased a Westinghouse EW32S5UW 32 LED TV. I also bought a Toshiba Blu-Ray player. When I connect the blu-ray player the startup screen comes on for a couple seconds then I get a black screen. I tried using both HDMI slots and neither worked. Both HDMI slots work because the...
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    Vzio 42 inch vs westinghouse 46 inch

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at a 42" Vzio and a 46" Westinghouse TV. They are both roughly the same exact price at $450. Here are the links (membership not a problem) http://www.samsclub.com/sams/shop/product.jsp?productId=prod6250122&selectedTab=allProducts#reviews...
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    Who makes westinghouse led tv LD 4080

    I am looking for a code for a direct TV receiver to control my Westinghouse LED-LCD TV MODEL LD4080. wHO REALLY MANUFACTURES THIS TV. tHANKS
  23. G

    Solved! Westinghouse tv parts

    I have had our hdtv mounted but now I want to put it on the dresser and I can't find the tv base/stand. Do you know who I can contact to order this part. Thank you
  24. G

    Westinghouse tv parts

    Hello, where can i find a main power board or unit for my westiing house television, serial # 5020G74303891 and model # SK2685205
  25. D

    How can I clean the laser drive of my TV HD

    My TV HD with a brand name, westinghouse, was with us for 2 years now and the problem is when we are viewing a DVD it operates ok for 1.15 hrs then it stop. I used the cleaner dvd to clean the drive and laser lense but it resulted the same. Can please help.
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    Who makes westinghouse televisions

    I am wondering what company makes tv's sold under the Westinghouse name? Does anyone know anything about them?
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    The Westinghouse LVM-47w1 1080p LCD Monitor

    You might be interested to see the infringement of your (or another party's) copyright in the photo of the woman's face by this site: http://blog.mypostalmail.com/2008/10/09/beautiful-hi-resolution-images-of-your-onlinepostal-mail/ Best of luck.
  28. comrade

    Westinghouse brand LCD TV

    Well..., I've found out the hard way. Never, never, ever buy anything with the Westinghouse brand name on it! I bought an inexpensive LCD HD TV...., my first one when my old TV died, and after six months, the HDMI port quit working and the sound had deterieorated to the point that it could...
  29. comrade

    HDMI port stops working on Westinghouse LCD

    About six months ago, I bought my first LCD tv. I bought an inexpensive Westinghouse 19 inch 720P HD TV from Sam's Club and put it in the bedroom. I've got Comcast with an HD cable box and I've got an inexpensive DVD/VCR hooked up to the component output from the cable box. I've got the...
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    Westinghouse Upgrades $50,000 Quad HD LCD

    Las Vegas (NV) - Westinghouse has increased the size of its Quad HD LCD and slightly increased its price tag. Westinghouse Upgrades $50,000 Quad HD LCD : Read more
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    Westinghouse Unveils Wireless HDTV

    Las Vegas (NV) - Users will soon be able to send high definition signals to their HDTV sets without any physical cable connection, thanks to a new partnership between Westinghouse Digital and semiconductor company Pulse Link. "HDMI digital transport pr Westinghouse Unveils Wireless HDTV : Read more
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    You guys made me change my mind....

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) OK, so I was going to buy the 37" Westinghouse but after the reply's I received and some other stuff I read on the Internet I decided to buy one of the Sharp Aquos 45's. I should get it in a week or so and have it up and running by the 15th...
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    Westinghouse Code

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) Hello All: Just purchased a 37" Westinghouse LCD monitor and in the TIVO remote setup Westinghouse isn't listed. Tried to scan and no luck. Anyone know of a code for this device? TIA Terry
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    Westinghouse 27 inch HD LCD $1299 at Best Buy

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) Any thoughts on this product?