westinghouse ew50t5kw, works if i wiggle the LVDS cable


Mar 20, 2017
First the tv started flashing its picture and I had to unplug it to turn it off. thats when it broke.
Tv has sound and back light, with no picture,

I replaced both main board and tcon board... no fix

I then tried the tcon wiggle test to see if I could get some noise in picture to tell me if tcon is good or not.

but I didn't get any noise.. I got full picture and a %100 working tv. when I turn the tv back off I lose picture again. and have to wiggle test the plug every time to get it back.

the cable it self looks just fine. I have to pull one side of the plug out then back in then pull the other side of plug out. wiggle the plug in and out this way. and that's it..came on and work fine!!

if I try to wiggle just the wires it don't work.
if I try to wiggle test on the main board side it don't work
All the contacts on the plug are shinny gold.

I'm thinking I need a new LVDS cable just don't under stand how it works and stays working.

any input on this would be great!!


when I get the tv to turn on and working,, if I wiggle the LVDS wires I get red/green tint and picture issues. I'm just going to order the wire.

if anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears.

ty for reading