Mar 9, 2018
Tv - Samsung ua40k5000
Connections available.
HDMI (STD), HDMI(DVI), USB, AUX, Analog (set of 5)

Soundbar - Sony HT-CT290.
Connections available
HDMI (ARC), optical digital (toslink), USB. /ofcourse with bluetooth

With these setup I cannot connect soundbar to tv since my TV doesn't have HDMI (ARC) in it.
So I've converted my analog audio output (AUX) to optical digital cable (toslink)
AUX - Tv
Toslink - Soundbar

Now I hear distortion (psssssssshhhhh) sound - after alot of cosmic research I understand audio has to be converted from Dolby Digital to PCM in tv settings.
This sound mode can be selected by configuring into Menu > Additional Settings > PCM.

Problem here is additional settings are grey-out/disabaled. Note: This is disabled on any source selected.
I've tried calling samsung customer care but they were unable to help me.

Experts here have a solution to this distinctive problem?