Is it bad if only connect one RCA input for an L/R input subwoofer ?

Jan 28, 2019
Hi everyone, So my friend sells me his KEF EGG for a great price so I happily took that. And I saw the KEF EGG had a connection for the subwoofer so I decide to buy a subwoofer for a better experience. I end up having the same setup as this post( In shot the setup is a KEF EGG as the main speaker and a pioneer sw-8mk2 subwoofer. That post did answer most of my questions.

KEF EGG had only one sub output but the subwoofer had 2 input for L and R line in. The post suggests I should get a mini mono plug to RCA and connect it to either the L or R line in. And my question is that this method feels a little bit weird to me. Should I use the same method as the post suggests or is there a better way? And just curious will connect a mono RCA have any effect on the sound quality.

I am pretty new in home audio setup. I play a lot on headphone but not Hifi setup. Please bear with me if I make a dumb question.

Page 3 of the Pioneer's manual under Terminology and Controls/LINE IN:

"If you are connecting your subwoofer to a pre-amp/processor with a LFE or Subwoofer pre-amp output, connect a single RCA cable to the LFE/ Left input."

The last word INPUT, this is your key. Is referring to the Sub input, it cannot be talking of anything else.

So for me this says, for single LFE, connect LEFT input and only left and you are done. This instruction is specific for this sub and what I would follow.
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