Solved! How to get an AV Receiver play music through Chromecast while TV is off.


Dec 5, 2015
I'm in a dead end and I need some help. I have the Yamaha HTR-2067 AV Receiver, 2nd Gen Chromecast and a DumbTV.

My setup is:

DumbTV -> Audio out through SPDIF to AV Receiver (for Local Television)

2nd Gen Chromecast (port 1) and Steam Link (port 2) -> Separate HDMIs to AV Receiver -> HDMI to TV

The Chromecast gets power separately (from a wall outlet).

When everything is off (TV and AV Receiver), I get the option to cast on the Chromecast. When I press the cast button, the Receiver turns on on the right channel, the app on my smartphone starts broadcasting but there's no sound coming through. When the TV is on, and just the TV, not the Receiver, and repeat the same process, everything works as expected.

Is there any way to get the Receiver to work properly without turning on the TV?