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    Question AVR > Rowland Research Pre-Amp > Rowland Research Amplifier. Correct wiring

    I'm trying to do a bit of research for family friend. He has a Rowland Research Coherence One Preamplifier, and a Rowland Research Model 5 Power Amplifier. As these are older (but god-tier) components, the pre can't do anything modern, Dolby etc etc. What would like to do, is use a decent...
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    How to get an AV Receiver play music through Chromecast while TV is off.

    I'm in a dead end and I need some help. I have the Yamaha HTR-2067 AV Receiver, 2nd Gen Chromecast and a DumbTV. My setup is: DumbTV -> Audio out through SPDIF to AV Receiver (for Local Television) 2nd Gen Chromecast (port 1) and Steam Link (port 2) -> Separate HDMIs to AV Receiver -> HDMI to...