Solved! How to force music to play with the lid closed (RCA Galileo Pro 11)??

Jan 15, 2019
I can't figure out how to get the RCA Galileo pro to play music with the lid closed. I've set the sleep timer to "never" and that works fine as far as playing an mp3 file continuously. The problem is that the second the lid is closed, the music stops and the screen goes off. There IS a way to do this for a regular Windows 10 laptop, so it's hard to believe that it can't be done with a tablet.

This is super important because I'm about to go on vacation (with no wifi or cell phone access, so it has to work from a file) and I need to be able to play a white noise mp3 in order to sleep. What kind of setting or command do I use to force the tablet to play music with the lid closed, and exactly where is this setting or command? Thanks in advance.