Question Screen On TV always goes blank on certain points in Videos?


Jul 12, 2017
I have RCA 55" UHD TV. I have it hooked up to my laptop via HDMI cable. For some reason when i watch videos at certain points the screen will go black, but audio will continue to play (the TV is not actually turning off, and I'm not getting a no signal message). I will have to switch video sources and then switch back to HDMI in order for the picture to come back. I have tested it and for example on one video everytime it hits 20mins 41 seconds, the screen will go black (I tested it by going to that exact point in the video and it does it everytime). The TV's firmware is updated. I really need to know why this is happening and if anyone else has ever experianced this problem on their TV's before. I'm not really sure if this happens when i am watching cable because I rarely watch cable, 99% of the time I just have the TV connected to my laptop. i spent almost $400 on this TV and don't really want to have to buy another one. I already contacted RCA, their answer was to physically take the TV to them in Canada (idiots, I live in the US), or destroy the TV and they will give me a decision on what they will do (but I have to destroy it first before they can tell me what they will do, again, complete idiots).
Set the energy options in windows to high performance and be sure standby or monitor off after certain time is disabled

Is it only in this video or other videos as well?

Did you try a different HDMI cable?

Are you watching the video in 4K UHD?
How long is the HDMI cable?

Is it the RCA RTU5540 TV?

Did you try a different TV or monitor?
You could try using a different HDMI cable. Longer cables can be tricky. Try a short one. Try a different HDMI input on the TV. Sometimes they are not identical.
The fact that it happens at the same time on different videos even if you start them at 20min 35 seconds rather than from the beginning leads me away from HDMI problems.
I had an odd problem with VLC. It would freeze for a few seconds at the same time on different videos. Don't remember if it happened if I started just before that time. It went away after VLC was updated.
Try using different playback software.
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