How connect my Santo fw43D25f HDTV, charters arris cable box to Panasonic HTS #sc-btt465?


Sep 11, 2017
Guys I really need yall help b4 i go ballistic @ how absurdly complicated
tech made it to basically add stereo speakers/ system in 2017! So Frigging ridiculous. Trying connect audio from my Sanyo HDTV FW430D25F that has charter setbox DCX3501 connected to my Panasonic Bluray hts SC BTT 465. The HTS has HDMI ARC, but just found that none of 3 HDMI ports on Sanyo TV have ARC(course not) so now trying digital optical audio cable that use both TV & hts but still no sound. Even tried thru setbox still nothing. Im seriously stuck. Tks
Check the TV audio menu. You may have to turn the optical output on, the TV speakers off, and set the audio output type to get it working.
The optical out of the cable box may not be active when using the HDMI connection. You may be able to change that in the cable box menu.