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    Hook up old DVD player to my Santo flat screen I don't have CV dish or any other cable

    I have older DVD and VCR player they're 1 box how do I hook it up to my flat screen Sanyo tv
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    Do I need converter box to get antenna in on Santo tv

    What is that I do not understand
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    How connect my Santo fw43D25f HDTV, charters arris cable box to Panasonic HTS #sc-btt465?

    Guys I really need yall help b4 i go ballistic @ how absurdly complicated tech made it to basically add stereo speakers/ system in 2017! So Frigging ridiculous. Trying connect audio from my Sanyo HDTV FW430D25F that has charter setbox DCX3501 connected to my Panasonic Bluray hts SC BTT 465...
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    How I change a sanyo to full screen

    Old model SanyoTV with anttena TV hook up. We went too setting and its showing picture and audio don't give a choice if screen