Nov 21, 2017
I guess i just need confirmation but, is this worth repairing? I know it will be expensive but i really don't want to throw it away.

Backstory: It was my daughters 6th birthday. We had a party that involved a pinata. My 2yo son, seeing how pinata'a work, grabbed the stick and started bapping things. We took the stick and set it somewhere he couldn't get to, or thought we did, and let him know that we only hit pinatas. A while goes by and it's quiet. Too quiet. Bang bang bang! Run into living room. Look at son with stick and big smile on his face. Not a mischievous smile, but a smile of accomplishment. "Look what I did, Dad... Isn't it awesome" was the look on his face. My face, somewhere between sheer anger and deep sadness. TV had only been in house for one month.

UPDATE: I guess here is some info on the TV
Brand: Phillips
Size: 65 inches
Panel Resolution: 3840x2160p
Screen type: LED UltraHD Display

Opinions! Do i fix it or junk it?